8 Things to Do With a Food Processor in a Nigerian Kitchen

selective focus photography of pasta with tomato and basil

From 2010, the kitchens in Nigerian homes and those of the professional chefs have been enjoying the best of technology.

Food lovers have found easier ways to carry out tasks that ordinary was tedious, and this has opened new doors into exploring the creative sides of cooking.

Pictures don’t lie when they’re from the kitchen or the dining tables, and the amazing new recipes, eye-catching playing, and the excitement in the eyes of consumers are all stories told in recent food-related pictures.

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Even though it isn’t far from the truth that 2010 brought an Eye-opener into the role of tech in the Nigerian kitchen, history will have it on record that 2014 was the year that the Nigerian Kitchen Revolution found its foot and swung into full gear.

In 2020, there is so much to explore, and almost too many ways to use tech to carry out mundane kitchen tasks.

There is almost no Nigerian kitchen without a blender, grater, electric mixer, food processor, or something like that.

Well, it won’t be a shocker if you are yet to hop on the tech train, especially if you don’t own or use a food processor.

Nevertheless, it is better late than never, and we have put together this list of 8 things you can do with a food processor in a Nigerian kitchen.

Don’t worry about what food processor to opt for, as anyone of good quality will be helpful. Below are the 8 things you can do with a food processor in a Nigerian kitchen:

Table of Contents

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1. Make pounded yam

2. Make pounded cocoyam (as a thickener)

3. To chop Okra

4. To grate carrots

5. To grate cabbage

6. To blend crayfish

7. To wash bitter leaf

8. Still mashing Ewa aganyin with a wooden spoon, errrrr. Use a food processor

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