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There are different video-sharing platforms, and Vimeo is one of the most famous of them. It was launched in the month of November 2004, and it is a platform that allows you to publish educational or creative content.

Slot of people tend to compare Vimeo with YouTube, but even though they have quite a number of similarities, there are still many differences that you would notice once she gets familiar with Vimeo. Vimeo as a platform was launched by Filmmakers Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick in 2004.

The word Vimeo was created from the two words “Video” and “Me”.This platform is one of the first to start streaming High definition videos in 2007 And in 2016 Vimeo began to host 4k videos.

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At present Vimeo has over 90 million online creators and about 170 million subscribers. One thing that sets Vimeo apart from other video streaming platforms is that it is entirely ad-free and is only possible because content creators are required to pay before they can stream more videos online.

If you think having to pay to view content is enough reason to scare people from using this platform, then you should think again because this platform is still growing fast and more content are being created.

In this article, we will educate you on the many reasons why people won’t be staying away from Vimeo anytime soon. Once you know how they manage to stay relevant, you just might find yourself on the platform.

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Vimeo is the professional network for artists

Vimeo had been considered the professional network artists as it allows them to share their creative contents. So the kind of people thou will find on Vimeo are those who are into arts and other creative things. Good seems original content are appreciated on the platform, and that is what makes it home to professional connect creators.

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To spot one of the differences between Vimeo and YouTube, all you have to do is go to the connect section of Vimeo and compare it with what you have on YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

The users on Vimeo are usually more constructive when it comes to the comments they leave under the video they watch.

Upload Capability

The amount of content you are allowed to publish on Vimeo is determined by the amount you pay for the subscription on the platform. If you are not financially buoyant enough to pay for a subscription, but you would like to see how the platform works or is possible for you to use it for free.

With a free subscription, you are allowed to publish up to a 500MB worth of content weekly, and as much as 25 GB worth of content every year.

The other subscription plans available on the platform are Vimeo plus that allows you upload and much as 5GB of content a week, then if you want something bigger you can subscribe to Vimeo pro that lets you use about 20GB of space for content upload per week.

For people who wish to an unlimited package, there is the business subscription that enables you to upload as much content as you want every week, seems gives you space for up to 5 TB of content upload yearly.

I’m a coupon lover, and you have an opportunity to visit websites that may help you score vouchers or coupons that provided you with add much as 15% off any Vimeo subscription.

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You can visit sites like Even if you are new to Vimeo, so yourself good by taking advantage of these juicy offers because it is the best way for you to maximise your Vimeo experience.

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Privacy Control

Other video sharing platforms let you share your and then gives you the option of seeing your video privacy in different ways. With Vimeo, you can be more specific about your content privacy. On Vimeo the content privacy allows you to choose whether to make your video private, public, or unlisted.

For content creators who use Paris subscription, they have the option of restricted embedded videos to their own specific websites, And if you decide to password your videos, you can protect them using passwords. protecting your videos using passwords would mean that only people who have access to the password you have set can watch your videos

The privacy control that Vimeo has made available is one reason why lots of bloggers have chosen to use this platform for sharing their content.

You can include a password protected video to your password protected blog post, so if you have online courses that your businesses want to make cash from, this platform is just perfect.

Monetising your videos on Vimeo

It is not rear to see some content creators on different platforms make money from adverts, and you should make money too.

However, because I have already mentioned before that Vimeo is an advert-free platform you may be wondering how content creators can make money from using Vimeo. I’ll tell you all about it.

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Vimeo is a cool platform because it has a program or feature that allows you as a contents creator to sell your videos directly to the consumer.

This platform is called Vimeo on demand. With Vimeo on demand as long as you have a customer base, you will continue to make money whenever you have requests.

Apart from video on demand, content creators can also make money by accepting sponsorship. Vimeo is not one of those places that are strict about sponsorship. As a user, you are also allowed to share your Patreon account so that your viewers can support you via donations.

Using Vimeo as a Viewer

You do not really need to be a content creator to use Vimeo and enjoy all the beautiful things that go on there. There are lots of features that you can enjoy as a user. You can choose what videos you want to see on your feed easily because all videos are arranged by category.

If you want to watch videos on the platform but you are not sure what you should watch, you have the option of browsing through the staff pick section where you can see suggestions of videos you might love. That’s very cool for someone like me who has challenges choosing videos.

Finally, you can be responsible for the financial success of a content creator on Vimeo by merely buying their content via the “On Demand” feature. If there is any content creator that you have noticed has a great potential, you can go ahead to purchase his or her content for a small amount of money.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start finding value on Vimeo. Please leave a comment.

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