Three Words That Do Magic in the Bedroom and Other Tips

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People tend to find ways to get their partners in the mood and so many of them think the words that turn their partner on in the bedroom is “I love you.” But is that really true?

We may have been misled because according to a new survey by EdenFantasys, the magic words tends to be “i like that.” Telling your partner “i like that” in the bedroom has been said to effectively ramp up the mood of couples.

The survey of 2000 people conducted by the sex toys retailer opened up some nice information we may have been overlooking.

Nibbling on the ear is also said to be a huge turn on to some but the real deal is whispering the words i like that. It works like magic on both partners in the bedroom but although men seem to get lot more out of going down on their partners than women. So there, next time, be sure to say I like that while letting out a sigh of pleasure.

Other tips revealed that women seem to enjoy being teased during sex than men and also non-physical affections are the biggest turn-ons for everyone. “The study showed that non-physical affections are the biggest turn-ons for everyone,” said Fred Petrenko of “‘All we need is love’ is as true today as it’s always been.”

“Not surprisingly, sex toys are one of the major turn-ons for many couples,” added Petrenko. “We encourage people to experiment more in the bedroom for a happier and sexier life.”

Some of the biggest turn-ons for couples according to this survey include; kissing your partners neck, telling your partner “i like that”, undressing your partner, nibbling on your partners ears, teasing your partner in bed, talking dirty with your partner, stripteasing your partner, pulling your partners hair (mostly works on women), being quiet and sneaky etc

Following the survey, these are the top 5 turn-ons in bed for men with their percentage

  1. Telling the male partner “I like that”: 78 percent
  2. giving him a blowjob: 78 percent
  3. Undressing him: 78 percent
  4. Going down on his partner: 76 percent
  5. Neck kisses: 76 percent

And These are the top 5 turn-ons in bed for women with their percentage

  1. kisses on her neck: 82percent
  2. Telling your woman “I like that”: 74 percent
  3. Undressing her: 68 percent
  4. Going down on her partner: 67 percent
  5. Undressing her partner: 63percent

The survey also reveals some non-sexual turn-ons for both sexes meaning you can turn your partner on unknowingly.

Smelling good ranks at 69 percent while being  Being affectionate got 64 percent. Also making your partner feel appreciated got 61 percent

Those who dress nice has 46 percent chance of turning the opposite sex on while for the Sapiosexuals, Intelligence ranks at 45 percent. Being Confident has 43 percent of turning the opposite sex on while Generosity is 39 percent

Active listening has 39 percent, Playing with his or her hair is at 34 percent being taller than your partner can get you 28 percent of turning them on While everything is all rosy up there with the turn ons, the review also revealed some turn-offs. Some are quite obvious while others ain’t.

While men may love anal sex, pornography may have misled us to believe women do to as the survey reveals on 19 percent of women who participated consider it a turn on while a whopping 57 percent of them consider it a “Complete Turn Off”

23 percent women being turned off by going down on their partner is manageable and poor hygiene will surely not get you laid.

The top twenty turn offs includes Poor hygiene, being mean, being rude to waitstaff, eating with mouth open, being flirty with other people, talking about exes, being cocky, talking too much/not listening, dressing poorly, baby talk, insecurity, long fingernails, wearing too much cologne/perfume, being cheap, lack of confidence, body hair, being too “handsy” in public, being a bad driver, poor taste in shoes, and calling me pet names in public.

You might want to remember this list and fix yourself if you are guilty of any them

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