Timbu.com Goes Bug Hunting


Bugs, every developer’s nightmare! In the world of web development, there comes a time when after all is said and done; the project goes into testing to determine bugs. These are not your everyday bugs (insects) but errors found in the source code of the project.

Timbu.com, for instance, is going bug hunting on its web app. and this hunting is spearheaded by hotels.ng which also handed over the search to its interns (I happened to be one of them). You see, hotels.ng is holding its annual internship program (HNG 5) which just kicked off last week and a task has been presented to its interns to search for bugs in Timbu.com.


Hotels.ng is a Nigerian online hotels booking agency which was launched in 2013, Mark Essien founded it, and their services have been applied to over 320 cities in the country.


Timbu.com is a web app which is solely dedicated for travel purposes. So if you are in the mood to explore the world, then it’s your best option. They have exclusive offers and bookings (rooms, flights, visa and study).


The web app comes with a unique UI and a pleasing user experience allowing its users to navigate contents trivially.

Below are some of the bugs i found on Timbu.com:

  • Footer: The About Us link located at the footer which is supposed to be linked to another page is having an error thereby taking the page back to the top.
  • Navigation (Header): Another bug found in the sidebar navigation. It is supposed to contain menus leading to the various section of the app, but I found out that the menu is disabled.

With these bugs been brought to light, my guess is the development team would be working on the way to fix these issues for a better performance of the platform.

Go out of your comfort zone, check out Timbu.com on how you can explore the world around you.

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