Tips to Survive and Enjoy Your NYSC Orientation Camping Experience

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The NYSC Orientation Camping Period is usually one of the (if not the) best time in the whole service period. The fun ends at the camp gate, anyways. So it will be best if you make the best use of the time at the camp since you will never see some peeps again.

One of the ways is to prepare adequately to avoid embarrassment and troubles. I already made an article on that here. Remember to take mosquito repellents and cardigans with you to make your nights comfortable.

Some camps are cool, some are not so cool (wetin man go do) and it is up to you to find the best way to survive and enjoy to avoid depression. Five hours of SAED lectures and over 3 hours of parades are enough to drive one crazy.

Without further ado, here are some the ways you can Survive and Enjoy Your NYSC Orientation Camping Experience.

1. Arrive at the camp early

This has so many advantages. You get to rest well, arrange your luggage, pick the best spot in the room (or hall), know how the camp works, make early friends, and also report to the registration center.

This helps you to beat the camp queues and stress. I got 0004 back then at Yikpata camp Kwara State and was done with registration before 9.00 AM.

2. Join the Orientation Broadcasting Crew (OBS)

This crew handles news and event coverage in the camp. They are also in charge of entertainment. Joining them requires you to either be good in entertainment news, blogging, or sports. They are the life of the party.

If you are good with technical stuff, you will also find a spot there too. The OBS crew does not participate in parades, and what have you. If you are boring, please don’t join this crew. Also, the spots are limited, and there are many hidden benefits I wouldn’t mention.

3. Volunteer for Kitchen Duties

While every platoon has a day to assist with kitchen duties, there are some people who make themselves available for kitchen duties almost every day. It is not easy cooking 3 square meals for over 2000 corp members, plus camp officials, security, etc.

If you are great in kitchen affairs, you can join them and contribute once a while. Camp food is not much to write about, but you may be able to get the best part.

4. Join The Red Cross

The Red Cross is meant to relieve the stress on the medical staff. They are also exempted from most camp activities and get to enjoy their time.

They are mostly active during the camp sports activities and parade. Spots are also limited, but they accept more people than OBS.

5: Game Centers and Bars Are There

From the period of 6 PM to 9.59 PM, you can hang out at Game centers and bars at the Mami market. Except in some Northern states, beer plenty.

There are beef suya, barbecued chicken and fish, and plenty of booze. As long as you have money, you can unwind during this period. As long as you remember to get out of the market before 10 PM

6. Participate in Sports activities, Drama, and Social Nights

Social activities kick off from around Day 10 and last till Day 19. Join the drama or dance unit for your platoon; you can also join the girl’s volleyball team, the boy’s football team, and even the comedy unit.

The beauty pageant is also another way to have fun. You will understand once you see other platoons winning, and yours isn’t.

7. Too Tired? Unofficial Supporters Club (Lazy Crew)

There are those who couldn’t join anything. They have also dropped from the parade anyway, so they are part of the supporters club.

Na them enjoy pass. This group socializes more. You can find them anywhere the hard camp activities aren’t taking place. But are also targeted by Soldiers for extra volunteer work. At least you have to be useful.

8. Wake up before the bugle sound

Actually this should be number one. I won’t explain much. It is better you experience it yourself.

9. Be Friendly and respectful

Befriend soldiers, befriend your platoon leaders, befriend camp officials, befriend your fellow corp members. This is the ultimate way to enjoy the NYSC camping experience.

Without friends, the experience will be one horror movie. Soldiers usually go easy when the corp members are friendly and respectful, and those camp officials can make or mar you. But remember to do all this without disrespecting yourself.

10. Get a Quick Preparation Routine

I don’t know much about girls, but for guys, the best way to avoid harmattan chills in the morning is to have a cold bath at night before going to bed.

Then keep your white Otondo gears close to your bed. Usually, that should help you dress up early (or get 30 minutes extra sleep), and you wouldn’t feel the need to bathe that cold water till afternoon.

Also, you can have the Mami market women boil little water for you at night if you have a hot water flask. This can be used to make tea in the morning. Your waist pouch can hold lots of things. It is your personal bank.

You can subscribe to a laundry service for about N1, 500 to get your whites and khaki washed and ironed throughout the orientation period.

11. Have your own experience

The Orientation camp is more fun if you have your personal experience in your own way. Volunteer if you can, no effort goes unnoticed in the camp. No, forget to carry money sha

If you like this article, then kindly share it to help others. You can also share your NYSC experience by using the comment box below so others can learn. Thank You.

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