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To Thine Own Self Be True

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What a fabulous quote! Sadly, one of the most difficult things to accomplish when so many are willing to distort the view you have of yourself so quickly with harsh words or rumors.


The majority of the world is too afraid to be themselves for fear of ridicule or judgment. There is always someone there who is ready to attack you based on what you wear, your height, weight, even what you eat or how much.

We need to be sure to build up our children so that when this day comes, they will have the strength to just walk away or take a stand with confidence and self assurance.

We can do much to prepare our children before going out into the world. Help them to know who they are and to love themselves.

We need to encourage our children with our words and also spending quality time with them. Read a book together, do crafts and artwork, run around the park chasing after each other, etc… Whatever it is you enjoy doing together. This will in turn allow you to get to know your child as well.

Someone I knew chose to home school her children so that they would have their best chance in this life. As a victim of torment from her childhood, she wanted her children to be more self-assured and unwavering in their love for themselves before they were to go out into the world.

Her children are some of the most amazing individuals who love to do God’s work on missions trips serving others, as well as being very intelligent and very social and active.

If I could I too would home school my son because the very thought of someone treating him unkindly for any reason just makes me ill.

I know that it is not realistic to believe that he will never face ridicule, I just want him to love himself no matter what anyone says and be able to not allow it to affect him negatively.

There is also the chance that he will be the one who hurts another with harsh words. His punishment will be great, as I will not tolerate that type of behavior. Unfortunately, most parents are too busy to give it the attention it deserves or simply do not care.


This is an issue that needs to be addressed by both the parents of the aggressor and the victim. It is so scary and tragic to read about a teen who committed suicide because they were targeted for ridicule.

Children learn behaviors from watching the world around them. We are their world for the first few years of life and so we need to set a good example for them to follow.

Showing kindness to others, never laughing at someone for any reason, and making certain that they know who they are and love who they are will make all the difference in the world.


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