Toeing Technology – the New Wearables in the Market

Smart shoes

Looking for that next amazing wearable device that you can buy? Sure, you have a good many choice of smart watches and smart bands, but wearable technology is a lot more than just that.

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The human mind’s fascination with movement is not a hidden fact. After all, with so many ancient theories surrounding our feet and this body part being responsible for transporting us from one place to another, it is no wonder, that technology has adapted to finally fit the feet.

We are talking about smart shoes that have changed the lives of so many people around the world. If you are wondering whether you ought to invest your hard earned money in a good pair or not, then read on. We are sure you will be heading to get a pair for yourself by the end of it.

Going running?

Smart shoes

If you like running and want to get better at this hobby of yours, then the smart shoe industry has been developing for the last decade now. With big players like Nike and Adidas being in this business for a while, the current biggest name is Under Armour, whose shoes have sensors that record sensitive information like time and distance.

Moreover, the Under Armour has a smartphone app to which your runs can be synced. There is no set up required overtime you decide to hit the road. Just slip your feet into those shoes and you are good to go.

Smart insoles

It’s not just the shoes, but even the soles that are transforming with time.

Replace the ordinary soles with the smart ones and you will get necessary information like real-time pressure report that tells you if you are applying too much pressure on your knees or on the other sensitive areas of your leg.

There are several smart soles available but the Stridalyser is one suggestion that you can try out.

Gaming gets better!

Along with laptops and other electronic devices, innovation at Lenovo has hit a new high, with the maker designing shoes that promise to help you with your on-screen games.

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It is powered by Intel’s Curie chip and can be synced with your mobile games so that your feet functions get transferred to your, yes, feet. So you can literally run and dance and make your game all the more fun.

To improve your runs, it also has a 3D scanner placed in the smart sole which can also help you keep a track of important information such as the sweat that your body secreted and the percentage of body fat.

In addition to this, the shoes can also sync with your playlist and the lights on the side give you the brightness you need to find your way in the dark.

For all the golfers out there

If you are thinking that these shoes are just catering to the needs of the runners, think again. Your stance and position are two very important factors in the golf course and if you play golf and wish to improve, then information on these two can be recorded on your Iofit smart shoes and the details can be analysed on the corresponding app on your smartphone.

There are sensors on the inside of the sole that analyse the pressure applied in the different regions of the foot in real time. These are the only shoes currently available for the golfers but there are smart shoes being designed for skiing and cricketers as well.

Protect yourself from injuries

Walking in the wrong way, or applying force in the wrong spots can lead to numbness and even amputations. Smart insoles can be placed inside your shoe and the sensitive data that they record and transfer to your app on the smartwatch will help prevent such injuries in the future.


Smart shoes are being innovated every day so that they can help athletes and even normal people as they walk about in their day-to-day lives. With this, your walking will improve which might eventually lead to you enjoying a longer life. So when are you getting your pair?

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