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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Top 10 Awesome Tech Products That Died in 2018

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As the year, 2018 is gradually ending, it means a lot to the technology world. Within the year, many things happened in the tech industry.

There are many improvements in the electric cars as well as self-driven cars and so on. Reputable technology driven companies like Facebook and Tesla faced serious scandals.

There are also bad things for technology within the year. Several technologies, which thrived in the past, could not survive beyond the year.

Here are at least ten of such techs that could not survive 2018. Different factors are responsible for their virtual disappearance. They include poor patronage and bad management.


The leading electronic company made it clear that it will no longer continue with the PS Vita from 2019. This is a rude shock to many avid players.

It appears that the company is finding it hard to manage its success, as many people believe that success recorded by Nintendo Switch makes Sony to change its mind about Vita. Sony does not want any of its product to compete with Nintendo Switch.

2015 MacBook Pro, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone X

Apple has always introduced superior quality products to the market. Hardly could any other company competes with its products. However, the company recently intends to remove some of its products such as 2015 MacBook Pro, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone X from its store. Some of these were barely three years in the market. The company no longer intends to sell them; rather they will focus on their newer products.

Volkswagen Beetle

Many families in third world countries of Africa cannot forget one of their favorite cars, Volkswagen beetle. It was christened the hero of the second war. The product remains the first you can drive with a radiator. Currently Volkswagen announced they no longer intend to continue producing the car. The reason is low patronage. People now prefer larger cars. The final edition will be released this year and after that, it will be the end of Beetles.

Faraday Future

The company is about to collapse and it will be miraculous if it makes it beyond 2018, because it relies on a life support. Company behind that electronic car is having serious financial issues. Chinese investors wanted to abandon the company to form their own. The electronic is dead.

Headphone Jack and Fingerprint scanners

This technology is not yet dead, but it is as good as dead. Leading smartphone manufacturers announced that from next year, they would stop producing headphone jacks. Another thing that will go this year is the rear mounted headphone scanners. The company wants to place it on auto screen. Huawei, OnePlus, and a few other companies are leading this effort. It is expected that other manufacturers will join them.

Rise and fall of bitcoin

Bitcoin which once assaulted the financial world is also dying. This is because of the mess it has contributed to the financial world. The value keeps dwindling and this is bad news for many who have invested in it this year. As things stand now, it is not certain whether it will ever regain its value. Let us wait and see how things go.

Uber Otto Self driving trucks

Uber self-driven truck developed the same way Waymo developed. The new truck, which was developed by former Google employees, features a better technology and it can deliver shipment up to 120 miles. When the car was involved in an accident that killed somebody, the company decided to quit the idea.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo announced that it would discontinue with its messenger to enable it focusses on better communication network. This much anticipated because better technology is now available such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger and so on. People no longer need Yahoo Messenger.

Cambridge Analytical

Cambridge Analytical has placed Facebook into a serious trouble, which they are trying to survive. The Analytical harvested plenty of data from Facebook, which Russians used to interfere with US elections through target online ads. When Facebook discovered, they forced Analytical to delete such data, and they refused to comply with the order. Scandal emerged as a result and this is causing the company to close down.


This is video sharing platform introduced by twitter. Though this platform is popular but it hardly earns anything for the company. Because of that, the company has no option than to shut it down. For its replacement, a new system known as V2 is to be introduced to the market.

A handful of Cadillac and Chevrolet cars

American auto companies are finding it hard to continue with some of its posh cars. Some of them introduced a new structuring plan, which could remove from of its cars from the market. This includes a handful of Chevrolet and Cadillac cars.

Google +, Google Allo, Google Inbox and Google URL shortener

This year might be the end of some Google products such as Plus, Allo, Inbox as well as URL shortener. Google inbox is to go because Gmail has better features while Google Plus is a bug. They also dumped their Allo chat system.

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