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Top 10 Handguns

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The word handgun in general means a gun that has been produced to be used by the hand as well as that has a chamber that is incorporated to the barrel in contrast to other types of guns such as a revolver that include a rotating cylinder.

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Let’s have a glance at the best top ten handguns of the world.

10. SIGP250

SIG P250

The SIG P250 handgun formed from the blend of German and American ideas. The SIG P250 is made by JP Sauer and Son together with Sig Sauer Exeter. The handgun is semi automatic. The best thing regarding the pistol is that it comes with iron sights along with a base of 147 millimeters.

No matter what basically the reasons are, finding out the handgun that best fit in hand size is a real problem. To address this issue SIGP 250 comes with the interchangeable back straps on the grip to allow you to handle it comfortably.

This is no doubt a wonderful feature into the design of this handgun.

9. HS2000/XD


This handgun was initially created in Croatia however at present HS Produkt D.o.o is in authority of manufacturing it. The HS2000 is semi automatic which has a frame made of polymer. It is one of the best selling products of the corporation.

This is the pistol the Croatian army mostly uses and a lot of American agencies make use of it as well. Apart from that, the handgun comes with a protection grip that assists you avoid firing it if you don’t control a lever included at the back the grip.

8. Mark 23

Mark 23


Both of the Heckler along with Koch Mk23 handguns has American as well as German origins. They are semi automatic handguns.

Mk23 handguns come along with match grade, a suppressor as well as module that comprise an aiming laser. This handgun is selected by the American Special Forces essentially because it comes with a tiny recoil action of DA/SA as well as provides an incredibly effective range of up to 50 meters.

It’s been in the marketplace for more than 12 years and it consists of a box magazine you are able to detach of 12 rounds. The certified name of the gun is Heckler & Koch MK23 Mod 0. Heckler & Koch is a German arms manufacturer company that creates the guns.

The gun was designed in the year 1990s and it is mainly used by the Indonesian army as well as the Royal Malaysian Police. The weight of the gun is 1.2 kg and the barrel length of 150 mm offers it a muzzle velocity of about 260 m/s.

7. M1911 pistol

M1911 pistol

John M. Browning was responsible for creating the M1911 handgun, which is a semi automatic as well as single action pistol.

The US army used the handgun for more than 70 years and it was the most commonly used pistol in the course of in the Vietnam War, World War I and II, in addition to in the Korean War.

These days, the M1911 handgun is the most excellent kind of handgun of the last one hundred years for the reason that more and more civilians are using it to join in competitions.

6. QSZ – 92

QSZ – 92

This is a handgun that comes up with a recoil operative system, a locked breech plus it makes use of a spinning barrel system by way of lock.


It primary appeared in the People’s Republic of China more than 10 years ago. The handgun makes use of a Parabellum cartridge as well as the Changfeng Machine Shop has them on tender.

The handgun has an extremely effective range of more than 50 meters in addition to it comes with a barrel speed of more than 1100 feet per second. It is also identified as Ji? Shí Èr Shì Sho?qiàng in China. This semi-automatic pistol is planned and manufactured by the China North Industries Corporation.

This 760 g gun has a 111 mm extended barrel which provides the fired bullet a velocity of 350 m/s as soon as leaving the barrel of the gun. The gun is mostly used by the People’s Republic Army in China as well as the Bangladesh Army.

5. Walther P99

Walther P99

This handgun was first made in Germany. The handgun is very popular that the Polish, Finnish army and German police make use of it. It has the ability to discharge a Parabellum cartridge of 9x19millimeters.

It as well comes with small recoil operated along with a locked breech system. In addition to it has a barrel pace of more than 1300 feet/second. It is a semi-automatic handgun that is designed by Horst Wesp as well as is created by the German manufacturer Carl Walther Sportwaffen GmbH.

The gun is used by the police in Canada, Poland, Germany, and Finland. It comprises a polymer frame and its weight is 630 g. Its 102 mm long barrel provides it the muzzle velocity of 408 m/s. Furthermore it has a valuable range of 60 m.

4. Beretta 92

Beretta 92

The Beretta 92 was first made in Italy. The handgun has the potential to discharge a Parabellum cartridge of 9x19millimeters.

It has been in the marketplace for more than 30 years and it is presently used by the military forces of France, Italy as well as the USA.


The best characteristic of the Beretta, which is the design of open slide, will make sure you that you are able to fire bullets all the time in addition to it even aids you make certain that the hindrance on the way won’t alter the route of the bullet.

It is also recognized as Beretta 96 or Beretta 98. This semi-automatic handgun was made by the Italian manufacturer Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta. The company was set up in 1526; moreover it is one of the oldest arms manufacturers in the globe.

The weight of the gun is round about 970 g and its barrel sizes 217 mm in length. The gun is being used by the armed forces in the USA as well as to the military forces of approximately 20 more countries.

3. FN Herstal FNP-9

FN Herstal FNP-9

The FB Herstal FNP-9 is a semi automatic handgun. FB Herstal FNP-9is made with a frame of polymer in addition to belong to a batch that was manufactures in the United States. It has a supreme trigger that is soft and broad.

Apart from that, it has a reset that is nothing alike to the ones of other handguns, which turns the pistol into a very user-friendly and useful gun. It also has the capacity to discharge 16 rounds of nine millimeters.

2. Smith & Wesson .500 S&W Magnum

Smith & Wesson .500 S&W Magnum

Smith & Wesson is the most significant producer of Magnum handguns in the USA. The guns the corporation makes are generally used in Hollywood movies such as Dirty Harry, which starred Clint Eastwood.

In accordance to experts, this handgun is the most excellent sporting pistol cartridge because of the barrel energy it creates. The handgun is in fact a revolver of two actions, which gives users speed as well as power.

On the other hand, it’s imperative because of the high recoil it encompasses, this is not the correct gun for beginners as well as you have to be very cautious when handling it.


1. Glock-17


The corporation Glock GmbH that belongs to Deutsh-Wagram in Austria made the Glock handgun, which is also known as a semi automatic pistol.

It was first appeared in the early 1980s and it’s still used in diverse parts of the globe. The handgun comes with short recoil along with a locked breech system as well as rotating barrel that is able to discharge Parabellum cartridge of 9x19millimeters.

The Austrian armed forces as well as the American Law Enforcement agencies make use of this handgun. These pistols have been a profitable product for the corporation because it represents 65 % of the total market share of pistols in the USA.

This plastic pistol appeared in the 1980s at what time the Austrian military declare tenders for a latest handgun to substitute their existing World War II period handgun Walther P98.

Glock Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung was one of those companies who participated in the competition to devise the new gun. It took them a couple of years to plan the gun and the gun is in creation ever since 1982.

The roughness of this polymer gun was questioned in the start however it became the company’s most sold gun; it is mostly used by the armed forces of more than 3 dozen countries.

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