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Top 10 Jaw-dropping Anime Fights

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No one likes a boring movie, or a boring song because it kills the soul and pulls down ones moral.

One thing that make anime stands out is its ability to really give it’s audience what they crave for; a battle that can get the hair on skin standing, a battle that would leave your Jaws dropped, that battle that pleases your longing and gives one a sense of accomplishment.

Yes, that’s the kind of battle that would make you say to yourself, “that’s one awesome battle (subarashi)”. One would find lots of battle like that in the anime would.

Countless of battles have been fought in so many scenes that makes it quite challenging to pick which one should go on top or which should not be on the list. One thing for sure is that all of these battles are dope and would keep you wanting more.

Now in this list, I plead for your indulgence, as I would be a little bit biased. Some fights did not really live up to expectations for me while some really hit the spot.

1. Kurosaki VS Ulqiorra (Bleach)

Honestly I must say, this is one battle that would go down in history of all battles, with the effects of battle and waves created by the forces behind their strength.

This is an expected showdown after their first encounter on earth. Ichigo who never wanted to fight Ulqiorra because he wanted to go save Rukia, was taunted by Ulqiorra when he told him it was he who brought Inoue to Hueco Mundo.

This made our beloved Ichigo decide to have a face-off with Ulqiorra. The first part of this battle was really epic! Watch Ichigo combine his Bankai with his hollow form to take on Ulqiorra. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to faze this demon of Hueco Mundo.

Circumstances lead to the temporal defeat of our Ichigo which unleashed his dark side (his True hollow form), which obviously took down Ulqiorra. If you are yet to see this episode do watch it and feel the experience and the nonstop battle between this two battle machine.

2. Naruto VS Pain (Naruto)

The battle entrance explains the word Subarashi (awesomeness). This can be found in the scene where Naruto faces Pain, the leader of the the infamous strong group Akatsuki. This was a battle not only me, but Naruto fans where expecting and I must say on behalf of Naruto fans that we were not dissapointed.

After a long hellish training, Naruto returned home and found that the whole of Konoha had been reduced to dust and ruins. In his entry, he took out one of the five Pain he was to fight with a single blow (that was how powerful his sage mode was).

This was not just another battle for Naruto as he was facing the man who destroyed his village and killed his sensei (teacher) so he put in his all and even went berserk and used a bit of his Tailed Beast power. An awesome battle that’s worthy or the second spot.

3. Goku Vs Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of dragon Ball. But watching Goku and Vegeta brawl, exchanging beams and punches that crushed mountains, and the giant ape transformation makes this battle one that would forever remain in our hearts.

I’m very sure like me, many of you could not hold yourself back from screaming Kamehameha. Really dope battle from the creators of Dragon Ball Z.

4: Edward Elric vs. Homunculi (Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood)

Another fight that stand out in anime is that of the protagonist going against sin. How awesome could a battle get again? Full Metal Alchemist is a must watch, watch for all anime lovers.

5. Luffy Vs Lucci (One Piece)

I personally love one piece more than so many anime because one piece is not just about the battles or the adventures, but it’s more about the ideological concept of one being whatever he want to be. We saw in this battle as our young captain of the straw heart ship had a face off with CP9 agent Rob Lucci.

And what make this battle worth while was the concept of what true justice is. We see where luffy had to fight against an opponent far stronger than he is, but because he always has a stronger resolve, he always manage to come at the top.

The fight to rescue a crew mate from the clutches of the Government was not a wasted effort.

6. Naruto Vs Sasuke (Naruto)

Ever ask yourself who would triumphed in a battle where both warriors are on per as regards powers and yet a dear friends? this is a unique scene that Naruto uses in warming up to its members.

Naruto and Sasuke fought when Naruto heard Sasuke was leaving his beloved village to acquire more power. In the end, after a long intense battle the both soon realized that nothing would ever remain the same.

7. Madara Vs the Shinobi Alliance (Naruto)

There are times where the creators of these just decides to show how devastating villains could be. Have you ever seen a battle that amazes you and yet makes you feel sad for the weak and helpless?

That’s what you feel when you watch this scene. It was a face off of all time, where Madara showed off his skills against the full forces of the Shinobi alliance, Madara still remains the strongest villains character in the anime univers.

8. Kenshin Vs Saito (Samurai X )

Kenshin has always been seen as one of the strongest anime swordsman. He was called Battosai (the man slayer). He gave up his ways as a swordsman and decided to live a quiet life in Japan and help the poor in the ways he could.

But his past caught up with him, and he’s forced to do battle once more. One of this epic battles was the one with a police man Saito. This is a battle that would always be in my mind and would always be in the selection of epic battles.

9. Marine Ford War (One piece)

There are those battles where our heroes comes out victors in the end. This is not that type of battle, after Ace was captured by black beard and given to the Marine to be executed. Luffy went to Marine Ford and attempted a rescue mission, but he couldn’t save his brother.

However, the outcome of these battle was great on both sides as both lost lots of warriors, and it was also the battle where white beard was killed alongside Ace. Compared to other battle, this is an all out war on both sides.

10. The Season 3 Final Battle from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Now this completes our list of awesome fights. An anime selection without Attack on Titans is almost like an incomplete list. This is the battle where Eren won back the kingdom and revealed the court as fraud.

So that’s all I can do for my top ten list of anime dope fights. Comment and share, thanks guys.

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