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Top 10 Logo Designing Mistake to Avoid to Create Perfect Logo for Your Business

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Professional logo design is the utmost need of the business. Every business knows the importance of logo designs. But sometimes you make a terrible mistake while designing a logo and that factor puts a great impact on your business.

Some people consider the bad logo as a brand weakness. So if you want to design the logo then make sure that you choose the professional website designer and logo designer to design the logo for your company website. Your logo is the identity of the company that represents your brand globally.

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The major concern for designing a logo is that you are investing time, money and effort. This is not enough to make the logo good. It has to communicate the strategies, ethos, and messages successfully.

Even the smallest, simplest logo design can take days, weeks or months to get in the right shape. The design takes a lot of patience and hard work. It is crucial for the best output. It is not easy to design the logo for that you have to consider so many things before.

Here in the article, we are going to review some common mistakes that need to be avoided before designing a logo.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Killer Logo 

Avoid Overly Complex Design

Design is the actual thing that makes your logo unique. Before designing there are numerous factors that come into your mind like how to do it, what kind of crafting is needed in the design.

The major problem seen while designing, is that the business owner picks the complex structure which ultimately lacks the clarity in it.

The major purpose of designing a logo is to communicate the right message to the viewer about the company

If the logo is clear and simple, it will bring out the positive image of your brand. So pick the simple design so that it would not make the user confused. Keep the design clear and meaningful

Typographic Issues


The typography issue is the most common that is seen in designing the logo. There are very fundamental mistakes that are seen in the logo design.

When designing the logo it’s imperative to choose the right font for the process. The most common mistakes in the typography are extra spacing, poor letterforms, bad design.

Sometimes the poor choice of font and scaling can also cause the problem.  Excessively thin fonts can look glamorous but they are unable to create the impression on the users. Choose fonts wisely.

You can pick the combination of a logo that has both the symbol and company name. Such a logo will speak about your company name.

Poor Choice of Colors

This is very imperative to have the right balance of the colors. It is as important as picking up the right colour. Colour contrast is the most complex thing to choose from. As it can make your logo clunky and sophisticated.

Don’t pick the colorless logo, the small tint of color can make the big change. This can shape your logo in a new way and make it unique. The bad choice in color makes the design look disastrous.

Avoid Imitating the Design

It is better to design something original rather than copy. To be creative and real in designing cannot be compromised. If you want to stand out in the market then you have to create the design of your vision. For the unique identity in the globe, you need something different. Because the replica would not last long.

Less Knowledge of the Brand

For designing a logo, a logo designer must have a good knowledge of the brand that can help in making an exquisite design.

The image of the logotype gives an introduction to a brand. Do the proper analysis before crafting the best logo. The unique attribute of the design brings the originality of the brand.

Every logo has a history that is filled with some purpose and meaning. Tell your designer to add some historical value in the logo. These things represent the brand ideology.

Not the Right Choice of the Designer


The same way you choose the software it is crucial to find the best logo designer for your business. The owners generally made a mistake in it. Not choosing the right professional and experienced can put an impact on the reputation of your business.

Not the Right Software

For designing a logo you need the best software for your business. Sometimes selecting the wrong software can put an impact on your business image into danger as the logo is the global identity.

Create the logos in the vector form instead of bitmap. The major point is to choose the best software. Use the vector-based software which creates the raster images.

Having the vector file format can solve the problem of image design. If it is too small, the software automatically enlarges it and exports the image without reducing the resolution.

Less Scalable

Another factor while creating a logo must be considered is to make the design scalable. Always remember that the logo will represent your brand globally. So it should be awe-inspiring to do marketing with the logo design.

Somehow if your logo misses the sense of the promotion and it is not scalable, then this is the failure of the logo design.

Not a Suitable Type of Logo

The type of logo is very important before designing and planning. There are various types of logo designs available online from where you can choose the design.

This can be in the form of the wordmark, letter mark, pictorial mark, or abstract logo. There are various famous companies with unique logotypes like Mercedes, Audi, Tim Hortons, coca-cola, apple, puma, etc. You can pick the combination of a logo that has both the symbol and company name.

Not Suitable for All Mediums

Designers design the logo for one specific thing which makes it less worthy in the competition.

Always keep in mind that your logo is going to print on different mediums so it should look good on everything. Make sure that your logo is never less in pixels so that it can be easily fit on any platform.

Wrapping Up


The discussed mistakes are generally seen while designing the logo. So it’s important to keep all the factors in mind while designing the logo.

If you want to give the right identity to your brand make sure that you pick the right logo and the best designer.

Your suggestions and queries are welcome. Feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!!

Author Bio:

Morris Edwards is a Manager at Awebstar, a logo designing company in Singapore which is dealing with web design & development, mobile app development, SEO, social media marketing and more. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter.

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