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Top 10 Tourist Countries in the World

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Have you wondered what tourist places and attractions of interest receive most visitors globally. Well, Forbes Traveler released ranking of 10 most visited tourist attractions in the globe.

This includes both domestic and international tourists. Below are mentioned top 10 tourist destinations, we will show you the most famous and renowned tourist attractions all across the globe, based upon the number of visitors.



Malaysia is Southeast Asia’s most fascinating countries and vibrant Malay culture is an interesting intermingling of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and indigenous customs and cultures.

Malaysia is the premier holiday destinations in world, which is situated in center of South-East Asia and this stunning country is geographically segmented by South China Sea into East Malaysia and Peninsular Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital and it’s the perfect place to begin your Malaysia’s sightseeing trip. You could make trip to Malaysia at every time of the year, but it’s very best to avoid rainy season between November and January.

Most popular choice of reaching Malaysia is to fly to international airport at Sepang, which is major international airport of Malaysia and positioned at distance of 75 kilometers from capital city Kuala Lumpur.

The most interesting places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are Penang, Langkawi, Melaka, Cameron highlands, Kuching, Kuantan, Kota Bharu, Ipoh, Sitiawan and Cherating, Tioman Island.



Russia is a land of deadly winters and snow, a fact well-known to almost everyone. However, it’s also land of rivers that wander across meadows and midsummer sun that literally never sets. It’s people love to party and could be very hospitable and generous.

Best time to visit Russia is from July to August that are warmest months and main holiday season. If some tourists don’t want crowd, then May and June or September and early October is best time.

In early autumn leaves tend to fall and one could pick berries and mushrooms. Although winter is very harsh in Russia, it’s at this time that theaters open, vodka flows all through country, buildings are warm and snow is beautiful.

Spring is muddy and slushy. A tourist can explore landscape of Russia through some of most stunning waterways found in country through a daring river rafting tour.

However, if someone prefers wildlife tours, then there’re exciting jeep tours to Sakha in Yakutia.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Consisting of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom has actually a charming past which still makes it admirable place for tourists to visit.

With population of greater than 60 million people residing, this country actually follows Constitutional Monarchy & address Queen as head of state. Mostly Roman Catholic and Anglican, it also shelters sufficient number of Muslim & Hindu population.

As United Kingdom have diverse ethnic groups it is however advisable not to call everybody a British which may offend them.

Having humid-temperate climate, country faces humid and warm summer months & gentle winters, with frequent rainfall all through the year, owing to closeness to sea.

Despite from London, cities like Birmingham, actually offers shopper’s delight. While Cardiff witnesses some fine cultural events, Bristol offers you with some classic heritage and architectures of era of King George.

Filled with few brilliant playgrounds and stadiums like Wimbledon and Lords, there’re lots of other lively events always on card which reveals some detail about culture and tradition of country.


Germany has distinct charm of its very own which pulls tourists and here you’ll find landscape as if lifted out of story book.

Majestic Alps in South, the Bavarian plain & hills in central Germany, and Baltic Sea washing shores of North offer Germany an attractive destination.

Germany is actually a perfect blend of medieval houses, old towns, small villages and gothic churches as well as modern cities.

Country has an exclusive facet with cities featuring different flavor of their own and reason isn’t hard to fathom. This was because of its past where different regional earldoms, princedoms, states and monarchies co-existed.

Unified concept was actually unheard of till last centuries. When you arrive in Germany and visit every city, then you will explore world of its own with exclusive diverse architectural styles, art in addition to the way of living.


Turkey is Eurasian nation. This country is actually spread across Anatolian peninsula in southwestern part of continent of Asia and Balkans of Europe’s southeastern part. Turkey shares its boundaries with eight other countries.

This includes Bulgaria towards northwestern side & Georgia towards northeastern side. The country of Greece is actually towards western part whereas Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran are towards eastern part.

Countries like Iraq and Syria are set towards southeastern side of this country. Mediterranean Sea actually lies towards southern side and Aegean Sea lies towards western side.

Black Sea is literally set towards northern side of country. A visit to Turkey will be exciting for tourists and travelers who visit this country from different part of the world.


If you want to tour romantic and loving destination and travel through pages of history, then Italy is perfect destination for you.

Italy is renowned for its pasta, olive oil, wine, Renaissance palaces and Roman relics. Topography of Italy is actually marked by 2 mountain chains, the Apennines and the Alps. The majestic Alps form an arch in north & stretch from east to west.

At its foot, you have Po Valley and the Apennines forms backdrop of Italian peninsula. In Italy major islands are Sardegna/Sardinia and Sicilia/Sicily. In archipelago you’ll also find Aeolian and Egadi Islands, Tremiti Islands, the Pontine Islands and the Tuscan Archipelago.

This enchanting country has incredible reserved for everybody. You could stay for long duration at tourist centers, as it has something new for you each day and even if you wish to go on off beaten track then Italy has options for that too.

Some of places which you could visit on vacations in Italy are Lombardia. Lombardia is capital of Milan and also a business hub in addition to a fashion capital.


Spain, nestled in Mediterranean, Europe, is appreciated and cherished tourist destination. Madrid, the prospering capital, the bull fights of Pamplona, the bustling coastal city of Barcelona and city of flamenco – Sevilla, always pulls travelers.

Holidays in Spain are actually must going to mesmerize you, because this country has feel of Ireland in north with green, rolling uplands; while southern part has much of an core of Moroccan architecture and landscapes.

Go on exploring glorious past of this country in Moorish palaces, prehistoric cave paintings, Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals, Roman ruins, each telling story of their own. Spain has actually a distinct charm, which is an assimilation of diverse kingdoms varying in culture, language, art and cuisine.

The places you must visit during your vacation in Spain vacations are: La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Zoo, Alhambra, Retiro Park, Park Güell, Gran Via, Casa Mila and Royal Palace of Madrid


Politically communist state, China leads population chart of world. With countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, bordering China, its population actually comprises of Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists and Christians.

Filled with lots of local dialects, Republic of China has its official language known as “Mandarin”. Beijing, capital city of China, is cultural center. City of Shanghai, however renowned for its riverside scenery, and it’s also a central economic hub of country where shopping is literally an experience.

It is best to visit China during spring when China actually experiences mild climate. As spring festival is main festival of China, it is apt to organize in advance.

China follows hard policy while issuing visas, but it’s necessary to obtain your visa before planning to travel. Flights such as Air Asia, Tiger Airways could be availed by travelers of Southeast Asia.

United States

United States is the most powerful country in accordance to wealth. This mixture of 50 states has its climate varying from Arctic to Sub-tropical.

Covering most of part of Central and North America, this country has more than 300 million peoples. U.S. is actually a mixture of a variety of ethnic groups & culture. Washington (D.C) is the capital and this Federal Republic Country usually speaks Spanish and English, followed by some local colloquial dialects.

While planning to visit United States it is however advisable to hold machine-readable passport with your information in front page.

However, some countries like Belgium, Australia, Denmark, Germany, France etc falls under Visa Waiver Program, but for rest of world willing travelers have to go through a hectic and long process.


France is acknowledged as top five premier destinations in world. France is also home to some of most romantic destinations of the world and is considered as haven for romantic couples from all across the globe.

France is country which presented Camembert and casseroles. It has also carved distinct niche for itself among food lovers because of its delicious cuisines, and its right place to savor your taste buds with diversity of mouth watering delicacies.

The ideal time to visit glorious country of France is between springs, as weather remains perfect for getting around for visitors. Air France & along with host of other airlines connects France with rest of world.

Rail services link France with each and every country in Europe & traveling by railways could be fascinating choice for those travelers who wish to enjoy exquisite beauty of French country side.

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