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Top 13 Android Apps for College Students

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My uncle used to tell me that college years usually required two things; pen and paper. But the years have gone by, and now everything is smart and fast. With internet connectivity, learning software, forums etc. pen and paper are not enough to satisfy all we need to survive college.

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Whatever list you have as you go to college you have to include a Laptop and a Smartphone (writing more from the Android point of view) as they are very important.

There are lots of apps out there that can help students with their learning life, and this article mentions just a few of them to help students excel in their studies and college life generally.

WordWeb | Android and iOS

Dictionary does not have to be thick and heavy, it can be a simple app on your phone, and it can be WordWeb. WOrdWeb is an English dictionary available on the Android and iOs platforms and also available on the Windows platform.

WOrdweb is available online and offline and has over 285,000 words, phrases and derived forms. The offline mode is highly welcomed as patchy network connections make it difficult to rely on other apps.

The database also contains common abbreviations. Also when selecting a word on any app on the Android platform, Wordweb option is available on the selection menu to make searching easier.

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OneNote |  Android, iOS and PC

OneNote has long been part of our lives since it is available on PC. OneNote allows us to take notes quickly and organize them into sections and pages and also tags and to do lists. The app doesn’t keep all its glory to Android and Windows platform as it is also available on iOS platforms.

OneNote is capable of storing drawings, mathematical equations, screen clippings, pictures, and recorded clips of audio and video. Notes can be synchronized across devices to keep them updated. You can also share notes with classmates and work together on the same contents at the same time as it allows collaborations.

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CamScanner | Android, iOS and Windows Phone

We all dread miss placing our notes or missing a class. Copying notes to make them up to date is tedious, and we would rather find another way to do it faster.

CamScanner saves you all the trouble by turning your phone into a Scanner using your smartphone’s camera. The app allows you to quickly convert camera images into neatly edited, formatted and cropped, and optimised PDF that you can share and print.

The app is a life saver as it also allows you to back up data to drives. The inbuilt Optical Character Recognition and editing functions allow you to quickly correct, change or add more details.

It also allows collaborations of up to 40 persons and 10GB cloud storage space if you go premium.

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My Study Life | Android, iOS and Web

Birthday parties, club activities, sports, hangouts, meetups, assignments, assignments, fixed classes; it is very easy for one to be overwhelmed by all the events and activities surrounding us and we need a planner to keep up.

Here comes our saviour, My Study Life, an app optimised and designed to help students keep up with school activities.

My Study Life integrates all areas of your academic life – see homework due and overdue for classes, classes which conflict with your exams and even add revision tasks for a specific exam – all in a free, easy to use application. Far from your standard calendar, My Study Life is optimized to work for your school life right from the start with support for week and day rotation schedules. Add your classes and view them in a beautiful, instantly identifiable, familiar week view.

My Study Life also syncs data between devices, and it is also available offline.

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Audio Recorder | Android

I once had a lecturer that did not allow note-taking while he was still in class and I had to manoeuvre and look for a solution. Along came the Audio Recorder and my life was saved. This app allows you to record high quality audio files.


This is the official Sony Audio Recorder application, which makes it easy to record and playback audio on your smartphone or tablet. The app is free and can record even with the screen turned off. It is very useful if you are taking classes in foreign languages

Audio recorder can be used to record discussions from a group meeting or a brainstorming session with friends or even arguments and presentations for future use.

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Mint App | Android and iOS

Mint app helps students manage all their finances with ease. it helps to keep track of your budgeting while you are on the go and also delivers up to date information on your accounts as well as budgets. The app also takes security quite serious as it comes with multi-factor authentication. As a student managing your finances is important and financial problems can affect grades. It is currently kinda restricted to US and Canada only.

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Goodbudget: Budget & Finance | Android

Unable to use mint? try Goodbudget app. The app helps you with budgeting too and lets you stay on top of your bills with easy and real-time tracking. It creates envelopes as a form of budget and it is pretty easy to use. You can synchronise across different Android devices. Currently using it as it is still useful after college.

Available to students everywhere and produces good reports.

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Pocket | Android and iOS

For students that love research, Pocket is an app you need. Pocket allows you to download articles so can read them later. It is useful if you come across an article that has information concerning an assignment or project you are working.

The next time you find an article, video or link you want to read or watch later, just save it to Pocket. It’ll sync across your phone, tablet, and computer so you can come back to it whenever and wherever you’d like, even when you’re offline.


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Office Lens | Android and iOS

Like Camscanner, Microsoft office lens creates a digital copy of whiteboards and documents. The apps trims, enhances and make pictures and its edge over CamScanner lies in its compatibility with other office products like Word, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Office Lens is like a scanner in your pocket that allows you to scan and share classroom handouts and notes into OneNote and OneDrive.  Scan the teacher’s handouts and annotate them in Word and OneNote. Take a picture of the whiteboard or blackboard to reference later, even if you’re offline. Keep class notes and your own research organized. OneNote’s search allows you to find everything for the test quickly.

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WPS Office | Android and iOS

There are a plethora of office suites apps out there on the store but somehow I prefer to work with WPS office as it packs Word processing, Presentation suite, Spreadsheet workbook, Memo, Docs Scanner and PDF reader into a less than 40mb app.

The app is also highly compatible with Microsoft office packages, Google Docs and Adobe PDF formats.

Its inbuilt PDF reader, converter and editor is well appreciated and it can save documents to your Dropbox, Drive, Box, Evernote and OneDrive accounts. There is much more than can be described here. Useful for typing assignments and making presentation slides when you want.

Get it on Playstore

bSafe | Android and iOS

bSafe is a personal safety app that activates SOS button by voice and sends a message to your friends and family with an audio alarm and also location in case you are in danger. It provides real time live streaming as it automatically records audio and video files and sends them instantly so no information is lost even when your phone is destroyed.

bSafe has additional features like Follow me where you can ask your friends and Family to follow you home via the map at the cell phone. Fake Call can help you out of a threatening situation.


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Noonlight | Android, iOS and Web

Noonlight alerts police whenever you are in danger and automatically alerts the police. The app synchronises smoothly with different smart things to offer you protection.

Noonlight enables you to be proactive about your safety by bridging the gap between doing nothing and calling 911 in a potentially unsafe situation. By holding down the Noonlight button, a user is able to passively connect to police. If nothing unexpected happens, a user simply inputs their unique 4-digit pin to cancel an alert from being sent (to police). If a situation takes a turn for the worse, a user simply releases the safe button without typing in their pin number and is connected to police.


Visit Main Site or Get It On Play Store


An App so good I decided to save it for last. Tasker happens to be the king of apps for students. Tasker offers full automation of your smartphone and it triggers settings based on your environment.

Tasker detects when you are at home, in the classroom, at the library, church and can disable or enable certain settings so your phone adapt to your environment. This app is for advanced users who love challenges though it doesn’t require root and happens to combine many fuctions in one tiny app.

Here are only some of the things you could do with Tasker, it’s real power is the flexibility to combine contexts and tasks however you wish.

  • passcode-lock sensitive applications (e.g. for child safety)
  • change phone settings by;
    application: long screen timeout in a book reader
    time: screen brightness lower in the evening
    location: ringer volume high at the office, turn off keyguard at home
  • wake up with a random song from your music collection
  • Text-to-speech; read out loud: incoming SMS/ phone number, WiFi/Bluetooth status, when it’s time for an appointment, when the battery is low etc (Android OS 1.6+ only)
  • launch a music application when your music SD card is inserted, otherwise a file browser
  • start the day with a particular application showing
  • change all your home icons and wallpaper every day, or in particular locations
  • turn the phone upside down to return to the home screen, tilt 90 degrees to the left and back to toggle speakerphone during a call
  • create a Home widget to;
    toggle bluetooth/wifi on/off
    launch wireless settings dialog
    show a menu of tasks to choose
    send an emergency SMS with your GPS location
    remap camera etc buttons to other applications, or show a menu of applications and/or actions
    zip/unzip application data on the fly when an application is launched/exits
    pause music playback while in a particular application, restart on exit
    change the Home icon for any application
    take a time-lapse photo series (possibly ‘secretly’)
    make a regular backup of a file on the SD card
    track your phone location via SMS in case of theft
    extend the use of the media button on your headset: take a picture from a distance or go to the previous media track with a long press
    record call times and destinations to the SD card
    show a popup when an SMS arrives from a particular phone number
    setup a birthday SMS to be sent months before it happens so you don’t forget
    record battery levels over time to a file on SD card
    make automatic recordings of what you say during phone calls to SD card
    during the night, turn on airplane mode to conserve battery/reduce radiation, but turn it off every 15 minutes to check for SMS/voicemail.
    setup a vacation SMS message, with different messages for different callers
    launch a music application when headphones are connected

There is a starter guide here, Support forum here, and even a Reddit community here to get you started

Download it here or get the 7 days trial version Here

Evernote is also another worthy mention for text editors, there already a review of maths applications here and in case you want to play games, there are games that also help develop your brain as you have fun.


If you have any other apps or suggestions please let us know by using the comment box below.

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