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Top 5 Blogging And Social Media Cameras With Wi-Fi in 2020

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Anything can be achieved with the right imagery and whatever does not have the hands of nature in it is dead. Are you a blogger or a social media lover? Let me tell you about your wishes. You want to have more followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and every other social platform.

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You also want to have more visitors on your blog and that means getting yourself all the traffic you deserve. I can make all that and the rest holding down your heart come true.

Alright, you have a good SEO, your Google webmaster tool is always under work and you got the best host, what then is stop in your visitors from staying? Why do they come and go? Get good pictures, pictures attract and repels. Good pictures attract and bad pictures send your visitors away and that’s a loss on your end.

Here is a similar scenario, you walk through the market looking from shop to shop, the first thing that calls you into a shop is the beauty, mostly attained through a collection of attractive pictures.

This will work for you too. But how can you get all of those charming pictures on your side to cast irresistible spells on your visitors? To keep customers flooding your online store? Hold on while I show you the best blogging and social media cameras you can use in bringing all of the most glowing pictures onboard.

What Makes A Camera Perfect For Blogging and Stores

All that glitters are not gold. Now that you know the benefits of good Cameras for blogging, you may consider getting yourself one. The question now is, how to choose the right camera for blogging.

Let me take you around that, but before an inept explanation, see the highlight below.


A good camera is good for a bad blogger. The sharpness of your picture is mostly decided by the pence of your camera but bear in mind the kind of blog you’re running. Is it an online store?


Then you need a camera with wider aperture to give you a blurry background and a clear image of your products, but if you are running a travels blog, then your camera lens should have a closer aperture to give a clear landscape of every location you wish to capture. Also be sure the lens is of high quality.


Stop buying a different camera for videos and another for pictures. Why? You may not be able to carry and operate the two together, so you need a versatile camera, one that can take both video and pictures correctly. But never mind, all of the five cameras I have listed below here are versatile.


Whether you are a parenting blogger or you run an online store, you won’t need to hire a photographer to do the picture-taking for you. Getting a good camera with remote will help you take pictures without being close to your camera or letting someone do it for you.

Now let me give you a list of the cameras that are best for blogging.

Cannon EOS REBEL T61

The T61 is a new release from the popular Cannon EOS REBEL, and it is the beat choice for bloggers in lifestyle, designs, and food niche owing to its powerful EF-S 18-55mm IS STM lens.

It comes with an in-built Wi-Fi that help you connect it with your phone to get your pictured uploaded immediately after taking them with the easy-to-use remote or without the remote.

Get all of your videos uploaded on YouTube seamlessly as fast as a lightening. If you are the type that want something portable to travel with, I will advice you choose something portable because this on is a little bit bulky. Buy now on Amazon.



Everybody want a mirrorless camera to save them from having to carry a lot of equipment around, especially the travels bloggers. The live MOS 13.5×17.3mm optical sensor is capable of doing what most digital cameras can’t help you achieve even with some other sophisticated instruments.

With a 16.0 megapixel sensor resolution and a depth of 3, the supersonic wave filter is every Amazon marketers dream. Get the best out of your products by giving them the nicest image representation on your stores.

The feature that makes it perfect for online stores is the 4× zoom that enable you to enlarge even a grain of rice perfectly, making the smallest product visible to everyone. Buy now on Amazon.


Coming pit strong with a DIGIC 6 image processor and a 20.3 megapixel sensor resolution, the TTL contrast detection system is the best for a low budget blogger who is just starting out. Stating out as a blogger may cost you money but shouldn’t break your bank.

You don’t need to spend much when you can get more by paying less. The camera with 1.4-inch depth will help you capture 1080p full HD video in the format of MP4 and it comes with a fast Wi-Fi for file transfer. My favorite feature is the low light capability. Buy now on Amazon.


Would you like to create a 720p HD video on a low budget? Starting out as a blogger require gathering a lot of knowledge and experiences along the way, but as a beginner, KODAK PIXPRO  present you with about 22 picture scenes to help you with a wide option of setting, so you get to create the right pictures even with no experience with a camera.

Mirrorless of course, it comes in handy to every startup travels blogger since the Blutooth will make you send and receive your videos and pictures anytime anywhere. It has a 25× optic zoom that let you take big pictures of every little thing. Buy now Amazon.



Just all a video booger need. Sony Alpha A6000 let you make videos like a DSLR seamlessly and help you send them wherever and whenever. With a 16-50mm power lens, the 24.3 megapixel is an Exmor APS HD CMOS with a 15.6×23.5mm sized sensor that takes every picture and videos just the way your blogs need them.

It comes with a sensor dust protection and a depth of 1.8-inch, just the choice of a vlogger. Overall, the Wi-Fi zone and the mirrorless feature are things you don’t want to lose. Buy now on Amazon.

Kingsley Felixhttps://kraftysprouts.media
Based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I am the founder of Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC (US), i make sure thing run smoothly and well organized in our organization. Follow me on my social media platforms.
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