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Top 8 Smart Rings to Look Out for

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Looking to go the wearable tech way? Wearables do a lot more than just help you know about your heart rate or the calories you are burning.

And wearables aren’t just restricted to those fancy Google Glasses, those expensive smartwatches for that matter, those calorie trackers that you use when you are out jogging in the morning.

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Wearables are much more than that – and you even have that in the form on a smart ring. Smart rings, as you would see below, can do a whole lot more when it comes to health, and more importantly, does look amazing.

Oura Ring

Oura Ring

This award-winning wearable sleek ring is made from a ceramic compound called Zirconia and comes in three colours-dark grey, matte black and Arctic white and sizes that range from 6-13. It can track a large amount of data from the wearer’s daily activities including heart and respiration rates, pulse rate, body temperature and so on.

It makes personalised suggestions and has the facility of showing trends over a period of time. It can measure your sleep and its quality and give you a readiness score so that you can suitably alter your daily activities.

ORII Smart Ring

ORII Smart Ring

Available in sandblasted silver, metallic dark grey, matte black and armour red finishes this splash-proof ring turns your finger into a smartphone when paired through Bluetooth with your smartphone.

It uses the bone conduction technology to enable you to receive calls, send text messages, and set reminders etc., just by pressing your finger to your ear. The ring has access to Siri and Google Assistant, thus it can also do many daily tasks.

Motiv Ring

Motiv Ring


A smart ring designed to fit both male and female fingers this sleek, 8mm wide ring comes in seven sizes. Water-proof, with a battery that lasts five days it is a fitness tracker that comes with an optical heart rate monitor.

The ring monitors a wide range of activities ranging from active heart rate, resting heart rate to calories burned, sleep, distance covered and steps walked. It can set weekly goals and adjust daily targets based on the user’s activity.



Known as the smart jewellery leader, Ringly is crafted with semi-precious stones, has metal finishes and even 18K gold plating. The ring has no screen, just subtle customisable vibrating or light notifications from your smartphone.

You can choose what comes through-social updates, emails, texts, etc. and it does work at a distance of about 20-30 feet from your phone. Ringly can sync with over 100 apps on iOS and Android. It also conserves battery, by going into the sleep mode when taken off the finger.

NFC Ring 2016

NFC Ring 2016

Made up of high-tech ceramic specifically developed to work well with the inlaid NFC tags this ring requires no charging as it does not use Bluetooth connectivity.

It comes with two independent NFC tags-the outer or upper tag is programmed with public information which you want to share with others like phone numbers, e-mail address, etc.

The lower tag is programmed for private information that is vital for you, which you don’t want to share and requires a deliberate gesture to use. The ring can also be used to link people, unlock phones and doors and transfer information.


Blinq ring


This stylish, luxury smart ring collection will come in three finishes, seven gemstone combinations and 12 styles. Each ring has a tiny Bluetooth-enabled mobile device that connects with your smartphone. The unique feature of this wearable smart jewellery is SOS Alert system and the Gem-Glow technology.

The SOS system immediately notifies your friends through a text SMS with a custom-tapping sequence. The gem glow technology allows for notification filtering via a special backlight behind the stone. It also has a fitness tracking feature.


It is a simple and affordable piece of smart jewellery that can be used by both men and women. The ring is made up of aerospace-grade zirconia technical ceramic and is available in seven colours.

Kerv can be used to make payments anywhere in the world that has the contactless MasterCard payment symbol. No charging is required as you do not need to pair it with a smartphone for making payments.


You can choose a size that fits you, from various sizes of Nimb that are available although it is restricted to two colours only, classic black and white. The device is water and dust resistant and the rechargeable battery will keep it going for up to two weeks.

It is a piece of smart jewellery that puts personal security in focus. You can send an emergency alert along with your GPS location to your friends, family, police and emergency services quickly and silently.

It also has an automatic audio recording feature that starts once the alarm is activated. The water-resistant device has a powerful rechargeable battery that can last for two weeks.

Which One Should you Choose?

It all depends on your needs. Sure, do have a look at the features on offer but smart rings are not just smart –they are beautiful too. And what you choose actually depends on what you would love here, since most of these offer more or less the same functions.


The only thing that separates them, apart from the iOS or Android versions they support, or the accuracy by which they can track the calories, is their looks.

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