Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Use Today

Artificial Intelligence

If you read the “Artificial Intelligence: Welcome to the future” you will realize that today’s artificial intelligence systems we are have are simply enhanced or upgraded machine learning software with more massive behavioral algorithms that conform themselves to our culture.

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Although they are essential to us, if we take a closer look, these machines are not getting smarter in the experiential sense; however, these enhanced machines are improving their skills and usefulness based on a large data set.

Written below are some of the popular applications of artificial intelligence in use today.



Alexa is one of the smartest home’s hubs today; however, how it became popular has been to some extent sudden. Everyone was shocked as Amazon first introduced Alexa-no one saw it coming.

Nevertheless, Amazon’s Alexa did not fail us, its usefulness and its capability to understand speech from anywhere in the room made it a revolutionary product that will help us search through the web for information, schedule appointments, shop, set alarms, and many more. Furthermore, Alexa can also help power our smart homes and be a conduit for some who have limited mobility.


Although everyone is aware of Amazon‘s transactional Artificial Intelligence, it has been in existence for a long time.  It allows them to make a humongous amount of money online, with its ever continue refined. Furthermore, Amazon is getting smarter at predicting what we are interested in buying based on our online behavior. Even though it is not happening yet or in the nearest future, Amazon is likely to ship products to us before we know we need them.



Dave O’Flanagan co-founded the company “Boxever”- it is created to improve the customer’s experience in the travel industry, and deliver micro-moments or experiences that make customers happy and contented; however, it relies on machine learning. Furthermore, the company capitalizes on machine learning and usage of artificial intelligence to find new ways to engage their customers in their travel journeys.

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If you are looking for one of the most powerful examples of behavioral adaptation to improve the emotional intelligence of customer support representative, think Cogito. Joshua Feast and Dr. Sandy Pentland originally co-found Cogito. The company is the combination of machine learning and behavioral science to enhance the customer interaction with phone professionals. This applies to millions of voice calls that are happening on a daily basis.

John Paul

Here is another application of artificial intelligence in the travel industry- John Paul is a highly esteemed sophisticated travel concierge company founded by David Amsellem. Just like Cogito, it is an example of powerful artificial intelligence in the predictive algorithms for existing client interactions, know their needs or desires and able to understand them on an extensive level.

Furthermore, the company powers the concierge services for millions of customers through the world’s largest companies such as Air France, Accor Hotels, Orange, and VISA.


Next is a learning thermostat that is presently voice-controlled by Alexa by using behavioral algorithms to learn heating and cooling needs predicatively, thereby adjusting or anticipating the temperature in the office or home based on one’s personal needs. In 2014, Google acquired Nest for $3.2 billion.  In addition, it includes a suite of other products such as Nest cameras.


Netflix gives highly accurate predictive technology based on people’s reactions to films. It analyses billions of records to suggest movies that the user may like based on your previous choice and responses to movies. This technology is getting smarter as the dataset grows, however, the only con is most small-labeled movies go unnoticed while the big leagues grow on the platform.


Pandora is yet again one of the most revolutionary artificial intelligence-based technologies that exist today. It is fondly called musical DNA. Based on four hundred characteristics, each song is analyzed by a team of professional musicians manually, based on this criteria, and the system has an amazing record of accomplishment for recommending songs that otherwise would go unnoticed, but that people innately love.

Based on 400 musical characteristics, each song is first manually analyzed by a team of professional musicians based on this criteria, and the system has an incredible track record for recommending songs that would otherwise go unnoticed but that people inherently love.


SiriEvery Apple fan or tech fan would have been familiar with Apple’s personal assistant-Siri by now. It is a pseudo-intelligent virtual personal assistant, Siri uses machine-learning technology to be smarter and better able to predict and comprehend our natural-language questions, and request.

She is the friendly voice-activated computer that we communicate with on a daily basis. Siri helps us to find information, add an event to a calendar, gives directions, send messages, etc.



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For many who own a Tesla already know the benefit of this fantastic new-age tech. Without any doubt, Tesla is one of the best cars ever made; it has received many accolades for its self-driving features, predictive capabilities, and sheer technological splendor.

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