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Top Cool Websites You Have Not Heard About

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The internet is filled with millions of websites that offer various resources. We are always on the internet every day looking for information and once in a while, we stumble upon a website and go “wow, this website is cool.”

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I came across one too, and since then I have been searching too for more cool websites and I have been amazed at what people come up with on the internet.

Before you continue, I will suggest you grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink, and get yourself in a relaxing mood, because, this may look like an adventure.

Alright let us dive in;

The Evolution of Trust

We can all agree that trust is a word that is often thrown around and almost everyone is looking for it. But we have also been in situations where we regret putting our trust in someone/something and now we are extra careful.

This interactive website takes us on a journey on how we have moved from trusting each other to exhibiting a high level of distrust. It shows us the personalities out there and I must confess I had a swell time testing different scenarios.

Here is a quick question for you;
Why, even in peacetime, do friends become enemies?
And why, even in wartime, do enemies become friends?

If you want to find out, head over to the website now (link opens in new tab)

Unlisted Videos

YouTube is a very popular video platform, but there are lots of videos that are not listed or available to the public.

This is because the owners have decided to “unlist the videos” so that they will be the only ones who have access to them unless you have a direct link.


The Unlisted Videos website is dedicated to showing those videos. You can search for them here.

Click Here To Visit

Little Sis

Have you ever wondered if some of the world’s most powerful persons are also behind some powerful organizations? How about if they have ties with each other?

Little Sis provides this information as it links the connections between powerful people, the government, and organizations.

Little Sis is also called the “Involuntary Facebook of the Elites.” It collects data on people behind government contracts, bailouts, austerity measures, etc. You may be surprised to see that the 1% holding earth’s wealth are closely affiliated.

Click here to Visit

Temporary Email

Most times when we want to download a file, we are often asked to drop our email address. Other times we have to use our emails on websites we don’t trust or won’t be visiting ever again.

With Temp Mail or 10-minute mail, you can get a randomly generated working email that you can use for such procedures and keep spam away from your mailbox.

There are many other platforms out there but these are the ones I mainly use.

Click Here To Visit Temp Mail | Click Here To Visi 10 Minute Mail


1000 Chrome Experiment

What was I doing here? Aha. This website catalogs 1000 websites into a fun bubble design and it is one of the most creative websites that I have ever visited.

Each bubble is a website that leads to a fun project. I had over 100 tabs open and had to stop. There are so many bubbles that you may find it hand to pick the same bubble twice.

Here is one of the experimental projects I really enjoyed (Dead Valley) and this one called Deleting Borders allows you to compose beautiful music

Click Here visit


What do you do when you need to do an urgent graphics work but you are not with your laptop? or you have no access to the tools you need?

This is where MS PAINT EMULATOR OR THE FREE ONLINE PHOTOSHOP websites come in. Thank me later. Click any of the links above to visit.


I had a fun time learning about some random stuff and even things about things we take for granted. This website will be enjoyed by parents who want to give their kids something new to learn about.

Adults may enjoy this too after all, I didn’t know Walmart makes more money than Amazon till I checked the “printing money” section of that website.

Also, did you know In 180 million years, The Moon continues gradually slowing down the Earth? Days become 25 hours long. Hopefully, work hours don’t also increase. And I didn’t know that till I was on the website!!

And oh, the Universe Forecast section makes me feel future generations are in for a ride. There are so many subsections that will keep you occupied.


Click Here To Visit

You can also add the Sandspeil club Sandbox emulator as it allows you to test the reaction that happens when you mix things like dust, oil, lava, water, ice, mites etc. It is good for kids too.

Play Emulator

Aiit guys, this must be one of the best websites on this list. The Play Emulator has almost every game from the NES era ro the NDS era and you get to play them all online on your web browser.

I had to take a break with Mortal Kombat Triology, and it was nostalgic. The categories cuts across GBA, SNES, SEGA, NES, N64, PSX, GBC GB, NDS, Sega Master, NEO-GEO, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, Arcade, Virtual Boy, PC-Engine, Game Gear, WonderSwan, MSX, 2600, Lynx, Jaguar, NGP, 3DO, Saturn.

There are so many games here you will have a swell time. Also, you can save game progress and load them without stress.

Click Here To Visit

Classic Reload

This is like Play Emulator but dedicated to much older games. The site tag reads “Over 6000+ DOS/Windows and Console games preserved for future generations.”

ClassicReload was set up for the preservation of 6,000+ old retro abandonware games and abandoned OS/interfaces that you can play DOS games online right in your web browser for education and research purposes.

There is just something magical about the old DOS games that just brings back memories and takes many of us back to our childhood or a time when things were simpler and just as much fun without all the animation that is the standard these days.

These games were from a time when there were so many different types of PC’s on the market that all had different hardware. You will notice that many of the games will let you change sounds cards, graphics cards etc.


There was so much change in the 80’s and 90’s with DOS games and many seem to be all but forgotten, but we have them here!

Click Here To Visit

Mac Repository

Mac Repository is almost like the Mac OS version of the ClassReload above. The site contains tons of retro apps and games that you will love if you are a Mac user. It can also help remind kids of the type of games and apps that came with old computers.

Click Here To Visit

Radiooooo / Radio Garden

Radiooooo is more like a music repository for songs. It contains a catalog that spans back to 1900. You can select and plan any song you want. Might be good for historical music students.

Click Here To Visit

Radio Garden allows you to tune in to any radio station, in the world. Be it a station from Korea, Japan, England etc, you can always find something from your country, especially if you migrated and want to listen to something from home.

Click Here To Visit

Regex101 / CodeChef

If there is one thing that looks like sorcery and definitely scares some programmers, it has to be Regular Expressions, AKA Regex.

Regex101.com is a resource that helps you understand Regex. Here you can learn more about the PCRE (PHP), ECMAScipt (javaScript), Python, and Golang.


Click Here To Visit

Another great alternative that you check is CodeChef. This tool deserves more attention to be honest. You can also use it with regex101 and compare explanations

Click Here To Visit

An alternative to both websites is regexr.com and you can use W3Schools or SQLZoo for SQL expressions.

Chris Shier Line

This website draws traces your mouse movements and converts them to wonderful colorful painting that you may even screenshot and use as wallpapers

Click Here To Visit

Another alternative is the WebGL Fluid Simulation website. Similar to CSL but has more options for tweaking

Click Here To Visit

14. Z Library / PDF Drive

These are the greatest book archive ever. There are millions of books and thousands are added daily. You can get almost any book you need from PDFDrive and Z Library for free.

Click Here To Visit Z Library | Click Here To Visit


BestSimilar / TasteDive

Have you seen a movie that you love and would love to see something similar? Head to Best Similar and type the name of the movie. You will get plenty of recommendations based on the theme of the movie or its style.

Click Here To Visit

Taste Dive works the same but expands its catalog to include music, TV shows, books, Authors, Games, Podcast.

Click Here To Visit

Music Map

This website contains more information on music than I ever got to learn at school. It For instance, did you know RAP has 13 main genres from 1870 to date? There are also other genres and I got to know that most music takes their roots from Gospel and Pioneers music.

You can spend hours on this website and never get bored. Keep a youtube tab open because you are may start searching for some of these songs to understand the text more.

Click Here To Visit


The fight against human trafficking has been a wide, wild, and global one. TraffiickCam helps with this. TraffickCam enables you to help combat sex trafficking by uploading photos of the hotel rooms you stay in when you travel.

Traffickers regularly post photographs of their victims posed in hotel rooms for online advertisements. These photographs are evidence that can be used to find and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes. In order to use these photos, however, investigators must be able to determine where the photos were taken.

The purpose of TraffickCam is to create a database of hotel room images that an investigator can efficiently search, in order to find other images that were taken in the same location as an image that is part of an investigation.


TraffickCam was created in 2015 by the Exchange Initiative. The Exchange Initiative is committed to combating commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). Their mission is to provide resources, information and networking solutions to combat sex trafficking in the United States.

Click Here To Visit

Hook Theory

Hook Theory is great for music lovers who want to learn the keys and theories behind popular music they have heard. The database has over 10,000 chords progression. You can find Mozart, Deadmau5, Bohemian Rhapsody, Celine Dion, Avicii, etc

Click Here To Visit

This Website Will Self Destruct

Just for fun, this website will self destruct if it doesn’t receive at least one message per day. Haha. I guess it was made for people to send a lovely message or post a secret. Who knew a simple message could save a website.

Click Here To Visit

VRTEEK Matterport

I just took a virtual tour of Pharaoh Ramesses VI Tomb by visiting this website. it was made by Virtual Reality company VRTEEK. VRTEEK specializes in virtual tour and builds VR products and solutions. While you are stuck at home, you can as well take this tour

Click Here To Visit


Want to listen to a song that you have never listened to anywhere in the world before? Here is Forgotify, Spotify for the daring music lovers. It shows you songs on Spotify that no one has ever listened to before.

Click Here to Visit


This Person Does Not Exist

This person does not exist uses generative adversarial network to generate realistic images of people. The images are so real you will not believe that the person does not exist.

Click Here to Visit

This Word Does Not Exist

A similar website for words is This Word Does Not Exist, here words are invented and defined by a machine learning algorithm. Examples are;

  1. maltwater

a deep deep or liquid solution of salt or ester of malt
“a 1.5L maltwater”
2. supercadency

what is called or characterized by a higher court of law
“the threat of supercadency to police caught our attention”

  1. conjunctia

a conjunctive word or phrase derived from another word or phrase
“the phrase originated in Algonquian conjunctia”

Head over to thisworddoesnotexist.com to get more and confuse your friends

Vernon Johns Historical Movies Chronology

This website is superb. It lists tons of historical movies about important events that have happened and all in chronological order.

Made by Patric Louis Cooney, a sociologist and historian, the movies also contain various explanations and spoilers.

You will find movies from The Ancient Man, Early Civilization, Later Civilization, Down to the American Revolution, French Revolution, WW!, WW2, Fascism, Hitler, Communism etc. Biafra and Uganda has the bulk of movies in Africa.


Click Here To Visit

Firefox Send

Em, I didn’t know Firefox had a Simple, Private file-sharing website. The website allows you to share files with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires. You can share files with sizes up to 1GB (or 2.5GB if you sign in)

Click Here To Visit


Incognitube shows Youtube videos that have less than 100 views. Pretty fun if you need to take a break from the popular aspect of youtube videos. You might call this the Video Forgotify. Most times, you may spend up to an hour here

Click Here To Visit


This is simply a calculator for anything and everything you can think of. Chemistry has about 38 calculators, Construction has 57 calculators, Conversion has 34 calculators.

And there are calculators for Ecology, Everyday life, Finance, Food, Health, Math, physics, Sports, Statistics, etc. This website is all about amazing truths about the world shown with calculators.

Click Here To Visit

This is not the End

Haha, now bookmark this post. I am still going through tons of other websites and will update this list as time goes on. Please bear with me and also drop your suggestions below.

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