Top Gadgets That Give You Superpowers

Working Jetpack

I know there are a lot of people out there, including me who dream of having special powers; there has always been the realm of comics, and movie fantasies until now.

Thanks to cool technology, some new inventions can actually give us batman’s or other superheroes’ abilities. We can now live our dreams of being a superhero; here are the top gadgets that give you superpowers.

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Bionic eyes

Having an enhanced vision that will enable you to see even the smallest detail from miles away would be cool right? 

Technology is on the verge of making it possible; a company named second sight aims to give people with vision impairment their sight back with the enhanced eye known as Argus II or Retinal Prosthesis System.

It is a retinal implant intended to provide electrical stimulation of the retina to induce visual perception in blind individuals.  It bridges the gap between light entering the eye and the optic nerves, which communicates the images to the brain

Robot ExoSkeleton

The robot exoskeleton gives you superstrength; it is a Cyberdyne hal suit that gives you superhuman strength to carry heavy loads. This is not a dream or a fantasy; it can be used in the real world to do jobs that involve heavy lifting.

It uses a network of sensors to monitor the electrical impulse the user brain’s puts out; this is done with electroencephalography (EEG), because of this the suit is primarily operated by mind control. However, it weighs a hundred and thirty (130) pounds. It works with you and with superhuman strength, although you cannot go stealth with it.

Pyro Fireshooter

Have you ever dream of having the ability to shoot fire from your palms? I did have the fantasy of shooting fire like pyro from Xmen. Well, you can do it.

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All you need is a pyro fire shooter, which is attached to your wrist; it allows you to carry four fireballs worth of charge. You activate the device with the remote held in the other hands. For safety, you have to check the fire codes in your city before meddling with the device.

Working Jetpack

Yves Rossy invented a working Jetpack, just like what you see in the movies; the working Jetpack can reach an incredible 160 miles per hour (mph), and the inventor has to use it to make a six-minute flight. Unfortunately, it is not ideal for long-distance travel because of the amount of fuel it consumes.

This problem is not unique to Rossy’s Working Jetpack; it is a problem for all jetpack technologies. More than a quick hope will require you to carry a large amount of heavy fuel, which would force it to expand even more energy lifting the heavyweight off the ground. However, we cannot deny the fact that this invention is futuristically cool. If you want to travel or fly above the water, you can use the Jetblades.

It is quite expensive; you will need $5995 to afford it. If you have the cash, you can actually fly above water as long as you want, all thanks to a hose that trails from the back of the suit and uses the water to power the journey.

Enhancing your mind

You would like to move objects with your mind, don’t you? Sure, I would. Well, there is an invention for it too. It is called a brain cap; the researchers of Maryland invented it. A non-invasive sensor-lined cap is like the Cyberdyne hal suit that operates using EEG.

It essentially uses your brainwave to a computer or other networked objects. Researchers designed it to help individuals with disabilities like paralysis. However, it is possible with further development it may be available to anyone who needs a boost.

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The Royal College of Art has produced its own superhero device to augment some of our senses; the eye dose mask has a superhuman feel to it, it amplifies visuals and auditory signals. The researchers say because we are bombarded with these all the time, the mask makes things easier by honing on one signal and amplifying it.

So, if you are trying to listen to one conversation in a crowded environment, the masks could filter out those voices and amplify them by reducing the background noises, or if you are attending a concert, you could zoom in on a particular instrument.

The sight augmenting aspect is similar to long exposure photography refining an image then displaying it in a mask goggles.

Light bending invisible cloak

Well, I have always envied chameleons for their blending abilities, if you wished to have these same abilities I have got good news for you.

The military has created a technology to make a person invisible they developed it for defense purposes, but it can one day be available to the public, for one who wants to disappear. The invisible cloak is designed to make you blend into your surroundings.

Superhero Armor

Everybody knows Batman and Ironman have armors that are so impressive even the military wants them to. Believe it or not, they have developed an ironman exoskeleton or Tactical Assault Light Operator Suits (TALOS) that increases mobility and strength with robotics. It is also bulletproof, weaponized, and can wire the user’s vital sounds.

This simply means if the user lightly hits someone the suit amplifies the strength behind it creating a punch that can smash through a wooden plank. Cool, isn’t it? The wearer also possesses the ability to lift and carry heavy rocket launchers as if they are shotguns.

However, the suit is still flexible enough to do pushups even though pushups have no or little effect on the user. Again, researchers are still trying to improve the suit efficiency.

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Climb anything

Are you thinking of becoming a spiderman? Well, the climb anything tech can literary give you a boost. With the help of researchers at Cornell University, you can live your spiderman’s dream soon.

They have created a palm-size device that uses surface tension in water to make reverse adhesive bond, which makes it possible to stick to wood, glass, and brick.

The researchers drew their inspiration from the Florida Palmetto Tortoise Beetle, which uses the surface tension droplet of oil at its leg to climb and stick to surfaces. Amazing isn’t it? To think the inspiration was not gotten from a spider.

Finer Motor Controls

Summoning ghost by the snap of your fingers can be pretty awesome. Although no device or tech can do that, we are getting closer by the year.

It brings us to one device called the Ouijiband; this device is attached to your wrist, using a gyroscope and gymbal it senses fine motor and if it dims it necessary smoothes them. The band can steady the user’s hand or provide haptic feedback.

This device can help everyone; from a surgeon who wants to cut a straighter line to an athlete who wants to improve their backhand or golf stroke or an artist drawing a perfect circle. Furthermore, it might also help steady the hands of people who have Parkinson’s disease.

There is Kinesiowear the artificial muscle designed for everyone it is similar to Kinesio tape, which sticks on, and microscopically lifts the skin to alleviate discomfort. The Kinesiowear goes further than the tape; it provides a stick-on muscle.

You can place it on anywhere you want, and it can do anything; from taping you on the shoulder to supporting your muscle while you run, swim or do other exercises.

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