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Top SCI-FI Movies to Watch on Netflix

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Are you looking forward to the weekend already? We’ve outlined some super cool science fiction movies that will make your weekend anything from boring. Everyone knows Netflix is your “go-to-guy” for your movies, irrespective of the genre.

Although there are several sci-fi movies, you would love to watch over and over and again on Netflix, but these seven sci-fi movies are definitely worth your time.

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By sci-fi movies, I am not referring to the Re-animator or Tarkovsky gem, Netflix has upgraded so, should you. Furthermore, you can trust Netflix to supply you with recently released to VOD micro-budget movie titles.

However, it does not dispute the fact that Science fiction movies are not the most influential genre Netflix has to offer, but if you want to wreck your conception of reality, and human potential, there are plenty of sci-fi movies to choose from.

We are starting from the oldest to the latest movie, so enjoy the ride

Batteries not included

Directed by Matthew Robbins and released in 1997. Batteries not included is an old film, which tells a story of how old people and aliens join forces to fight gentrification of crowd-pleasing win.

The on and off screen spouses, Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, play a couple who are among the low-earner residents of an apartment building at odds with The Man.

Just to get rid of his unwanted tenants, the Man hires a local gang to vandalize the couple’s downstairs diner and drives out his tenants.

However, a pair of friendly flying saucers dubbed “the Fix-Its” came to town, and squatted on top of the building while fixing anything, everything they see in time. By the way, the UFOs are not just the “Fix-it-all” gang; they are fertile, family-minded Fix-Its at that.


According to Amanda Schurr “The film is smart, and cute, in the best sense of that term. The Fix-Its are positively arousing great delight. There is a childlike innocence to the whole thing, and the cast is pitch perfect, especially the sprightly Cronyn.”


Psychokinesis is the latest film written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Yeon offers a different interpretation of the zeitgeist with Psychokinesis; the film creates a deft, vaguely political room of South Korea’s own in the cinematic superhero universe.

Shin Seok-Heon, a character played by Ryu Seung-ryong is an everyman nobody who is a silly security guard and also estranged from his family.

Shin brought back his daughter Roo-mi’s life (played by Shim Eun-Kyung) after a gang of unionized construction workers mistakenly kill her mother while trying to evict the young fried chicken business owner from their small storefront.

Furthermore, Shin has burgeoning superpowers of the titular variety; he contracted it when he drank from a public spring, which was polluted with an alien substance newly released in the earth through a crashed space rock.

Mr. Nobody

This 2013 existential science fiction movie was written and directed by Director Jaco Van Dormael; it shows a balance between the terror and awe off the eternal mystery. The film stars Jared Leto as Nemo Nobody.

The movie is about a man(Nemo) who wakes up one morning and discovers he is a senior man living in the late twenty-first century. Also, he is the last mortal left alive in an advanced civilization, which views him as a fascinating oddity.

Furthermore, he has no memory how he goes to that stage of his life. Nemo remembers he was born in 1975, and living his life in the early twenty-first century.


Mr. Nobody is centered on old Nemo’s stories to a journalist who is writing a story about him. We get to see much of Nemo’s younger life; nonetheless, his more youthful days are questionable because we are not sure which version of his life is correct.

According to the old Nemo, he either moved with his mother to Canada and fell in love with a woman named Anna (Diane Kruger) or grew up in the United Kingdom, and fell in love with a woman named Elise (Sarah Polley).

However, those versions have their divergent narratives: Did Nemo meet Anna as a teen (Juno Temple) and then never reconnect with her in adulthood, or did they find each other again?

Moreover, in one plot strand, Nemo adventures to Mars to be part of a colony, even though we assume what we are seeing is a product of his imagination when he was a boy. In Mr. Nobody, despite the several variations of Nemo he is playing; nonetheless, there is a consistent damaged quality to the character that ties them together.

According to Tim Grierson, “Leto isn’t trying to essay distinct personalities for each Nemo, they are all versions of the same soul.”

If you like reality mixed with fantasy, then you are the one Director Jaco Van Domael had in mind when making this film.

Turbo Kid

You cannot expect anything less from a movie directed by three brilliant directors- François Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell; the film was released in 2015.

Turbo Kid may not be the latest sci-fi movie, but it is a beautiful experience. According to Jim Vorel,“the kind of insane indie wish-fulfillment that I can only imagine inspires other indie filmmakers to say “Well if that guy can pull off this movie, then I need to make a movie of my own.” It’s a gloriously absurd ode to ’80s era kid’s movies, apocalypse fiction and gore-centric horror, full of neon colors and exploding heads.”

He added “The hyper-bloody ultraviolence, in particular, is insanely impressive, on a level rarely seen outside the likes of Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive.


Add a twist of Michael Ironside playing a ham-fisted parody of his villain roles in movies like Scanners (talk about exploding heads) and Total Recall, and you have a serious cult classic in the making.

Turbo Kid sells itself on its premise and iconography, but it’s far better than it truly has to be.”

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