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Top UI Design Fundamentals to Consider

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Today, web apps or websites are not only meant to reach desktops, but with the variety of Internet-enabled mobile devices out there, it is essential to design a UI that can run proficiently on various screen sizes, resolutions and mobile platforms.

The increasing mobile traffic on the Internet has made design trend, like responsive design, a de-facto standard in the web realm. Furthermore, search engines like Google has also shown a special preference to mobile-friendly websites while ranking the search results.

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This has encouraged businesses to embrace an invaluable mobile presence. For these reasons, responsive UI design has become a critical skill that every web designer should excel.

Responsive Web Design Are Here To Liberate

With the proliferation of mobile devices (there are myriads of mobiles featuring different platforms, screen dimensions, orientation, etc.), targeting the gigantic mobile user base is not an easy pie. Thankfully, the inception of responsive web design has appeased designers and developers by offering an ultimate design technique.

This design approach automatically scales and fits the app or site UI to a variety of browsers and devices. It does so by rendering the content after analyzing the user behavior and attributes, like OS, orientation and so forth, of the targeted mobile device.

Therefore, you don’t have to design separately for every device, rather use the responsive design approach and reach a gigantic audience base with a flair.

To create an effective and efficient responsive design, you will need to work on CSS media queries, flexible layouts, grids, images and other UI elements. However, there are several facets of responsive design that must be considered while designing the UI.

This article will uncover the responsive web design principles to create a superlative website that can run seamlessly on any device. Let’s explore them.

1. Flexibility – The Linchpin

Flexibility is the key to responsive design. If any of your UI elements is not flexible, then it will make it hard to turn the UI into a responsive design. Thus, it is advisable to ensure that the images, the type, and the grid, all the factors to be flexible.

To make your design flexible, you may need to expand, contract or even hide your original concepts, depending upon the requirements. While making such changes keep your ultimate goal to deliver a valuable UX in mind.


Therefore, it is better to think of as much flexibility while designing and developing as adaptable you want to make your outcome.

2. Typography – A Big Deal

It is imperative to make your content legible and easily accessible as much as possible. Especially, when you are targeting mobile users, ensure that the featured content can be read on the go without asking potential readers to make additional efforts like zooming in and out.

Because, this can annoy your viewers and impact UX, which is not beneficial for your business for obvious reasons. Therefore, it is essential to choose a typeface that can be read easily.

Luckily, there is a plethora of fonts available, you can streamline your choice by considering your website and target audience.

3. Image Quality And Size Are Paramount

If an image lacks quality, it will not appear appealing in any size. You may choose to use a few images, but it is imperative to ensure its surefire quality. A high quality image is as crucial for better UI design as the loading time.

Since, mobile users have limited bandwidth as compared to desktop users, it is recommended to optimize both image quality and load time. It is also believed that saving images in their smallest possible sizes can help maintain their visual quality.

Here are certain approaches that can be implemented while using images in a responsive layout.

  • Use only a few numbers of images.
  • Use various file sizes and versions as per the targeted device.
  • Hide image for mobile devices.

To scale images appropriately on the basis of the targeted device, you can implement fluid images.

Fluid Images: To make the browser scale an image as large as its pixel value, you can use the below mentioned line of CSS code. This will ensure an ideal size and quality of the image.

Though, you will need to maintain the original aspect ratio of an image.

4. Don’t Feel Intimidated With Media Queries

Media Queries form an essential part of a responsive design. Because they enable a design to analyze the targeted device and accordingly deliver the most suitable style by implementing the CSS.


Media queries help determine the media features and facilitate designers to implement the same HTML in order to reinforce various layouts on the basis of display settings. Moreover, Media Queries also add to the design flexibility and thus, makes the UI more intuitive and easily accessible

The inevitable benefits of responsive design are enough to encourage one to choose a responsive web design. You can also augment your web visibility by impressing the search engines with a mobile-optimized website or application, while enhancing your business values.

There are several key factors (like navigation, media queries, fluid grid, and so forth) that must be considered for creating an impressive and captivating UI; a few of these factors are distilled above. Go through them thoroughly and create an exquisite responsive UI design with ease.

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