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Hotels in the World

Top 10 Hotels in the World

Over the past few years a number of hotels as well as resorts have been established across the world, occupying a range of metropolitan...
Bali, Indonesia

30 Beautiful Islands to Visit in 2021

Do you have plans to go on a vacation soon? Well, if you do not know where to visit, we have put together 30...
Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas: An overview

There has never been anything like it. Oasis of the seas is the biggest cruise ship ever built. It is referred to as a...
Surfing Destinations in the Caribbean

6 Prominent Surfing Destinations in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is like every surfer's dream destination. It has always been a unique travel destination for surfers from the Northeastern US states and...
Surfing Destinations

15 Best Surfing Destinations Around the Globe

Do you love riding huge waves, or not? Well, it really doesn't matter. The surf culture has influenced many people who have trooped to...
Surfing Destinations for Beginners

10 Best Surfing Destinations for Beginners

Surfing amid cool breeze, warm water, and sunset is one of the best feelings you can get, and to finally master the waves, you...

9 Best Museums in the World

Museums are places where you learn about different history even as far as the B.C. Calendar. It tells stories of past generations that's why it...

10 Places to Visit in Paris at Night

Paris is a place with many nicknames. For some people, Paris is a city of romance, and If you’ve seen movies like; Before sunset,...
Tourist Attractions in Dubai

25 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Glamorous Dubai is a top spot vacation destination in the UAE. This city of skyscrapers and shopping centers was transformed from a desert into...
Qasr Al-Hosn abu dhabi

9 of the Best Places to See in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is one of the well-ordered, industrious places with a beautiful waterside location. Abu Dhabi was First...
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