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Tribest Green Star GS-1000 Juice Extractor

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Tribest Green Star Juicer is a widely recognized industry leader in the juicing community, and rightfully so as they produce some of the best and most efficient machines on the market.

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With their exclusive heavy duty Twin gear system technology, running at 110 rpms not only does it blow away its competition in terms of efficiency but it is a vast improvement for your juice quality thanks to the far lower heat level produces during the juicing process.

This preserves more of the vitamins and minerals, giving you healthier and better tasting juice. It can handle almost any fruit or vegetable with ease, including Carrots, Apples, Celery to name a few.

The Tribest Green Star GS-1000 comes with all of the basic juicing and food processing attachments. It includes the fine screen to make juice with minimal pulp; and the homogenizing blank for basic food processing.

All Green Star models also conveniently include a glass juice pitcher, wooden plunger, plastic plunger, and cleaning brush.

It can also process whole foods, making favorites like almond and date pie crusts, pates from nuts and vegetables, sauces from a vast array of ingredients, baby foods, frozen fruit desserts and more.

Features and Specification

  • Type of Juicer: Heavy Duty twin gear
  • 110 rpm rotational speed for low heat and noise
  • Excellent juice yield
  • Juices many varieties of fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass
  • One-step continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection
  • Ejected pulp is dry indicating maximum juice extraction
  • Reverse gear prevents clogging
  • Heavy duty construction using highest quality materials
  • Built in cord storage
  • Carrying handle for easy relocation of the machine
  • Easy to clean and assemble/disassemble
  • Product Dimensions: 18″ x 6.5″ x 12″
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 year warranty

User Reviews

The Green Star GS-1000 Juice Extractor has received good reviews overall from its customers, holding a solid 4.1 out of a possible 5 stars from consumers at online retailer Amazon.com. With comparative ratings available from numerous other sources as well, generally for more money however.

One reviewer did a direct comparison, between the Green Star and his Champion juicer as well as making mention of owning several other juicers over the years.

And overall, through the side by side comparison the two products seemed fairly even. With the Green star juicer being quieter, and more efficient overall when it came to things like greens, such as kale and parsley as well as pates and frozen ice creams.

With the Champion being superior to a degree, with things like carrot juice, fruit juices, banana ice cream. The biggest difference in the two however, was in the setup, dis-assembly and clean up times.


The Green Star having a lot more parts that need to be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly then the Champion, and as such requiring more prep and clean-up time.

Other reviewers followed this up however, with reviews stating that compared to their previous juicers (another champion in one case) with the Green Star producing not only more juice, but a higher quality juice as well.

With the pulp always being very dry, and since the machine itself doesn’t get hot, cold fruits and vegetables will produce similarly cold juice.

Worth mentioning also, was the fact that the Green Star handles carrots very well (most don’t) despite requiring a bit of downward force to get the carrots moving
through the system, the machine does a great job juicing them and doesn’t bog down.

Overall, the Green Star GS-1000 is a solid machine. With a lot of uses aside from just juicing which helps justify the higher price tag. How much so depends on your individual needs, but if you use a lot of greens and don’t mind the extra clean up you will get a lot of use out of it.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Green Star GS-1000 from many big retailers offline or online like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart etc. But which one is the best deal? We have done work for you. We found Amazon.com to have the best prices on all juicer machines including the GS-1000.

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