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Tricks 12 Celebrities Use to Achieve Perfect Photos

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I could take a thousand photos and look terrible in all of them, but my favourite celebrities know just how to look stunning in every single picture. For this reason, I can’t help but wonder: is there some kind of secret to achieving such good looks?

I have found the perfect answer to that question and then this article I would be sharing with you the tricks that most models actresses and other celebrities have used over time to achieve a perfect look in every picture.

All of these celebrity tricks are some that you probably have not noticed regardless of how many images of your favourite celebrities you have seen.

However, by the time we are done pointing them out, you will discover you can use them too the next time you want to take photos.

1. Blake Lively

Nobody likes the double chin, yes? Blake Lively is also an actress who doesn’t like this either. Blake has managed to avoid having a double chin in every single photo of hers by slightly raising her tongue to the roof of her mouth.

This trick helps blake lively to contract her neck muscles, which in turn would make her chin line look more clearly defined.

2. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is a naturally stunning actress and where ever she has found an easy trick to make her face look better in every picture.

Nicole Kidman has mastered the technique of straining her neck to maintain her looks. How she does it? Nicole simply put her shoulders down and pulls her head up which leaves no room for any form of skin imperfection.

3. Monica Bellucci

Monica is one very stunning actress who has mastered a very different technique of maintaining a skin that is free of imperfections.

She raises her head to help tighten the areas around her face whenever it’s picture time. This is a poster that might make her appear arrogant so to avoid that she tries to tilt head slightly to one side to create a more natural look.

However, this trick is a complicated one so if you decide to try it make sure that you do not use the wrong angle because it can ruin the entire idea.

4. Taylor Swift

If you look closely to Taylor swift photos, you would realise that she always wants the main focus to be on her cheekbones.

To achieve this, the singer bites her cheeks a little bit. The reason why we are told to say cheese when we want to take a photo is so that we can show some teeth and that exactly is what Taylor Swift does even while she bites her cheeks.

5. Megan Fox

Whether you are a fan or not one thing we all agree on is that Megan Fox looks stunning and flawless in all her photos.

The trick she uses is a straightforward one and can pass for the most playful technique on this list. Megan simply opens her mouth slightly and sticks out her tongue just a little bit.

I have heard a few people say that our technique is weird, but it still doesn’t change the fact that she would always appear charismatic and attractive using this simple trick.

6. Julia Roberts

When you see a picture of Julia Roberts, do you notice anything else apart from her lovely smile? I guess not. This actress’s trick, in fact, lies right there behind her wide open eyes.

Well, some people think squinting is a way to end up with a more beautiful smile. Julia would instead look upwards and open her eyes so that you are able to see any wrinkles. She always ends up with a lovely look.

7. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has been serving faces for a while now. This actress has managed to keep her looks unfocused by combining wide open eyes with a slightly lifted brow that offers a mysterious, yet dreamy look that is always amazing.

8. Mila Kunis

While Julia Roberts would rather have her eyes wide open, Mila Kunis prefers to squint a little bit so that she offers a more sensual appearance. To be precise, Mila lowers and then relaxes her eyelids, so she appears irresistible.

If you must try this trick, then you must have big eyes because Mila Kunis has big eyes which makes it easy for her to use this technique.

9. Charlize Theron

If you have been wondering how chilis manage to make her lips a pair perfect in pictures then out have you know that is simple trick is breathing true her mouth.

So if you’re looking to have full lips in your photos without using the duck lips effect, then you can try breathing through your mouth.

10. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock always has to lift her shoulders and also strain her clavicle in other for people to pay more attention to her body shape. this is a straightforward trick; however, you must be careful not to overdo it so that your neck does not appear too short.

11. Meghan Markle

As you already know, Meghan Markle has become a member of the royal family, and this means that she always has to appear friendly and kind in all of her pictures.

The Duchess of Sussex has developed a technique that requires hard to bend her head a little bit and wave so that she appears closer to her audience and also maintains the right posture.

12. Kristen Dunst

This actress has a very recognisable smile that is easy to copy. Her trick is to smile with only one half of her mouth, and that makes her appear mysterious.

So now that you know the best tricks used by celebrities you can also adopt these tricks but remember not to try too hard because you might make it visible that you are overdoing things. You can also combine two or more of these tricks to create your own unique look.

If you have any other tricks to make our pictures perfect, then do not hesitate to share by leaving a comment in the comment section provided below.

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
Emmanuella Oluwafemihttps://freelancespace.org
Emmanuella Oluwafemi is a sociologist, anthropologist, fashion model, and senior writer at Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC. She is also the founder of https://freelancespace.org
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