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Turner Dré Talks About the Mistakes Nigerians Make in Selecting Electoral Candidates in General Elections

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Usually, you’d not see or hear me talk on political matters, but I’m a little worried with the way we go about things around here in Nigeria as it relates to politics and electing people into offices.


In the past four years, people have complained bitterly of how the government has not been fair to them, but I think we may be at the verge of making the same voting mistakes again as we cast our votes on Saturday, 23rd of February 2019 to decide who leads us for the next four years.

election 2019

I feel the main reason most Nigerians are regretting their choice in the last presidential election that saw his Excellency,  President Mohammed Buhari as the winner is because they missed the point entirely.

In my opinion, the government can’t change your life. They can only enhance the quality of your living – We are individually responsible for every change that occurs in our lives.

But the case was different in the last elections as people blindly bought into the idea of CHANGE, that they didn’t pause to think how that change can be implemented – But were sucked into the campaign key phrase which eventually engineered their decision making.

There is nothing wrong with the message itself, where things went wrong was with the people who received it and failed to analyse it logically.

Change is just a harmless word that anyone can adopt and use in their way to pass any form of a message – But when you see these words come to play in politics or when it is being used to relate to personal development, be sure to see how it can be applied carefully.

Now if the person sharing the message is telling you that they are capable of changing your life if you elect them into office, then you should be on your toes running.

Why? No single person is capable of changing your life. They can only create the environment, initiatives or policies that’ll enhance the way you live so that you can have more control in order to change the situation of things in whatever circumstance you may currently find yourself in.


This way, the quality of your life can significantly improve, and you can change your situation from bad or good, to better through the implementation of favourable policies and initiatives. This is just a simple logic that many do not understand, hence why it seems we keep electing wrong candidates into power every single time.

Personally, I have no qualms with or against any candidate running for the presidential seat, but my advice to Nigerians is that they should learn to be more logical in making decisions especially when it relates to matters of the nation or electing people into offices. This is because one single mistake can cost you to suffer for the next four year or even extended into eight if care is not taken.

Now, the simple solution to this reoccurring problem is; Find a candidate whose aim or vision actively and generally aligns with the changes you want to see, one who understands the pains of the masses.

One who isn’t going about fighting party wars, trying to pull down the image of others but is more focused on what they can achieve together with the general public.

The Nigerian political environment is yet to mature into an objective candidacy voting rather than voting based on party interests.

The moment we get these things right, that’s when we’ll begin to see the results we want.

Lastly, we should stop thinking of what people can (or should) do for us, particularly as it relates to governance, but focus on what we can individually do to impact lives beyond selfish interests.

The work starts with us, make your own little contribution and become selfless in your service to humanity, your countrymen and those you’d come across daily and watch how things will transform positively for you.


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