Tyga Net Worth and Biography

Tyga Net Worth

People dream of being a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, and some wanted to be a rapper, just like their favorite rap artist.

Everyone could be a star, or the next “Big Thing” archiving goals and dreams takes courage and determination; those who are determined always find themselves breaking free of the chains of barriers.

The music industry is a place where people do all they can to achieve their dreams while doing what they do best. In this article, I would be discussing the biography and net worth of an American Rapper Tyga.

Who is Tyga?

Michael Ray Nguyen Stevenson is an American rapper known as Tyga. He was born by Vietnamese and Jamaican parents. Like many rappers, Tyga had a rough childhood and was influenced by the “Street Life” and low socioeconomic background.

But he didn’t let the negativity of his surrounding stop he from attaining his goal, as he worked hard to become one of the top rappers today.


  • Name: Michael Ray Nguyen
  • Stage Name: Tyga
  • Date of birth: 19th November 1989
  • Place of birth: Compton, California, United States
  • Nationality: United States
  • Net worth: $5 million

Tyga was encouraged by his cousin McCoy, to go into rap, this advice from his cousin, was a significant impact in the life of Tyga, which led him to take rap as a profession.

McCoy was a member of the Gym Class Heroes, through his influence in the industry, McCoy was able to help Tyga gain footing in the game.

Michael or Tyga as he’s known was born on 19th November 1989 in Compton, California, the name Tyga was given to him by his mother, who calls him “Tiger Wood” the name also means “Thank You God Always.”

Tyga made a name or himself through various tracks and mixtapes, and he even got the chance to do some collaboration with big names like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and many others.

Tyga’s music videos are known for the explicit scene with deep lyrical meaning. Tyga had been in various movies, including some adult-rated movies.

Tyga’s personal life has been that of a series of problems, with a string of girlfriend, and a child born of a broken marriage. Just like his own life, his career also had seen some ups and downs, after three successful albums, his fourth album had difficulty being released.


Tyga Net Worth

In 2007, his debut album “Young on probation” was a huge success; this led to a signing of a record deal with Lil Wayne’s “Young Money Entertainment.”

The song “Deuces,” which he performed with Chris Brown and Kevin McCall, was released, and it was number 14 on the Billboard hot 100 and number 1 on Billboard hot R&B/Hip Hop song list.

Deuces was nominated for Best Rap & song collaboration in the Grammy. He went on tour with hi cousin McCoy and his crew “Gym Class Heroes” from this he was able to make his first independent album “No Introduction” the album was released in 2008 by Decaydance Record.

One of the songs in the collection, the “Diamond Life” feature in the movie “Fighting,” the game “Need for Speed” and “Madden NFL 2009.”

His albums and contract with Money Entertainment was a success, he then did other collaboration with big shots like Rick Ross, Bow Wow, Chris Brown.

The partnership threw him in every media and made a splash in the music industry. Then he another signing was made with Kanye West Good Music Imprint to start a chapter in his career.

In 2012, he released another album, “Careless World” the album contained a snippet of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream Speech” but was later removed.

The album featured J Cole, T-pain, Nas, Pharrell, and Robin Thicke; it reached number 4 on US Billboard for the top 200.

His Third album “Hotel California” was released in the year 2013, the collection was seen as the least original major-label rap album in recent memory.

That period was a wrong time for Tyga, it was the period he had a falling out with Money Entertainment, and he couldn’t release his album “18th Dynasty” and his duet with Justin Bieber.

With his ups and down bringing down his career and giving him bad reviews, he got another record signing with Kanye West, who was his brother-in-law of his then-girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

He signed up with Kanye’s Good Music Record Label under the aegis of Def Jam Recording. It was an opportunity for Tyga to redeem himself in the music world.

Personal Life and Net worth

Tyga Net Worth

His first relationship with Kiely Williams ended in 2009, and he had a brief time with Chanel Iman. Tyga had a son with Black Chyna “King Cairo Stevenson,” and like his other affairs, this also didn’t last, as the couple broke up and went their separate ways in 2014.

In 2014 he hooked up with TV reality star, Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian Dynasty. Their relationship also did not last, as there was an age difference between them, Kylie was 16 years of age, while he was beyond his 20’s.

He was robbed of his gold chain with diamonds; this chain was later found with rapper 40 Glocc. Tyga, however, said Glocc had nothing to do with the robbery, and they both remained friends.

He was sued by two women in 2012, for releasing a video they appeared in “Make it Nasty” they claim he exposed them without their consent. Tyga was also sued by a jeweler for not paying for a gold chain in 2013. Tyga is currently estimated to worth $5 million.

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