9 Movies Classified as Tyler Perry Christmas Movies

Tyler Perry Christmas Movies

Tyler Perry Christmas movies are quite a few. One would have thought that Tyler Perry has released numerous Christmas movies over the years, but he has not.  

However, Tyler Perry movies are known to deliver sound messages with humor. So, most of his movies can be watched during the holidays.

This is a good time to sit around and have a good laugh with your family.  

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Besides, Tyler Perry does not have traditional Christmas movies. This list has been divided into three categories of Tyler Perry movies you should watch during the Christmas holiday.  

One, holidays movies. Second, movies about family, and third, movies that are too fun not to watch during the Christmas holidays.

Some of the movies classified as Tyler Perry’s Christmas movies are:

Table of Contents

1. Tyler Perry’s A Madea’s Christmas

Just as the name indicated, this is the only movie Tyler Perry gave a Christmas name and centered the plot around the holiday.  

Moreover, the movie plot is about Madea following Eileen to convince her daughter, Lacey to come home for Christmas.  

However, Lacey does not want to come home because she is married to a white man, which she believes her family will be against. Furthermore, Tyler Perry directed the movie and also starred in it.  

Additionally, the movie was released on December 13, 2013. Also, Tika Sumpter, Anna Maria Horsford, Eric Lively, Kathy Najimy, and Chad Michael Murray starred in the movie.  

2. Tyler Perry’s Boo 2: A Madea Halloween

Even though this movie is not technically a Tyler Perry Christmas movie, it is a holiday movie.  

Besides, one can say Halloween is the sibling of Christmas and there is no crime in enjoying a Halloween movie during the Christmas holiday. Moreover, this movie is the sequel to Boo! A Madea Halloween.  

This movie centers on Madea, bam, and Hattie being scared and coming across monsters, goblins, and boogeymen at a haunted campsite.  

Besides, this movie was released on October 20, 2017. Furthermore, the stars in the movie include Tyler Perry, Patrice Lovely, Brock O’Hurn, Diamond White, Lexy Panterra, Fousey Tube, and Cassie Davis. 

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3. Boo! A Madea Halloween

Just like Boo! 2, this movie is not technically a Christmas movie, but it could be classified as one of Tyler Perry’s Christmas movies since it is a holiday movie.  

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Besides, this movie is a prequel to Boo! 2 and also centers around a Halloween party.

Tiffany, Madea’s niece sneaks out of the house to a Halloween party to impress her friends and gain their approval. However, their fun is ruined when the police and Madea crash the party.  

Then, there is a turn of events when the vengeful collegians decide to prank Madea and her friends.

Soon, Madea and her friends find themselves under attack and on the run from an assortment of ghouls, ghosts, and zombies on Halloween night.  

Also, this movie was released on October 21, 2016. And stars Tyler Perry, Patrice Lovely, Brock O’Hurn, Diamond White, Lexy Panterra, Fousey Tube, and Cassie Davis. 

Movies about Family You Should Watch during the Christmas Holiday 

The Christmas holiday is technically about giving, receiving, and spending time with your family. Moreover, the holiday gives you time to enjoy the company of your family and appreciate them.  

Hence, these movies are being classified as some of Tyler Perry’s Christmas movies list.

These Tyler Perry movies will help you appreciate your family more, teaching you that family is important no matter how crazy they might be. 

4. Tyler Perry Madea’s Big Happy Family

This movie is an adaptation of Tyler Perry’s play with the same title and could be classified as one of Tyler Perry’s Christmas movies.  

It centers around Madea’s niece, Shirley, who just learned that she is dying and decided to gather her family around her. However, her three grown-up children are too preoccupied with their issues to pay attention to their mother.  

Thus, Madea and Aunt Bam come together to help Shirley’s family unite and help her deal with her crisis.  

Additionally, this movie was released on April 22, 2011. And stars Tyler Perry, Bow Wow, Shannon Kane, Cassi Davis, Loretta Devine, Natalie Desselle, and Teyana Taylor. 

5. Madea’s Family Reunion

This movie is also an adaptation of Tyler Perry’s play with the same title and could be classified as one of Tyler Perry’s Christmas movies.

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Besides, this movie centers around Madea’s family reunion and how she has to take care of a rebellious teenager. Nikki.  

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While still holding the family reunion. Moreover, this movie has a 2hr20mins run time and was released on February 24, 2006.  

Besides, some of the cast members in this movie are Tyler Perry, Lynn Whitfield, Blair Underwood, Rochelle Aytes, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, Cicely Tyson, and Boris Kodjoe.  

6. Madea’s Witness Protection

This movie can be classified as one of Tyler Perry’s Christmas movies because it shows how a family can grow and reconnect even during difficult times.  

Moreover, the plot centers around a Wall Street investment banker, who unknowingly was working for a firm operating a fraud scheme.  

However, after he decided to testify against the firm, he and his family had to change to Madea’s southern home for protection. Note, the investment banker and his family are Caucasian.  

Also, this movie was released on June 29, 2012. And stars Tyler Perry, Eugene Levy, Dennis Richard, Doris Roberts, Danielle Campbell, Tom Arnold, John Amos, Marla Gibbs, and Romeo Miller. 

Tyler Perry movies that are too fun for you not to watch during the Christmas holidays 

These movies are not technically Christmas movies, but as the headings say, they are too fun for you not to watch.  

As usual, Tyler Perry used humor to deliver some messages in these movies. Besides, since you can watch them during the Christmas holiday, they can be classified as Tyler Perry Christmas movies.

Some of them are; 

7. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Neighbors from Hell

If you have not watched this play, you should watch it during the Christmas holiday.  

Moreover, the play starts with Madea getting a new neighbor next door. Her guts told her that there is something wrong with the foster mother and her unruly kids. Thus, she stopped at nothing to get to the root of it.  

Along with Aunt Bam, Madea uses her unique wit and wisdom to do some serious investigative/police work in this play.

Also, this play was released on April 22, 2014, and stars Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, Wess Morgan, Dathan Thigpen, Chelsea Reynolds, and Rhonda Davis. 

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8. Good Deeds

Good Deeds is classified as one of Tyler Perry’s Christmas movies because it shows the reason for the season, which is doing good and showing people, including strangers, love.  

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The movie centers around Wesley, a wealthy businessman who meets Lindsey, a single mother. Lindsey is broke, lives in her car, and was about to lose her child to social services.

However, Wesley steps in and decided to help this single woman.  

Along the way, even though, Wesley was already engaged to someone else, he began developing romantic feelings for Lindsey.  

Thus, he is torn between doing what he wants and what is expected of him. Additionally, this movie was released on February 24, 2012.

And stars Tyler Perry, Rebecca Romijn, Eddie Cibrian, Jordan Thompson, Gabrielle Union, Thandiwe Newton, and Brain J, White. 

9. Nobody’s Fool

Nobody’s Fool is a movie you should watch during the Christmas holiday as it is sure to make you laugh and enjoy the holidays.  

Besides, the movie features Tiffany Haddish and Whoopi Goldberg, those names are sure to tell you that you are in for a laugh-fest.  

Moreover, the plot of the movie centers around Tanya, a lady who was just released from prison. On her release, she found out that her sister was in love.  

However, she is suspicious of the guy and believes her sister is being catfished. Hence, she decided to dig deeper into the guy.  

Additionally, this movie was released on November 2, 2018, and the cast includes Tiffany Haddish, Whoopi Goldberg, Tika Sumpter, Mehcad Brooks, Omar Hardwick, and Amber Riley. 

Conclusively, even though, most movies on this list are not your traditional Christmas movies, they could be classified as Tyler Perry Christmas movies.  

And they are worth watching during the Christmas holiday. Also, the rewatchability of these movies is top-notch. Additionally, Tyler Perry wrote and directed all the movies on this list.  

Besides, if you finish watching these movies and are still in the mood to see more of Tyler Perry’s work during the holidays.

You can watch his series such as The Have and Have Nots, Sistas, etc. Lastly, all of Tyler Perry’s shows and plays are on BET

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