5 Delicious Types of Chaat Basket

Chaat Basket

There are a very few delicacies that make your tongue go bonkers with all the taste buds stimulated at the same time. One of the listed variety is the famous Indian Chaat.

A treat filled with the tanginess of the tamarind sauce entwined in the sweet date sauce and the spicy hit of the green chillies. Usually an evening snack, the chaat makes your evenings blissful and happy.

There are rarely any human species found who can resist the treat to their mouths with this amusing combination of crunchy and mushy. The Indian chaat ensures a burst of a range of flavours that make your eyes pop out in the delight of having something heavenly.

For a few crazy people, it almost has become an addictive snack, too good to resist. With a huge array and types of chaat available, there are these chosen dishes that are a must try when you want to pamper all of your taste buds all at once!

Paani Poori (Gol Gappa)

The special and the most adored snack of all age groups is the paani poori. The one treat that tests the flexibility of your mouth through all aspects.

It truly tests the size shape and your ability to gulp down the poori without spoiling your clothes. The poori, a fried round basket-like variety, is filled with various things like mashed potatoes, chana, sprouts, onions etc. and is then dipped in a sweet sauce.

The spicy bang comes from the water that is spiced with the nasty green chillies that help burn your tongue leaving a few drops of water in your eyes. But precisely, that is the way it is ought to be!

Bhel Poori

Another mixture of the chewy, crunchy delight, this is quite filling when you have it. The dish is a perfect mix of spices, onions, tomatoes, puffed rice, coriander, fried farsan, some sauces and a hint of lime juice.

The blend of these flavors in one single plate is hard to imagine but a reward to your palate. The colours in the plate attract you and compel you to taste it, after which there is absolute no stopping until the plate is clean of all possible remains of the snack.

The gracious topping of the crunchy sev gives it a good texture and a great crunch.

Fruit Chaat

The profound sweetness of the fruits is better enhanced using the sprinkle of saltiness in these dishes. An amazingly juicy and fun to eat kind of food, it is one of the healthy foods that the children eat willingly because of the way it tickles your tongue.

Make it better by decorating it and plating it up and the chances of these vitamin doses being gulped down sees no end at all. With the small chunks of fruits like apples, bananas, papayas, kiwis, grapes and so many more, one can make snack time a much healthier and fuller option as compared to the fried samosas and tea that we normally serve.

Top this with ice cream and whipped cream; and voila! It becomes a relished dessert after a heavy meal, keeping it simple for both, the one who cooks as well as the one who eats it.

Samosa Chaat

We all love a hot mouth-watering samosa served with some nice sweet and spicy chutney alongside. Well, let us make it better for you.

A sprinkle of chopped onions, fresh tomatoes, coriander and a spoon or two of curd with the spicy and sweet chutneys is the perfect recipe to make it a superlative way of eating a samosa.

The dish has the same effect as of bliss and wholesomeness brought to you in that one small plate. The supplementary topping of the boiled chole or peas takes the dish to another level all together.

Aloo Chaat

A sister snack of the samosa chaat, it differs only in the basic ingredient of the dish. The samosa is replaced by an aloo tikki, which is fried potato patty, such that it is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. This variation makes the spoonful of this beauty equivalent to an adventurous endeavor inside your mouth.

Also known as Delhi Chaat, it is served and hogged in almost all the places in India. The sev topping has its own charm on this deliciously piled soft mountain of aloo (potato) and the rest of the ingredients.

All the chaat lovers precisely know the excitement of eating it while those who haven’t had it yet; it’s a pity. The tanginess in these snacks has the strength to make you squeeze your eyes at the first bite.

The spicy chilly makes you take your tongue out and gasp for water, while the sweetness soothes down all of these anxieties inside you. A flawlessly sumptuous snack, this delicacy is one of the street foods that is loved by the entire country.

The colourful saga of yellow, red, green, and many more, one has to eat the treat with the eyes at first and then savour its taste till it makes you go ‘mmmmmm’ from the bottom of your heart. The true combination of Indian flavours at its best, the chaat saga is a never ending affair for those who love to eat.

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