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Types of Goats

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There are many different goat breeds distributed throughout the world. These different types of goats are bred for various purposes.


Some of those breeds of goats are suitable as pets, many for meat production, a good number are famous as dairy goats, while some are bred for their skin. Some goats are specifically rared for breeding, and some for their fiber/mohair production.

Over 300 goat breeds are roaming the planet. These different goat breeds come in different size, shape, characteristics, and production types. In general, people raise goats for milk, skin, meat, and hair/mohair production.

For those who are looking at specific production purposes, it is essential to choose specific goat breeds that tally with your intentions. Not all types of goats are suitable for the different types of production purpose goats are used for.

And in the case of commercial goat farming, the only way to succeed is to select the best breeds of goat for your business.

Goat breeds

  1. African Pygmy
  2. Alpine
  3. Anglo Nubian
  4. Angora
  5. Altai Mountain
  6. Appenzell
  7. Arapawa
  8. Argentata dell’Etna
  9. Aspromonte
  10. Barbari
  11. Beetal
  12. Bionda dell’Adamello
  13. Black Bengal
  14. Boer
  15. British Alpine
  16. Cashmere
  17. Chamois Colored
  18. Changthangi
  19. Damascus
  20. Danish Landrace
  21. Dera Din Panah
  22. Don
  23. Dutch Landrace
  24. Fainting
  25. Garganica
  26. Golden Guernsey
  27. Icelandic
  28. Irish
  29. Jamunapari
  30. Jakharana
  31. Jining Grey
  32. Jonica
  33. Kaghani
  34. Kamori
  35. Kalahari Red
  36. Khari
  37. Kiko
  38. Kinder
  39. Kri-Kri
  40. Kutchi
  41. Lamancha
  42. Laoshan
  43. Maltese
  44. Mehsana
  45. Marwari
  46. Mini Oberhasli
  47. Murcia Granada
  48. Murciana
  49. Nigerian Dwarf
  50. Nigora
  51. Oberhasli
  52. Orobica
  53. Osmanabadi
  54. Peacock
  55. Pygora
  56. Pygmy
  57. Rove
  58. Russian White
  59. Saanen
  60. Sahelian
  61. San Clemente Island
  62. Sarda
  63. Sirohi
  64. Spanish
  65. Sojat
  66. Somali
  67. Stiefelgeiss
  68. Surti
  69. Tauernshec
  70. Thuringian
  71. Toggenburg
  72. Valais Blackneck
  73. Verata
  74. West African Dwarf
  75. White Shorthaired
  76. Zalawadi
  77. Zhongwei

These may not be all the different types of goats in the world, but they certainly are the most popular species. If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment below.


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