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5 Types of People You Must Avoid This Year

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As the New Year begins, a lot of us are probably adding to the list of things to make the remaining months of this year profitable, not just financially, but physically, mentally, and of course, emotionally.

However, there is beauty in subtraction; you also need to remove some things, habits, people from your list to maximize the new year new you resolution, and the types of people to avoid this year is one of the things you need to do- in this case, less is more.

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I know how precious your time is, so I will not waste anymore of it (though this article isn’t a waste of time, it is what you need if you must see positive changes in your life).

So let’s get down to some types of people to avoid this year.

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1. Indecisive people

Before you roll your eyeball, listen. We all get to that phase of our lives where making some decisions become an uphill task. Yeah, not referring to such indecisiveness, I am referring to people, especially those in a relationship, or supposed to be in a relationship that still does not know if their partner is the one for them. If you are in a relationship, and you are not sure of your partner’s stake in it, it is high time you evaluated your stance.

Your life, your future, and your time are too precious to invest in someone who is not sure of where you are going. This message isn’t for the ladies only; unfortunately, some guys are in relationships with ladies who aren’t ready to leap with them. Use that energy to enhance your life…develop yourself emotionally, financially, spiritually, not just for yourself, but for the sake of your unborn children. Your kids deserve better.

Note that some people are intentionally indecisive in their relationship because they are waiting for that special someone. So, why wait for them to make their decision when you can restructure yourself and improve your life? Do not build with anyone who is not fully prepared to leave their ex; it does not always end well.

2. People who are not on the same boat

All right, there is beauty in diversity, but not when it comes to choosing your partner. I am not referring to race, ethnicity, height, weight, etc. I am referring to moral stances

Also, choosing the right partner mainly has to do with going for someone with the same moral values as you. If you do not believe in an open relationship, go for someone who has the same mindset as you. If you think there is no problem being a full-time housewife, then go for someone who has the same mindset. It will reduce the rate of divorce cases in our society, and instead of using your time to convince someone about your belief, you will use that same time and energy to do something that can improve your mental state.

3. Bullies

Yes, bullies. “But I’m a grown woman/man, and no one is going to beat me up, this isn’t high school” well, I agree that you’ve moved past high school, but in every stage in life, there will always be bullies. Some bullies are more subtle than others. If you have a friend that loves picking on you and term it “joke,” that’s bullying.

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Jokes are good, but when you consistently pick on someone, hurting their feelings, and expect them to laugh it off because it is a joke, then that’s bullying in disguise. No matter how funny you think your friend’s body shape, parents, even job is, do not make fun of them. They might not have the guts to tell you, but you are hurting them. The world is complicated enough; you do not have to add to people’s problems by being mean to them.

Know when to make a joke and when not to. Also, walk away from people who feel good pulling other people down. In essence, move away from people who steal your peace, you can love them from afar, but you do not have to spend the most time with them.

4. People who have no respect for other people’s belief

Three critical things can sever a relationship, religion, money, and woman. The woman part is funny, but it is true. Steer clear from people who cannot intelligently make their points without making derogatory remarks on our beliefs. Protect your sanity, protect your peace.

One of the good things about the internet is, people can speak their minds without leaving their room. However, it has given way to verbal abuse. One way to avoid verbal abuse is to look away from posts, which will provide e-bullies with the opportunity to insult you. It is either you unfollow such people, or completely block the posters. Do not indulge in hot conversation that will take away your peace, and time.

5. Men users

Do you know those friends who only pop in to say hello whenever they need a favor from you? Yeah, those… are among the types of people to avoid this year… probably forever. These people are around as long as you continue to give them what they need.

In real life, they are not your friends, but parasites. If you must grow, you have to “deworm” yourself from parasites. Or else, by the end of the year, you will not reach the level you planned. Go through your contact; check how many people can bail you out in a time of need. Also, check yourself if you are in the same category; check if you are a parasite or not. If yes, take some positive steps to change, make the people around you feel blessed to have you in their lives.

In conclusion, there may be more types of people to avoid this year, but the ones listed above will put you on the right track. Also, no one is an island; we need each other to grow but know the people that are capable of growing with you, and the ones who are there to stunt your growth. Have a fulfilling year!

Joy Ebarefeyehttps://sterlingtips.com
Joy is a creative writer who loves to decode boring information and transform them into the simplest, but innovative ideas for positive impact. She provides practical tips on how to solve life's challenges. Joy is also a full-stack developer who designs and develops beautiful and responsive websites.
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