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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Review

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a third person shooter platform game and one of the most eagerly awaited PS4 games in recent time. The whole series has been super successful and has amassed a huge fan following among the realistic gameplay fans.

The background

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The game starts on a high note. There is a breath-taking cliff-hanger at the very beginning of the game. The game’s background starts with Nathan’s brother, Sam, returning to interrupt his retirement.

Sam used to be Nate’s accomplice and was apparently killed over a decade and a half ago. Sam explains that he is in danger and the only way that his life can be saved is if they pick up their old craft once again, for one last time. Pressurized, Nate agrees.

Character development

The character development in this game is probably the best in the whole series. Nolan North and Emily Rose once again weave magic and make you a part of their world.

The whole story is unceasingly human – the way Nate looks at his once-estranged wife when she isn’t looking, the body language of the characters, the way Nate chokes up when he talks about anything related to his childhood – everything makes it a super interesting combination that makes this the most realistic development in the series.

The gameplay

The first thing that we noticed was that the graphics are even more stunning than before. The game takes you on a virtual tour of the high points of the world – you get to Tuscany for a heist, you get to experience the hills of Scotland and the exhilaration of jumping from them, you get to feel like James Bond when there is a chase through a marketplace, ending in the beautiful countryside of Madagascar.

All in all, the game has spared no expense in mimicking reality; and it definitely succeeds. The cinematography has an astonishing attention to detail, which comes through in every scene.

The dialogue is crisp and adds to the game instead of distracting from it, whether it is Nathan whispering a joke in Elena’s ear or the emotional exchanges between the players.

The most impressive thing about the dialogues, especially those between Nate and Elena, is that it adds to the character development, helping you understand the journey of the characters better and feel their anguish; yet does not distract from the adrenaline surge and the chase of the game.

Multiplayer review

The most essential difference between the single player and the multiplayer version is that the grounded storytelling goes out of the window. Also, teamwork becomes super important. Multiplayer is all out war.


If you suffer from too much damage, you go down. Only a team member can revive you then. If so revived, the opposing team does not get scores for killing you. This keeps the game alive and kicking.

The most entertaining part of the multiplayer game is the addition of the grappling hook. Say if you are bored of playing on the ground, you can hook your way up. There are other addition to help you out, for instance, you can summon AI soldiers and Mysticals (supernatural creatures).

The multiplayer version is quite good and easy to get into a groove. You become settled quite quickly. There aren’t just set paths to explore, you can choose to go off on your own too. This provides variety to the game, and a setting of suspense about the players of the opposite team too.


The previous games in the installment have had a lot of explosions, thrills, warlords, immortal guardians and so much going on that the silence of this game seems heavier. This time the plotline is much more structured and simple.

The mission, simplistically put, is to reach the lost pirate colony of Libertalia and the boat of treasure situated there. The plot is engaging in its simplicity.

Apart from this, there are a few mechanical glitches. For example, Nathan may hold on to the wrong ledge once in a while. Or, for instance, the cover mechanic makes a mistake and makes you go to the wrong obstacle while you are right in the middle of a firefight.

However these are very small mistakes that don’t matter when you look at the game in its entirety.


In conclusion, the game is a definite must have for anyone who has played and loved the earlier the installments. This one is more mature, definitely, but also gives you a few thrills which you haven’t experienced till now.

The dialogues or the guidance within the game doesn’t compromise the tension at all and it keeps you on edge throughout. The emotional tension is resolved and the game gives closure to those looking out for Nathan’s fate.


The graphics, as usual, are stunning. However, what draws you into this game is the mesmerizing single player journey. It is a game that will stay with you long after you have played it.

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