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Union Bank Mobile App: Features and Download Links

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Union Bank is one of the central commercial institutions in the country. The main objective is to provide its customers with the best. With the Union Bank Internet Banking app, you can do more than just banking.

You can use it to transfer money to family members and to show your love.

It reduces stress in the bank and makes it available 24hrs a day. You can easily transact, pay bills, and buy things online. Now you no longer have to go to the bank to fund your business partner or employees.

Features of Union Bank Mobile Banking App

  • You can see the balance on the account
  • Get a summary of the transaction in your account
  • Make transfers within the bank
  • Make interbank transfers
  • Make international transfers abroad
  • Open trades with debit cards

Union Bank Mobile Banking App Requirements

  • You must have a union bank account. Whether it’s a current account or a savings account
  • The telephone number and e-mail address used to open the access account must be active.
  • Requires a smartphone (Android, IOS, etc.)
  • Active ATM card

Registration for Union Bank Mobile Banking App

To take advantage of mobile banking, you must be a registered user. And your account must be fully activated. You can register or visit any registration office.


  • Visit www.unionbankng.com from your browser.
  • Click on “INTERNET BANKING.”
  • Click on Not registered Identify yourself!
  • Enter the account number and click on Continue
  • Enter a one-time password (OTP) received by SMS
  • Choose a username and password, confirm details, and click Submit.
  • Log in with your username and password

Registration in-branch:

You can visit a branch of any union bank nearby. Let them know you want to apply for online mobile banking. Fill out and submit the form correctly.

After three working days, go back to the branch and obtain your mobile banking ID.

How to Download the Union Bank Mobile Banking App

After registering for Union Banking online banking and your account is active. Download the mobile banking app now and enjoy online banking.

  • Download the new UnionMobile application and accept the general conditions
  • Enter the account number (OTP will be sent to your mobile phone number registered in the bank)
  • Enter the OTP registered in your registered mobile phone number
  • Select a username and password
  • Select a new password and a new transaction PIN, then send
  • Return to the home page and log in
  • If you have enabled network banking, use the details to log into your account.

Download Links for Union Bank Mobile Banking App

Frequently Asked Questions on Union Bank Mobile Banking App

Why do I need Internet banking?

  • It is easy to access your money on any smart device with Internet access.
  • It is fast, reliable, practical, and safe.
  • Transactions are instant.

What do I need to make transactions?

  • Correct transmission
  • Token (hardware, programmable key or SMS token)
  • The word security

How to activate a software token?

  • Download the software token from the Play Store and install it
  • Click on “Enter activation details.”
  • Enter the token serial number. and an activation code received by SMS
  • Create a password and send

How can I create my secret word?

  • Connect to UnionOnline
  • Go to settings
  • Enter a new security word
  • Confirm a new security word.
  • Enter a token / OTP

What is the limit of my transaction?

The default transmission limit is N 250,000 per day.

How can I upgrade the limit of my transaction?

  • Connect to UnionOnline
  • Click here to continue the account.
  • Go self-service
  • Select the management of transfer restrictions
  • Click on Edit
  • Enter the desired limit (Max N5,000,000)
  • Enter the security word and token code
  • Click on Submit
  • Restrict update successfully
  • For the upper limit of N5,000,000, visit any branch of a Union bank

How can I transfer to other banks?

Transfer to other bank accounts

  • Connect to UnionOnline
  • Click on Quick Transfer
  • Select a debit account
  • Select the receiving bank
  • Enter the recipient’s account number
  • Amount of incoming transfer
  • input narrative flow
  • Click on Submit
  • Press OK to confirm the name of the receiver.
  • Enter a security word
  • Enter a token / OTP
  • Click on Confirm

How to configure recurring bill payments, p. GoTv?

  • Connect to UnionOnline
  • Click on Download
  • Select to configure standing orders (payment of invoices)
  • Select a debit account
  • Select the Biller category, p. Cable TV subscription
  • Select Biller, For example. Ready
  • For instance, select a product. Have more
  • Enter the smart card number or IUC number
  • Click on Check to confirm the name in the IUC number
  • Select a start date
  • Select the end date
  • Select the frequency (weekly, monthly or yearly)
  • Click on Next
  • Input security word and token / OTP
  • Click on Submit
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