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Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016

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If you are using Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, then it’s time you move on to a newer version. I recommend Microsoft Office 2016.

You might wonder what features are available in Microsoft Office 2016 that are not in the older versions. You should compare both versions before going ahead with the upgrade.

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While you are thinking about that, I would like to use this article to convince you why to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016.

Updated features in Microsoft Office 2016

Every software offers new or old features once it’s upgraded to a newer version. Sometimes a feature is added, optimized, or removed for better user performance and experience.

Similarly, Microsoft Office 2016 offers various features different from its predecessor Microsoft Office 2013. We have listed the top features that you will come across Microsoft Office 2016.

‘Tell Me’ Assistance

tell me assistance

If you cannot get around the application, you can use this feature similar to Clippy. It is represented by a little bulb icon in the ribbon of your Office application. It helps with features and options in the application.

It is personified by intelligence; all you need do is ask and it will get the information you need. There is a similar feature provided in every application on Microsoft Office 2016, but the information given by this feature will be different based on the application you are using.

Microsoft Theme Ribbon

Microsoft Office Word 2016theme ribbon

The first change you will probably notice is the different colour ribbons that come for different Microsoft Office applications.

Each application has a different colour scheme appropriate to its features. with Microsoft Word coming in dark blue, Microsoft PowerPoint in Orange colour, OneNote in purple, Excel in green and Outlook coming in light blue.

You can also change the theme of the applications to suit your preference by going to File > Account > Office Theme. They are other options available along with different designs that can be selected in every application.

Real-Time Collaboration

real time collaboration

Before now there has been no real-time collaboration while using Microsoft Office. Although collaboration was integrated in Microsoft Office 2013, it was with the help of OneDrive but it was not real-time.

But upgrading to Office 2016 will give your team access to have a real-time workflow, where changes occur instantly in the application when used by a team.

To use this feature, follow the steps below:

  • Activate the Share option. It is located on the right side of the application.
  • Then click on the Sheet tab and select the Save to Cloud option, this option allows you to work in real-time with other people in the same cloud account.
  • After connecting to your team, you get to see the real-time typing and editing in the document.

Updated Chart Types


Every core Microsoft Office application is having an updated chart. This new chart type will help users to visualize the raw data along with the diagrams, these chart types were not seen in the previous versions. The new chart types include Waterfall, Histogram, Sunburst, Pareto, Treemap, Box.

Smart Lookup

Smart Lookup in Office 2016

This is one of my best and I think it’s one of the best features in Microsoft Office 2016. With the smart lookup feature, you can highlight any term and then right-click on it to get an instant smart lookup option which will provide several results straight from the web.

It will display the results of the lookup on the sidebar where you get to see websites similar to Wikipedia and also images associated with that term.

You can easily drag the information provided by the lookup into your document. This is a good way to get related information about your write-up without using your web browser separately.

Ink Equations

 Working with math equations has never been easier in Microsoft Office applications. Thanks to the Ink equation feature, which has made it perfect.

This feature only works with devices that have touch features. To use this feature, follow this simple step below:

Insert > Equation > Ink Equation

Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the best productivity tools out there for all devices. We highly recommend it to you.

Read up other features that will be added once you upgrade to the newer version. This information presented to you were gotten from Microsoft Office 2016 official site to convince you to upgrade for optimized productivity.

Share your thoughts and feedback on your Microsoft Office 2016 experience by using the comment section below.

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