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Successful entrepreneurs do know this, but the amateurs don’t: Your Sales funnel is everything to you and your business. A strategically planned and well-designed sales funnel on Facebook can bring in boatloads of money even if there are average products.

When Facebook came out and reported their first quarter earnings recently, they said that are 4 billion videos being served everyday on Facebook right now which is both organic and paid.

As advertisers, Facebook wants us to continue adding a great value to its users, and ideally in the form of stories that we have been telling about our business.

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Gone are the days of scammy offers that did not enrich the individuals in any manner. Keeping all these in mind, Facebook video ads are a great ways of adding value to your customers, engaging them and grabbing their attention.

With so many possibilities it is incredibly easy to mess things up. Here is how you can set up the Facebook sales funnel that will help you avoid flushing Facebook advertising budget down the drain.

What you need to do when 99% of visitors are ready to purchase: Average conversions that happen through a website are 1 – 3%.  For a few business websites, it might be even lower. This means that a vast majority of say 97% of the visitors are never ready to make a purchase due to some or other reason.

So while dealing with Facebook advertising apply your average customer value against the low conversion rate, and what you get out of it is the expected revenue, not much to look forward to.

How will you increase this? How will you reach the other 33% of people getting them to stick together raising conversions from sub 1% to 3% You will have to create marketing tactics that will highlight the value propositions for these individuals, asking their specific needs and interests depending on the buying cycle.

Say for instance Awareness, consideration and decision. Each and every one of them go through these stages at various speeds and times.

Most continue to touch upon them at one point or the other, giving you an opportunity to use content mapping to individuals in each stage appealing directly to their needs and tastes.

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Custom Your Audiences On Facebook

Depending on the traffic that you have been getting on your website, the very next step here is to set up your custom audiences.

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These are a combination of Facebook users who have been exposed to your brand at some point of time or the other. You can begin this by setting out your marketing audiences.

  • Custom audiences – Website visitors 7 days
  • Custom Audiences – Website Visitors 30 days
  • Custom Audiences – Website Visitors 180 Days
  • Custom Audiences – Website Visitors 60 Days
  • 1% Look Like Audiences – All website Audiences
  • 1% Look Like Audiences – Custom Audiences
  • 1% Look Like Audiences – Facebook Fan Page
  • Custom Audiences – Email List
  • Custom URL Audiences – Specific URL
  • Custom URL Audiences – For Exclusion, people who have checked out

Facebook has also just released out a new universal pixel that we can go ahead and use for both audiences and conversions.

In order to begin creating your audiences you will have to access your Facebook ads manager navigating audiences from drop down menu.

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Sequence Your Message

Another powerful technique that the advanced marketers are using is the message sequence. This helps individuals in giving a series of tips or directs them to different content based on how they have been interacting with your first aid.

In an example below the organization used a combination of an ad with images that went to free mini course and then a series of video tips.

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The organization then scheduled their ads so that they get the same amount of audiences, and also used custom audiences to retarget people who has already seen the first and second video tip.

Through the image below, you might have noticed that the retargeted video views are much more expensive as the narrow audiences generally costs a bit more.

On the final day the organization then ran ads that targeted people who visited their site and had a look at all their videos. What resulted was an increase in the sales of 350% over the last promotion just four month earlier.

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Selling only to those who can convert

Having your products and services sold on Facebook is great challenge. And it’s much different from google because you might not be looking for a solution. You are targeting by interests and demographics but not the search terms that someone has been looking out the moment.

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So custom your audiences by connecting to your email subscribers and have opted for in and on offer, website visitors who have viewed the page or watched the videos on your website.

Doing so will help you keep the costs down showing ads to only those who are interested and are likely to convert.

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Producing them with a really good engaging content

As your audiences begin to grow, you should begin creating your own content. Depending on the resources that you have, marketers are always recommended to produce content that is either going to help you educate or entertain.

As a brand, you will need to offer your customers that is more than selling all the time. So how will you turn your customer’s experiences into the content? This can be done through customer testimonials, unboxing videos, contests, and so on.

Look at what your competitors have been doing, and see how you can make things better. If you see trends in your market in terms of content then make sure you stand out with different ways engaging people.

Videos are huge on Facebook and they are really cost effective way of nurturing market audiences you are targeting. Next focus on how you can encourage your fans to become a part of your experiences. YouTube is a great place to start in order to see what brands have been creating.

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Split Testing and Iterate as you go

Too often we have come across businesses who have been running ads to multiple and mixed audiences in one ad set. This leads you with not knowing which audiences is converting at the best price.

One of the best ways to split test your marketing audience is breaking down into individual ad sets so that you get to see the performance of each one. Given is the campaign structure that is set out by Facebook. Often times we do set our campaigns with one ad targeted at many ad sets to see which audience reacts the best and how.

The next step is taking the best performing ads and then begin to test the other parameters of your marketing campaign. Many advertisers have their own ways of running out their marketing campaign, but testing out your marketing audiences is the major key to campaign success.

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Using Break down Reports Spotting down the Weaknesses

Most individuals are not even using the break down reports, in order to see what segments are converting them for better.

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While we can’t see things which keywords are converting best, (separating those out into different ad sets if you want to compare that) and then breaking it down by placements, age, gender and time comparing other segments. While using break down reports you can stop the underperforming segments.

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In the below example of the sales funnel mobile news feed placement is converting at 26% better rate.

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You can also set out your placements in different ad sets so that the budgets are handled tightly. When you try using multiple ads in one ad, the budget is then optimized across all of them and is not spread wisely.

When you have a look at the ads, the right column of the placements for retargeting does much better in terms of cost per conversion, compared to the newsfeed on desktop.

The right column placement does not get visibility as this is something that shows up only in the desktop, and does perform well in retargeted ads as people begin to recognize your brands.

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There are many different ways people use Facebook to advertise their business increasing their sales and revenue. But if you are looking for a logical and step by step approach then it’s high time that you start viewing your sales funnel as well in order to:

  • Growing your audiences
  • Engage them with the right content
  • Converting them to a subscriber and sale them your products and services.

So what’s your approach when it comes to Facebook advertising and creating a sales funnel? Do you have a similar kind of funnel? Or do you handle things in a completely different manner?

Author Bio:

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.  He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.

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