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Useful Gadgets for Transitioning Your Old Car Into a New One

Nowadays, cars are manufactured with all the modern amenities and are high tech than their predecessors. They are tech-savvy and comes up with a bunch of cool features which can make your driving experience pleasurable.

Features like smart driving assists, cams to cover blind spots, and an infotainment system are commonly found in almost all cars. But there is a catch here, not all of us can afford to buy a new car as it a long-time investment and we just can’t keep on buying every new model that comes.

Either we don’t want to keep on paying the car installment and thus saving till you have the sum to buy a new one. Or you just love your old car because of its built quality or the emotional value it carries.

But time keeps moving forward and we have to adapt accordingly. Different tech companies are working on some modern gadgets and techniques which can be added on to your old cars.

These companies are trying their best to provide their customers with the best of both world kind of experience.

The following is a list of gadgets and add-ons which can be used to give your old car a new breather:

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Mobile Phone Holder

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. We almost use it all day to perform a different task. But while driving your car you need to keep it somewhere.

Keeping it in your pocket or a handbag can lead to missing of any important call. New cars have dedicated space for smartphones. Your old car might not have that facility.

But you can change it by using a mobile phone holder and get it fixed in an appropriate place. This simple attachment in your car can do wonders. You can use your mobile phone for performing some basic tasks without needing to hold it in your hand.

Over an apart these basic functions, there a lot of benefits of using a mobile phone holder.

Smartphone Remote Start Systems

Your old car might not have the feature of remotely starting the enginesas new cars do. This feature comes in handy in the cold winter season, where you need to start the engines to let it defrost or to get the engine warm.

To overcome this issue, you can install a smartphone operated remote start system. This amazing piece of device is the best way to eliminate this issue. This system saves you from going out of your house to manually start the engine wait to get it warm.

This system works with the help of an app in your smartphone which gives you freedom of turning your car engine on/off whenever you want.

LED Lighting Kits

If you are someone who hates the dim lighting setup in your old car, then this amazing addition is the best choice for you. The old car used to have dim interior lights which can result in dull lighting conditions whenever you want to use them.

You can replace them with the modern LED lighting kits. These LED bulbs come in different colours, are more studier, and can last long from its predecessors.

They are the popular choice among all the car owners and thus they are easily available for almost all the car models you want. 

Head-Up Display (HUD)

As you already know, new cars are equipped with head-up displays, which provides vital information about your car in front of your eyesight. But, as an old car owner, you might want to have such luxury and there is the way you can get them.

You can easily purchase a branded head-up display panel which can be fitted into your dashboard. It can display the speed, navigation and all the important data you need.

There few HUD which comes with features like hand gesture controls, Bluetooth communications, voice control, etc., thus giving your old car a high-tech avatar.

Rear Cameras

Nowadays, almost every new car company is providing the feature of rear cameras for better parking and traffic management.

These rear cameras help a driver to manoeuvre the vehicle easily in all lighting condition. Earlier these rear cameras where expensive, but not it has become a necessity.

Due to which there is a huge decline in the prices of such attachment. You can easily get a rear camera from the market at affordable rates and can give your old car an extra set of eyes in their back.

These rear cameras can be synched with your HUD and it displays everything right on the screen.


Whether you want to make all the above-mentioned changes or not, is your call. But these gadgets can sure help you to transition your old car to have the high-tech features of a new car, thus enhancing your overall driving experience. While you are up to making changes in your car, you can also think about having car ceramic coating to preserve its colour.

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