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The Best Video Calling Apps For Android Phones

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Thanks to innovation, our gadgets now have more features than before with support for new technologies that we didn’t imagine. With the availability of free WiFi, 3G and 4G internet connectivity coupled with unlimited data plans, and also smartphones with better camera qualities and support, it was only a matter of time before video calling was made the standard means of modern communication.

WhatsApp alone records over 340 million hours of video call daily as people now prefer seeing their loved ones instead of merely hearing their voices. Apple also adopts this feature in their popular facetime feature. With the plethora of video calling Android apps on the playstore, choosing the right one may be difficult as they differ in terms of video quality and features.

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The list below contains some of the best video calling apps on the Google Playstore. It would be wise to know that video call quality depends largely on your internet connection speed.

The Best Video Calls Applications For Android Phones

1. Google Duo

Developed by Google itself, Google Duo is easily the best video calling Android app available on the Playstore as it offers smooth video calling experience and a great video calling quality. The UI is neat and simple, making usability as simple as it should be, allowing you to begin a video call in seconds. Download Google Duo

2. WhatsApp

The most popular messaging application in the galaxy (easily debatable) with multi-platform support wouldn’t want to miss out on a feature that will keep its users glued. The Facebook-owned app introduced video calling a couple of years ago, and now users prefer it over the voice calls.

WhatsApp video calls are easy to use as your WhatsApp contacts at this point are already using versions that have video call support. There is now group video call support to allow multiple contacts to participate in call sessions. Download WhatsApp

3. OoVoo

ooVoo may not be a top-rated messaging app, but in the video calling department, it is one of the very few that competes with Google Duo and WhatsApp. ooVoo allows either a 1 to 1 call or a group call with up to 8 participants. It is also multi-platform, allowing calls to users who have installed the app on their PCs. Besides that, there is also video sharing support. Download ooVoo


4. Messenger

Another Facebook-owned app that has millions of users every day is the (Facebook) Messenger app. All Facebook users are already entitled to an account, and even non-Facebook users can join in on the fun. There is also the one on one video call or the group video call. In call filters are also supported, making the features more fun. Download Messenger

5. Viber

Viber was once a great alternative to WhatsApp, but over the years, the popularity of WhatsApp has overshadowed it. Nevertheless, the app still stands tall with lots of features for users test. Like WhatsApp, you make calls to pretty much anyone on your Viber contact list, and it is also free of charge (save for data cost). In case you want to ditch WhatsApp because of the controversial ads feature they want to introduce, think Viber. Download Viber

6. Line

Officially the number one chat/video application in several countries, Line happens to be a fantastic app with video call support for either 1 to 1 or an insane 200 members. There are also great sticker packs and also emojis to compliment it. Download Line

7. Skype

We couldn’t have possibly forgotten the Good Ol Skype application. Skype can be considered as the grandad of these modern video calling apps since it was one of the very apps that pioneered video calls. The Microsoft backed app is still available on Android, and the video quality is sti.l great. Though its hard to teach an old dog new tricks so, it is not as fluid as Google Duo or WhatsApp. Download Skype

8. YeeCall

YeeCall is not a very popular app but is widely used especially in regions where most video call services are blocked. That is the sole purpose of its existence anyways as it does not require VPN for users to communicate. It also supports chat messages and stickers


Download YeeCall

9. JustTalk

Just talk takes video calling a step further as it allows the user to pave video calls then doodle away on the screen while making a call. The doodles appear on the other participant(s) screen. Also works the same way as WhatsApp as the other users must have installed the apps on their phones. For an app that is fairly new to the Video Calling category, it is doing well for itself. Download JustCall

10. Tango

Tango happens to be one of the first apps to bring video calling support to Android. The live broadcast support is also awesome. Tango also allows using sticker and filters while on a video call. Download Tango

If you enjoyed reading this article, please do well to drop a comment and also share. If there is anything you think we may have missed, let us know and we update is ASAP! Thanks.

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