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Want to Get the Highest Possible Result in Microsoft MD-101 Exam?

Don’t Waste Your Time and Start Your Preparation with Practice Tests!

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Microsoft MD-101 is a certification test created for any administrator in the IT field who want to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential. The candidates for this exam are able to configure, deploy, secure, monitor, and manage client applications and devices in the enterprise setting.

They also operate access, identity, policies, apps, and updates. As the certified administrators, these specialists typically work in collaboration with the Microsoft 365 enterprise experts to design and implement strategies to realize the needs of modern companies.

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The applicants should be well-acquainted with Microsoft 365 workloads, have some hands-on experience in configuring, deploying, and maintaining Windows 10, as well as be proficient in working with non-Windows technologies &devices.

Some facts about Microsoft MD-101 exam

It is important to know that if you want to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification, you should pass two exams: MD-100 & MD-101.

But if you took the Microsoft 70-698 test before its retirement, you only need to sit for Microsoft MD-101. This exam has about 40-60 questions and the appropriate time limit. You can take this test in English.

To register for Microsoft MD-101, you should visit the Pearson VUE website. You will be asked to purchase a voucher of $165 so that you can be allowed to schedule this test.

You should keep in mind that the fee for this exam is based squarely on the country where it is conducted. If you are not residing in the United States, then you have to check out the official web page to know more about these particulars.

Choose the exam date that will not be less than in a month. It is important to understand that you will need to have a lot of time to find good study materials, buy and wait for their arrival if you want a physical copy, develop a plan and follow it, and, of course, have some free time for yourself.


And to do all of it, you need to know the proportions of the content to learn. Read the information below and note down the details if you need. Also, don’t forget to check the official website to compare the topics and know about possible changes.

Before taking Microsoft MD-101, there are certain skills, which an individual must develop. They include managing & protecting devices, deploying & updating OS, managing policies & profiles, as well as managing apps & data.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these exam objectives:

  1. Deploy & Upgrade Windows OS

This is the first topic area of Microsoft MD-101.The individuals taking this exam are supposed to know how to use the dynamic deployment to plan as well as implement Windows.

This means that the candidates should be able to pilot deployment, manage and troubleshoot provisioning packages, and evaluate and select deployment alternatives. They are also required to use Windows Autopilot to plan and implement Windows 10.

This includes deployment profile creation, validation, and assigning; piloting deployment; selecting and evaluating the appropriate deployment options.

They should also have the capacity to troubleshoot deployment and import the information of device hardware into Cloud services visit MS-101, MS-500, MD-101, 98-364, DP-200, MB-210, AZ-301 Amazon AWS, Security Plus, Black Belt MS-202 Dumps.

Besides, upgrading to Windows 10 is another skill that you should develop. It covers mainly the migration of a user profile, configuration of Windows analytic environments, and management of upgrades of similar devices.

The test takers must also have the relevant skills in order to update management and configure Windows Update for Windows 10 & business delivery optimization. Furthermore, they must be skilled in managing device authentication.

It mainly covers authentication of policies and operation of sign-on options. Also, the examinees are required to have the ability to deploy and monitor Windows updates and to implement feature updates.


Indeed, this domain has the highest percent of the whole content (35-40%), so you will encounter a lot of questions regarding this area in Microsoft MD-101.

  1. Manage Profiles and Policies

In this section, you should know how to operate policies and profiles. The topic covers about 25-30% of the entire exam content.

The applicants have to develop their skills in the migration of group policy into MDM policies and co-management strategy recommendations. The individuals taking this certification test are evaluated in various areas, such as managing, implementing, and planning device compliance and conditional access policies.

They are also required to have the knowledge of device profile configuration. It entails planning, implementing, and managing it. Also, the learners should be able to manage the user profiles and be able to configure them.

Additionally, this domain covers sync settings and implementation of folder redirection in Azure AD configuration http://www.certbolt.com/

  1. Manage Applications and Data

The applicants need the skill set required deploying and updating applications.

In other words, you should have the capacity to facilitate side-loading of apps to images, deploy Office 365, and use Intune to deploy applications.

This also means that the students should know about configuring and implementing public devices or assigned access and gathering Office readiness data. They also must be able to implement Mobile Application Manager.

Doing so requires you to have the relevant skills in implementing MAM policies, managing and planning them, configuring Windows Information Protection, and implementing AIP templates.

  1. Manage and Protect Devices

You need to know how to manage Windows Defender to answer the questions from this topic area. It covers Exploit and Certification Guard as well as the implementation and management of WD Application Guard.


This objective also requires one’s capability to implement WD Advanced Threat Protection, integrate WD App Guard, and operate WD App Control. The individuals should also have the skills to effectively manage the Intune device enrollment.


Microsoft MD-101 may be considered a tough exam, but the applicants can learn about all its objectives by using the resources from the PrepAway website. Regardless of whether you have a tight schedule or have all the time in the world to carefully go through each topic, this platform has every study material that you may need to prepare for this certification test. Therefore, use it wisely to get the highest possible results.

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