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Washing Your Car With Foam Cannon

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There is no doubt that the automotive industry is a place for innovation. Some projects may work out as planned while others may not meet the expectation. But to foam cannon, we definitely need to take our hats off. This wonderful companion of pressure washer has made cleaning cars an easy job.

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Luckily, you don’t have to wash your car using a towel dipped in so many more once you have a foam cannon attached to the end of your pressure washer. A foam cannon would leave study foam on your car, and the most amazing part is that the form can just sit for awhile instead of slipping very easily like regular soap.

How do foam cannons work?

The whole thing about how a simple theory of using an orifice. Buy simple attachment you fix the foam cannon to the end of a pressure washer wand. You then set an orifice upright after the attachment to create water pressure.

A pipe is then dipped into the soap mixture. The vacuum that is generated by the pressurised water will then soak up the soap mixture and mix it with the water. Right after that comes a foam generator.

That’s just about the entire process all you have to do is get yourself a foam cannon for your pressure washer and then load it up with a soap mixture. You can even adjust the amount of foam needed because every foam cannon comes with two adjustable knobs.

What are the things to look out for when buying a foam cannon?

Connector: the connector is the most vital part of the entire process. A low-quality connector will do you no good instead it would add up to your pain. Almost all models come along with a brass connector, and that is the best material for a connector you can find in the market. Any connector that is made of plastic should be avoided completely.

Build quality: if you’re not looking to spend so much money, you can easily get any of these because they are very cheap. Still, you have to look out for models that will offer you good build quality.

The capacity of the bottle: you do not need to fill your bottle every 5 minutes. Some of the bottles that come out of the box may be of low capacity. Make sure to go for a bottle that would carry at least 30 ounces of liquid.

Transparent bottle: rather than going for one with some fancy coloured bottle it is better you have one with a transparent bottle. When you have a transparent bottle, it will be better than having to guess how much form is left. It is a lot easier to use a transparent bottle than a coloured one.

How do I use a foam cannon?

Using a foam cannon is a pretty easy thing to do as I have earlier mentioned. The most wonderful part of it is that you are not required to pay worship we clean the vehicle before you apply the foam.


To make things a lot easier for you below is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to get the best out of your wash.

  • To bring out your pressure washer from the shed, sunshine would be just perfect.
  • Prepare a nice mixture of car wash soap and pour it into the bottle, then attach the nozzle parts of your foam cannon which will act as a lid for the bottle.
  • The next thing you should do would be to connect the foam cannon to your pressure washer wand using the quick attachment nozzle.
  • This is the fun part, and I’m sure you are going to find it quite interesting. What you want to begin to do is spray the foam on your vehicle. The best way to spray the foam would be from bottom to top.
  • You can now begin to raise it up with water using your pressure washer from top to bottom.
  • Leave your vehicle and allow it to dry off.

As you can see, the steps are pretty easy to follow. Ensure that the pressure washer and the foam cannon are available so that you can have all the fun you want washing your car.

We would love to hear from you; please ensure to leave a comment via the comment section below.

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