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10 Ways Cats Show They Love Their Owners

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Have you ever wondered if your pet cats love you as much as you love them? it just might interest you to know that your feline loves you as much as you love it and sometimes it might even love you more.

The best part is that your cat is never too shy to show how much love it has for you.

In the world of felines, there are so many ways to express love and the 12 in this article are just a few of the many ways they display affection.

1. Purring

The most common way cats show you that they are so much in love with you is by purring. it is almost as if cats have a little special motor that starts off inside of them whenever they’re happy and feeling relaxed.

There is always this silent rumbling and vibrating noise you can hear whenever you are petting your cat and it is relaxed or enjoying the way you pet it.

Sometimes when a cat purrs it could mean that the cat is upset but that rarely happens.

2. Rolling

When it comes to dealing with children, seeing them rolling on the floor is a sign that they are throwing tantrums or they are unhappy with something. But, when it comes to cats, it is a whole different ball game entirely.

When you have spent long hours at work and finally come home, it is not rare to see your cats run up to you or around you then throw themselves on the floor and roll just because they are excited to see you.

It is their own special way of saying they miss you. When your cats greet you this way, what they expect you to do is to touch them and pet them especially when they show you their stomach.

3. Bunting

Just in case you are wondering what bunting is, this is when your cat rubs its cheeks against your body or an object, rubs its head on your body, or head bolts you with the forehead.

This is a very easy way for your cat to leave its scent on you or the object just to mark their territory whenever a cat does this it means they love you all the objects they’re doing it to.

It is however not read to see a cat doing the same thing to some other pet it means the cat is comfortable having those pets around.

4. Scratching

For a cat when it engages in scratching his marking territory by creating both physical marks and living its scent.

If you pay enough attention to the areas, your cat scratches the most you find out that these areas are in one way or the other associated with you.

Your cat may decide to scratch on your favorite couch so that whenever you are there, it can join you and if another cat or pet should come around that area, it could be war.

5. Kneading

The kneading behavior of a cat can be traced back to kittenhood. kittens engage in leading towards their mother’s nipples to induce the production of milk.

Some adult cats may display this behavior when they feel very relaxed, loved, or content.

You may notice your cat engaging in kneading behaviours when it’s relaxed on your lap and getting petted. You can think of it as a cat’s way of showing that they adore you.

6. Hunting and gifting prey

Even though cats are cute and adorable they are still animals with hunting instincts and would engage in hunting activities whenever it is possible.

Your cards may hunt for anything ranging from toys to mice, and whenever they make a card, they are never too selfish to share with the people or other pets they love.

So the next time your cat brings a toy or a mouse it has caught to you, the best thing to do is show him some prayers because if he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t think of sharing his spoils.

7. Playing

Cats are very playful creatures, and there is no other person they want to play with and their human companion or fellow cats that they are comfortable with.

There are times some cards might decide to take the lead when it’s playtime by running a little far and expecting their human owners to chase after them.

8. Sleeping

As much as cats like to play, they love to sleep much more. So much so that they sleep up to 16 hours every day of their life.

Knowing that they are most vulnerable while asleep cats make sure to look for a secure spot to rest so when your cat sleeps on you, it’s a sign that they feel safe with you and they love you. This is one behavior that makes cats really adorable.

9. Loving eyes

Some people think cats have very creepy eyes, but on the contrary, they have one of the most adorable pairs of eyes when it comes to animals.

Cats have eyes that are proportionately large, and as a result of this it is vital for survival, and it is extremely vulnerable.

So when a cat places its head close to a person with its eyes wide open, it is a sign of trust and love. Cats can also be more expressive by giving you a slow blink from across the room this expression is called a kitty kiss.

10. Tail posture

If you’ve ever watched a cat owner pets his cat or if you have petted one yourself, you must have noticed what is called the elevator butt.

This happens when your cat raises its tail exposing the lower part of its backside trying to draw your attention to the base of its tail.

Kitties love it when you scratch some parts of their body so when they signal you with their tail standing straight up with the tip a bit curved, it’s a sign that you should touch them and that they love you.

When a cat is young it great it smoother with it still standing high and when the cat grows into adulthood it may continue with the same character towards its human owners if it has any form of emotional attachment to the person.

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Emmanuella Oluwafemi
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