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Best Ways to Keep Your Remote Workers Productive

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For many, it’s a dream come true for being able to work remotely in the comfort of their home. For parents working remotely, it gives them the ability to spend more time with their family especially their children, while for some people it gives them a more flexible schedule and increased productivity.

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All this is because remote workers are likely to take a day off work or work a full shift like others. According to research, working remotely gives you the sense of concentration to work in the quiet and a suitable atmosphere for creative thinking.

However, despite all these changes in the workplace, managers face a difficult challenge when working with a remotely-based team.

Dealing with different time zones, gaining trust and setting up meetings and deadlines have all become a much harder task.

To help employers that deals with remote employees, we will deal with some tips that will help you address the issues you are facing and how to overcome them keeping your workplace running as smoothly as possible. Shall we?

Invest in Productivity Tools

It’s difficult to keep everyone on the same schedule and deadline and to make sure that work is been done properly.

However, with the help of various productivity tools out there, which can help give extra abilities and also encourage the communication that is required when working together. Using various tools is better than sticking to one since they all come with different functionality.

One of the best tools to increase productivity among remote workers is Dropbox. It’s not just a cloud-based storage system for documents.

It encourages different people to work in the same file simultaneously. It is also a safe way to share files and allows the team to stay on the same page. If you want similar tools, you can go for Asana/Trello, Gmail, Slack or Salesforce.

Communication is Key



As part of working as a member of a team, one thing is certain everyone must be on the same page.

Like a soccer game, where everyone plays based on one strategy by communicating with each other to achieve one goal, winning.

In management, this means sending and receiving texts, emails and chats. They should encourage employees to offer questions; regular checkups should be done once a week to check their progress.

And if it’s possible, face-to-face meetings should be scheduled. Despite working in different time zones, make out time for your employees. If you can’t talk to your employees, make it known to them from the beginning.

Focus on Goals

Set goals concept with colorful stickers on blackboard

Often, the bigger picture can be lost in the daily fatigue of work, which results in the loss of efficiency and motivation.

To prevent this, try to remind your employees of their bigger goals, then set smaller and achievable goals to help them get to the bigger goals. If you truly want to help them in their step to greatness, you can encourage them with a bonus whenever they meet their goal.

A monetary reward is an effective tool for productivity, but a better way is relating their work goals to their personal goals.

Let them know that every job is a learning experience, and most likely your boss might want you to up your game. Connecting your employee’s interest and their learning goals with the goals of the company can get their attention and also make them engaged and interested in their work.

Establish Clear Expectations

It might seem harsh, but you may have to set the rules immediately.


most times, it can be rules for communication, which platforms should be used and what sort of communication should be allowed, the preferred hours of communication, the frequency of the response, etc.

These rules should establish a free time for your employees because making them feel like they are working always is a recipe for exhaustion and it can lead to a loss of respect.



Feedback can increase productivity. Your remote workers may likely want to know how they are doing, so it’s wise you give them feedback on how they are doing.

Not only will it allow them to fix issues that may arise, but it will also allow them to do better next time they come across a similar issue.

Although it is difficult for some employees to face criticism, as long as you tell fix the good with the bad that should not pose too much problem.

Host Video Conferences

video conferencing

Another advantage of improving remote employee’s productivity is video conferencing. It has its advantage as in-person conferences, but they are more advisable for remote employees.

It’s important to see the faces of your employees even though you are not in the same room. You should hear their opinions in real-time, this can strengthen them to share their ideas, thoughts and make them feel comfortable discussing issues and asking for help.

A lot of remote workers feel left out and sometimes left behind, but a regular video chat can sort out that problem. Having a face-to-face discussion with employees can help to build trust and empathy and also allow them to create stronger relationships amongst themselves.


They are a lot of software out there that can be used for this purpose so this should not be frustrating and if you find yourself in a tight spot based on this; it means you are using the wrong one.

Many advantages come with remote employment which helps to overcome different obstacles. With the right management, remote workers can be productive, but it can also be difficult for managers to come to know and develop a trust for their employees through a screen.

The key to overcoming this problem is clear communication, taking advantage of the right tools and establishing empathy. Accomplish all that, and you will feel like your employees never left the office.

Share your thoughts and feedback relating to this article by using the comment section below.

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