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20+ Wealthiest US Cities

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The United States of America has some of the wealthiest cities in the world. These cities are also one of the high-income earners in the United States, ranging from having a significant influence, a vacation destination with one of the best sites, and having some great rich people living in these cities.

Here are some of the cities that made the list.

1. Darien Connecticut

Darien, Connecticut, is located at a town in Fairfield country, Connecticut, United States. Darien, gotten from the old Persian roots derived from Darius and derived from the Persian DARAYAVAHUSH composed from two Persian words **Darya** meaning wealthy and **Vahush* which indicates well. 

The city is known for being one of the safest places in the United States and its two beaches, waterfront. Darien has become one of the United state wealthiest and comfortable cities to live in.

2. Glencoe, Illinois

Glencoe, Illinois, is a village located in northeastern Cook County, Illinois, United States of America. There are a lot of coffee shops and other entrepreneurial businesses set up in this city. Also, it is known to be very safe to live in, with great income earners; Glencoe, Illinois, also made the list as in of United state richest cities.

3. Short Hills, New Jersey

Short hills is located within the Millburn Township in Essex country, New Jersey, United state. This is one of the most popular towns for residents for people who work in New Jersey. It has more than 100 stores and restaurants, and most influential bands like Door, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Cartier. Short hills also hardly record any violent cases.

4. The Village of Indian Hill, Ohio

The village of Indian Hill is located in Hamilton country, Ohio, United States. The village started it’s early years with farming, and it has also be named as the best place to raise a family. The village of Indian also has lots of parks, businesses, and influential people.

5. Mclean, Va

Mclean, Va is located at Fairfax, a county in northern Virginia, United States. Ranging from beautiful hotels, restaurants, and also host some influential personalities. This stands out as one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Back in the 18th century, McLean also was involved in farming.

6. Great Falls, Virginia

Great falls is located in Fairfax country, Virginia, United state. It has been ranked at one of the top town earners. Great falls also have parks, trains, picnic areas. There are lots of hiking, fishing activities at great fall.

7. Westport, Connecticut

Westport is a town located in Fairfield country, Connecticut, United States. Westport also has some attractive place; some are the compo beach, Richardson Tree farm. And it is named among the top city earners in the United States.

8. West University Place, Texas

West University Place is located in Houston, Texas, United States. Its a community with great activities like a park, workout room, outdoor activity, colonial park, friends park. It has great companies, restaurants, and also hostels.

9. Atherton California

Atherton, California, is located in San Mateo, California, United States. Most tech company owners live in this city. Atherton was also the most expensive city in the United States for 3years. There are no much shops or restaurant in Atherton California but this is to ensure that the resident have much privacy.

10. Highland Park, Texas

Highland park is located at Della country, Texas, United States. This is one of the most influential place in Texas. The city has one of the best shopping mall in the United State and also a good place for investors to start up.

11. Paradise Valley, Arizona

Paradise Valley can be said to be a small town which is located in Maricopa, Country, Arizona, in the United States. Known for its amazing mountains which are great for hiking, one is the camelback mountain.

The town is known for its real estates, shopping ,amazing restaurants and also golf.

12. Los Alto Hills, California

Los Altos hills, which is translated as the height hills is located at Santa Clara county, California, United state.

With amazing sight like Rancho San Antonio preserve foothills park, Los Alto’s history museum. The city is also among the wealthiest in the United States.

13. Rey, New York

Rey is located at Westchester County, New York, United States. Rey City is separated from the village called Rey. Rey City also is one of the United States’ wealthiest cities.

14. Piedmont California

Piedmont means foothill, and this city is located in Alameda County, California, United States. Piedmont is a small semi-urban city, exceptionally safe for the residents. There are the Piedmont funeral services and mountain views, and one of their parks is called the Joaquin Miller Park.

15. Travilah, Maryland

Travilah is located in Montgomery County, Maryland, United States. Here is some amazing sight in Travilah Glenstone, fall park, panda power wash. This city is also known for its peace in security matters, and this city also made it to the list of the United States’ wealthiest cities.

16. Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach is a city that is in south Florida, United States. This place is known for its beautiful estates, parks, gardens, and mostly sandy palm beach. Vacations are usually enjoyable in this location so there are visitors from both far and near.

This place is also known for been greatly serene and also with been ranked as one of the safest place to live in Florida.

17. Rumson, New Jersey

Rumson is a city found in Monmouth country, new Jersey, United States. There are lots of parks and recreation at Rusom.

Other wealthy cities in the United States are:

  • New Albany, Ohio
  • Malibu California.
  • Woodbury, New York.
  • Bellaire, Texas.
  • Wolf Trap, Virginia.
  • Montecito, California.
  • Alamo, California.
  • Franklin lakes, New Jersey.
  • Pelham, New jersey.
  • Summit, New Jersey.
  • Citi de Caza, California.
  • Irvington, New York.
  • Tenafly, New Jersey.
  • Lafayette, California.
  • Princeton, New York.
  • Little Silver, New Jersey.
  • Greenwich, Connecticut.
  • East Hills, New York.
  • Upper Saddle River, New York.
  • Malibu, California.
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