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What Are Channel Letter Signs and Why Do You Need Them?

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The first thing that customers notice about a corporation is the signage. A visually appealing, attractive, and bright sign is sure to leave a good lasting impression of your business.

That is why choosing a creative and vivid sign is an essential aspect of managing a company.

The style and fashion of letters you select on the sign need to elevate your brand image, and one of the most customizable and high-quality options for that is channel letters.

We have seen more and more businesses adopting the channel letters style for their signs. It is even required by the governments of some countries to incorporate these signs in all stores.

But designing a sign isn’t as easy as just selecting the manner of letters.

There are numerous different channel letter types and a bunch of information you need to know, and this article will teach you just that.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are unlike other signs because each letter is separate from the other and acts as an individual sign.

It enables people to use various materials and design choices to customize their signs to fit their brand style.


Channel letters can be constructed from a large assortment of manufacturing and fabrication options. This grants the opportunity for ingenuity and expressiveness.

They can be almost whatever you can imagine them to be. Arguably the central feature of channel letters is the type of lighting that is incorporated.

There are a few main types:

  • Front-Lit – It is the most common and standard type. The light placed at the front of the letters allows for day and night visibility.
  • Back-Lit – The back of this sign is made with transparent acrylic material, which stands a few inches apart from the mounting surface. So when the light shines, it seems as a halo of light is formed around each letter.
  • Combination-Lit – It is a unique combination of both front-lit and back-lit signs. The sides are made with aluminum, the front with acrylic, and it is lit with LED light bulbs internally.


Channel letters are three-dimensional, and they are known to be bold, pleasing, and unique with their design. They are made from heavy-duty metals, usually aluminum-based; this makes them impervious to rust, water, and harsh weather conditions.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

  1. It Enhances Visibility

Letter size is a significant factor. Depending on your audience, you need to determine what form of traffic you get most. 

If it’s foot traffic, you might need to worry as much, but if you find the potential for highway traffic, then you need to consider the size of the sign.

The advantage of channel letters is the added visibility that the lighting provides both day and night.

  1. It Conserves Energy

Now you might think the constant lighting from when you open a shop till the time you close might shoot up the electricity bill, but that’s not the case with channel letters.

Channel letter signs utilize LED lights which are very cost-effective and energy-efficient, helping reduce the energy cost of your signage.

  1. It Encourages Creative Designs

The signage of a store, restaurant, or organization is the first impressionable thing they see of the company. A sign indicates what your brand is all about, and that’s why it’s design is a critical detail.

A unique way to set your signage apart from every other business is with the addition of your company logo or symbol along with the channel letters.

  1. It Can Incorporate Various Lighting Options

Channel letters are not particularly described because they can be effortlessly modified and customized to fit the needs of every business.

It includes one of the most critical decisions you need to make for channel letters: the lighting.

We’ve gone through some major lighting choices you could select, but the decision-making doesn’t end there. You also need to pick the right color spectrum that complies with the color of your business name and logo.

  1. It Is Affordable and Durable

If Its highly customizable characteristics and long-lasting material don’t convince you, the price tag surely will.

Channel letter signs can withstand a variety of weather conditions, and they normally use LED lights that have upto five years of battery life. 

These properties of channel letters mean they don’t require routine maintenance, except maybe a clean wipe every now and then.

Things To Consider When Buying Channel Letters

So you’ve learned the various types and realized the benefits of channel letters, the next step is to seek legal advice and determine what is necessary to get when purchasing channel letters.

As a business owner, you should know the building codes for installing company signs and required permits. For instance, one of the regulations is that you need to acquire UL Certified channel letters.

It’s a good idea to get legal guidance from experts before you begin installing your sign. They can inform you of some details you might have overlooked and hand you some extra tips.

Get Package Warranty

Aside from being lawful, the sign you buy must include insurance. It’s an essential part of purchasing anything significant, there needs to be an assurance that the product works, and if it malfunctions, you need to have backup options.

How Can You Display a Logo With Channel Letters?

In the case where companies want to add their company symbol along with their name, there are a variety of options that the manufacturing organization can select to complete that request.

Obviously, different manufacturers have different methods, but one common practice is constructing a lightbox space in the logo’s shape.

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Eve Mitchell

It’s great to know that channel letters have batteries that can last for five years! I’ve been thinking about getting a new sign for my storefront, but I’m not sure what to go for. I think something with LED lights would really be perfect though.

William Maxwell

It’s terrific that you elaborate on how using a channel letter sign is an affordable way to market your business’s brand. I want to open a business of my own a month from now, so I would like to have a channel letter sign professionally made for it this week. I’m going to look for a good maker of channel letter signs in my area to use.