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Saturday, December 2, 2023

What Is Love and How to Know You Are in Love?

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The main reason I am writing this is; A couple of days back, I decided to ask about love while I was surfing the internet.

The truth is, I didn’t know what I was expecting to see. But the fact is I wouldn’t say I liked most of the things I saw.

What is love; first thing first. People always make love seem like some kind of haven. I hate to burst your bubbles, but the movies are not real; Romeo and Juliet is fiction.

The world works in a much more complicated way. Love is more of a commitment than a feeling.

Failure to see this has left many single has caused many homes to break, and above all, has caused many spouses to cheat.

How Do You know you are in love?

Given the fact that everyone is different, I will do my best to generalize as much as I can.

1. Jealousy

No matter how we try to hide it, if you really care about a person, you will get jealous when they are happy without you. ‘The saying that goes if you love her let her go-is complete nonsense when it comes to love.’

If you truly love someone, letting them go is almost impossible. Even when it seems there is no hope, you find a reason to hold on.

2. Sense of responsibility

Another remarkable thing about love is; it makes you step up. Another way to say it is; it makes you want to be a better person. Usually, you just start acting all grown up for no specific reason. Have you been there? Tell us in the comment section.

3. Fear

One sure sign of love is overprotectiveness. Although everyone shows it in different ways and some persons do their possible best not to show it in any wise (as if they can).

Love makes you scared to lose the person in question, just because you have an idea of how miserable your life will be without them.

I believe this explains why parents are usually overprotective, even when there is no reason to be.

4. The need for close proximity

It is often said that the best kind of friend is the type you could just be with and not say a word.

Yet, it feels like the best conversation of your life. When people are in love, this feeling is usually the order of the day.

As to why this happens, I can’t give you a precise, elaborate, and simple definition. The fun fact is most times; this is usually subconscious.

You just find stupid reasons to be close, like returning a pen that they forgot in your possession. (Like do you really have to do that?)

5. Emotions give reasons to override your logic

It is often said that love is blind. Well, that’s true, but also that love is also stupid. One proof of love is doing seemingly irrational things for your spouse.

Please do not misinterpret me; not every irrational thing is a sign of love. Perhaps I should give an instance.

Sending your whole savings to someone despite the need you have for it. But using it as an excuse to travel all the way to a different state or country to give them in cash, is something remarkable.

There are many more irrational things that the length of this article won’t permit me to write.

Which of these signs did you find more dominating and prominent in your case? Tell us in the comment section.

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Joy Ebarefeye
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