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What Is Samsung Bixby?

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Bixby is Samsung virtual assistant. It encompassed as a lot of things, which include voice assistant, machine learning, visual help and other useful functions. The function is available in certain Samsung products such as Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 and so on.

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There are many things you need to know about Bixby in order to maximize the use. If you were used to Google Assistant, you will see that it is almost the same thing with this product. Samsung product is more functional than the Google product as it is very conversational. It is even more apologetic when compared with Google product. Bixby can be described as a virtual assistant, and it is there to help you.

The major function is that it can deliver a voice assistant, which you can always talk to. It can help things done.

Samsung introduced Bixby in March 20 of 2017. It is a voice powered, and it entered the market alongside other notable Samsung products like S8+ as well as Galaxy 8. If you have earlier Samsung product, you can side load this feature to your Samsung system.

Bixby does a lot of things for you. The design is such that it enhances your pocket assistant. You can use it for a number of things. It is possible to use the product to translate and extract text as well as search for images. The product does exactly the same thing your camera does for you. This is a highly functional product. To enjoy all the benefits associated with it, you should first learn how it works.

Bixby can do plenty of things and it does by voice command. It is useful in adding items, playing music and other things you can do with voice command. If you have the details of all the voice commands, you will enjoy using this innovative app.

You can customize Bixby home in a way that suits your purpose very well. The home is very important and this is where it displays all it activities. You can customize the home to suit your purpose. It can display its information in a way that suits you very well.

If you any question about your phone, or how to use any of the apps it contains, Bixby can help you resolve the issue by answering questions you have about it. It will be a difficult thing altogether when it cannot understand your language. You have to learn how to communicate with it to understand what you are saying.

The system works the same way like other virtual assistants would do. It talks such that some people do not understand what it is saying. The most important thing is that you must understand what it is saying. You have to set it such that you can communicate with it effectively.

You can easily customize the use in order to deliver the best of the product. The product will be very useful for you, but you must first own it by customizing it. This is an innovative feature, you will enjoy it once you learn how to use it.

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