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What the Shape of Your Lips Say About You?

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Ever wondered what the shape and size of your lips say about you? Have you ever considered what your lips look like?

I doubt you’ve ever spent the time in front of your mirror to analyse how well designed your lips are full. Why don’t you get a mirror and do that now?

Yes. Pout if you want. Smile. Grin. But make sure you know what your lips look like.

Did you ask why? Well, scientists and physiognomist have concluded that the lips should be considered one of the most vital features to pay close attention to when trying to figure out a person’s character.

Remarkable isn’t it? I thought so too. Our thoughts are expressed verbally, and in so doing, we reveal our true character and psychological uniqueness and peculiarity.

Here is a list of several lips shapes, sizes and how they reflect our individual personalities.

1. Large puffy lips

Large puffy lips

People with large puffy lips can easily pass for anyone. They carry a general face; the kind of face you find it hard to forget. Large puffy lips are usually characterized by individuals who spent time caring for animals, bringing stray cats home and feeding puppies at the animal shelter.

Your maternal instinct is usually 100%, and your desire to care and protect others is what makes you even more unique. People with large puffy lips make for great parents.

2. Larger upper lip

People with lips like this are considered dramatic. They like to be the centre of attention, very emotional, drama queens and charismatic. You’d easily offend them if you don’t place them in a spotlight. Your opinion of them doesn’t matter, as long as they draw your attention, they are good to go. They know how to pull as well as cheer up a crowd.

3. Larger lower lip

Sorry to say, a white collared job wasn’t meant for people with lips like this. People with thicker lower lips prefer to have fun and would prefer a job that allows them to have fun.

They are very energetic and would prefer a lifestyle that suits that energy. They love making new friends and can manage acquaintances in the thousands.

They are very reliable and can be in two different places at the same time. Talk about efficient right? They love travelling, visiting new places, very curious individuals.

Their social life is the very essence of their existence and is very open to trying new things,- even if it kills them.

I hope not. If you are looking for someone who is adventurous, then you know what to look out for.

4. Ordinary lips

Individuals who have both their upper and lower lips to be the same shape and size are often characterised by having a balanced and direct approach towards life.

They can easily solve problems without creating unnecessary awareness of themselves. They are good listeners, and they mean every word that comes out of their mouth.

They also react well to criticism and treat people around them with respect. They would never push their opinion down your throat and force you to like what they like.

They don’t get angry easily and are not easily surprised. It’s almost as if they’ve lived much life before and know just the right things to do. Despite their down-to-earth mannerism, they are usually fun to be around. They know how to make people laugh.

5. Thin lips

As a rule, those with thin lips are generally loners. Before you feel sorry for them, I need to inform you that they love it that way. A life of solitude.

They are introverts and know just how to survive alone in their cage. It’s where they function best. They prefer to be around little or no company but are self-reliant and can deal with any issue thrown at them.

They can have all the fun they need all by themselves and know how to maintain their inner energy. In spite of their social independence and love for solitude, they can equally do well in a group of other people. They respect others opinion and can share a common interest with others easily.

6. An upper lip with the sharp philtrum

If your lips are shaped this way, then you are among the individuals whose sense of creativity is 10000000%. People with lips shaped like this are often great artists or musicians and have most of their sense heightened more than others.

Their ability to remember smells, faces and names are just so good that it amazes even them. They know how to maintain contact with people they are familiar with, and they do well to make sure things are in the right order. Their social life is equally as great as their love to fully and freely express themselves in any way possible.

7. An upper lip with the rounded philtrum

People with lips rounded at the top are usually sensitive, kind and compassionate. They can easily get ticked off by situations that affect them negatively but would readily give all the help they can to others. They assist those in need, and that’s what they live by. People like this are the reason there is still hope in the world. If your lips are shaped this way, then you are a charmer.

8. An upper lip without philtrum

If you are ever looking for responsible, trustworthy and reliable people, then look no further. People without a philtrum on their upper lip would do whatever it takes to prove to you that “black is black and white is white”.

They usually are the best men or women for impossible tasks and are known to keep to time. They hate to procrastinate and are very down to earth. Their close friends and family usually have them as next of kin because they know they are ever ready in case of any unfortunate incidents.

They are the kind of people who know the solution to every problem and know just the right way to solve them.

9. Small puffy (pouty) lips

Individuals with small pouty lips are often mischievous and coquettish. They are also often selfish and would do anything to be comfortable even if it means dissatisfying others. They believe no one else can look after them the way they can and make a point to prove it so.

Nonetheless, they can be very loyal and devoted friends. They are the kind of people who would be there for you when you least expect. They can also go out of their way to make you comfortable and ensure things are in your favour.

10. Very thin upper lip

People with lips shaped like this have leadership qualities that are unmatched. They have this energy that makes you wonder if they are human. They have excellent communication skills and are good at leading. They are also down to earth and know how to get what they want the right way.

You can feed off their energy, and they wouldn’t feel drained because their level of concentration is top-notch. The downside to people like this is their inability to maintain a romantic relationship because they find it difficult to be tied with one person. They are instead focused on making a name for themselves and do not require any outside influence because to them; it’s a distraction.

Have you taken note of the kind of lips you have now? Noticed the shape of your partner’s lips too? Can you connect them with the attribute listed above? Share with us in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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