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What to Do Before Moving Into Your New Home?

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According to professionals on pest control, cockroaches, mice, bedbugs, and ants are among the most common pest issues in America, and there’s an excellent chance you’ll find yourself facing one at some point in your home.


Even if pests seem harmless, you probably don’t want these pests crawling in your bed with you. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn pregnant women of the risks of simply sleeping in contaminated air in a house infested with mice carrying viruses, says it can lead to congenital disabilities or miscarriage.

Some other pests can also carry diseases or may have harmful venom. Discovering those unwanted roommates is the last thing you when moving into a new house or apartment.

Whether you’re looking to rent or acquiring a new property, checking your current home inside and out to make sure it’s safe from future insect invasions is very important.

These helpful tips can be used to transform your new house to make sure bugs remain outside where they should be.

How to check for sign of pest infestations

  • Before choosing to move in, make sure you carefully inspect a property for signs of infestation, any real estate agent or property owner will be happy to let you do so. Examining floors, drawers, wardrobes, countertops, and tile to look for holes, damage, droppings, or dust buildup. It is imperative to inspect a house when it is entirely empty. However, it is advisable to call your local pest control company to inspect your property.
  • Check for gaps or deterioration in areas produced from wood products to determine if termites have already been infested. Also, carpenter ants leave evidence behind, but not the range of fecal matter. They pull out wood shavings as wood-destroying insects when nesting inside the wood.
  • Make sure you look at the front and back yards to see if ant mounds have been built or if tiny animals have created holes close to a home’s foundation. Wardrobes are a nice location to shine your flashlight to check for spider webs. By shining a flashlight can also alert you to any holes created by rodents when checking along the foundation and behind the radiators.
  • If the house has been vacant for several days or weeks, check for droppings or brownish spots under the sinks and cabinets. Searching specifically for small dirt mounds where the floors reach the walls is also recommended. Furthermore, use a flashlight to light up the drawers, and see if you see a bunch of small brow specks scattered around certain cabinet areas, this may be a sign of German cockroaches.

Things you should do to prevent pests in your new home

  • Exposed wood should be protected from outdoor elements by filling all holes and crevices before painting so that bugs will not discover a hidden room to nest.
  • Make sure you remove all objects lying on the floor, including stacks of wood and debris around the house exterior.
  • Keeping plants and vegetation cut and moving them preferably at least 18 inches away from a home’s foundation.
  • To avoid another insect entry point, trim tree branches, and shrubs away from housing walls and roofing.
  • Get an expert to seal gaps around indoor pipes so that insects do not flock to moisture areas.
  • Check the property for future bug entry points before moving into or signing a rental. Try to Seal holes and cracks, that can allow bugs to invade and infest, like cockroaches and ants.
  • To keep insects out more effectively, upgrade all screens on the building to 20-mesh for doors, windows, attic fans, and foundation vents.
  • Inspect that at least 4 inches of the foundation are noticeable around your home’s perimeter to prevent insects from creating nests in the groundwork of property.

If you discover pests in time before moving, please contact the initial house owner or property manager in advance to request pest control.

To get rid of common household pests such as cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ants, bedbugs, and termites before you move in, you will need to involve pest control by top exterminators in the area. your local pest control company. pest control by top exterminators in the area.


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