What to Expect From iPhone in 2019?

A13 processor

In the pervious year, we saw apple create the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS MAX, also the iPhone XR. Even though these three phones were the same thing in features, the major difference was the size.

This is 2019 already, and we are expecting Apple to continue in that trend as you might see the iPhone originally planned to be released this year coming with two other models that will be of different sizes.

As plans are being made by the industry, rumours continue to fly all over the internet, and the most recent of this rumour has it that we might be seen new iPhones that will be around 5.8, 6.5, and 6.1 inches all to be released in 2019.

If the rumours are true, then it means that it will be complementing the exact trend we are talked about earlier. We are yet to know what the new iPhone will be cold, but at the moment that is not even important.

As the rumour continues to spread, we have been hinted that Apple might be decided to stick with a LED display for its newest line of phones. Even though some other people have speculated that Apple might decide to opt for OLED display, that is a very expensive option, and it might scare users, and for that reason, we would like to believe they would continue with LED.

Expect an A13 processor

iPhones have patronised TSMC as their chip supplier, and they are currently working on new chips that are specifically designed for the iPhones that will be released in 2019. the chip we are currently talking about is the A13, and it is expected to bring an overall better efficiency and performance.

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What to expect from the camera?

There have been some suggestions that the latest iPhone will come with a triple lens camera. We are still not sure how they plan to integrate it, but the company has said that they have a couple of prototypes in store.

Yes, as we earlier mentioned, we expect that Apple will release an additional two models to complement their latest iPhone. Nevertheless, we do not see these extra models coming with triple lenses, but the normal door leads that we are used to. The question now is what exactly will a triple lens camera be offering the new iPhone?

Well from the information we have, a triple lens camera will be capable of performing better in low light or have a 3D sensing to a documented reality, and it’s mind also have a 3x optical zoom which will be an upgrade from the 2x they have used in the past.

What design to expect?

Apple is currently rumoured to be working on two possible options of designs for their new iPhone. Even though Apple has a couple of options in mind, there have been some leaks that they’re not sure which of the options to make use of.

For now, we are not expecting any significant changes in the body design of the phones, as a matter of fact, we expect the three different versions of the phone they will be released in to be like what we had in 2018. One major difference might one to look out for however is the frosted glass which they plan on using for the back part of the device.

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There might be pencil support

It has also been rumoured that Apple plans on integrating pencil support to the phone we are expecting in 2019 nevertheless we are not sure if this rumour will be true or if Apple might consider using pencil support for some future devices that will not be released in 2019.

Other likely features

  • It has been rumoured that the iPhone that will be released in 2019 will have the ability to charge other devices.
  • Another rumour that has been around the internet is that the latest iPhone would have longer battery life and also a larger battery
  • Some people have suggested that Apple will retain the lightning connector while some other people have suggested that they will go with a new USB-C connector.
  • Another feature that has been rumoured for the 2019 iPhone is wi-fi 6 integration.
  • Finally, it has also been rumoured that Apple is considering upgrading the latest iPhone with about 4 gigabytes of RAM. That will be a major upgrade on the iPhones that were released in 2018 as those once came with 3GB RAM.
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