WhatsApp Business for Nigerian Small Business Owners

whatsapp business

WhatsApp announced the launch of WhatsApp business 18th of January 2018; WhatsApp had previously announced the app’s arrival and started verifying business accounts as part of its WhatsApp Business pilot program back in September 2017.

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However, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been testing the beta version of WhatsApp Business in few countries which like Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK and the US. The Messaging app has finally introduced the new feature in Nigeria.

The app which is only available for Android devices, but a version with same features will be available to iPhone users soon. All android users who are interested in the app can check out the Google Play Store to download the WhatsApp business app. It is compatible with Android devices running 4.0.3 upwards.

The WhatsApp business also has interesting features that include WhatsApp verified business account listing, labels for arranging messaging tools. There are more details of the business features below:

WhatsApp Business Features

The new App is designed for small businesses; it enables the small business owners to connect with their customers at a real-time and also be a part of the messaging platform with over one billion users worldwide.

Unlike the first WhatsApp app, the business-inspired app allows businesses to create their WhatsApp business profiles with their company’s information such as,

Business profile: you create a profile for your company to help your customers find important information — about the company, business emails, website, and company addresses.

Business messaging tools: it helps you be more responsive to your customers by using Away messages to indicate that you are away and also greeting messages, quick replies.

Landline/fixed number support: people can use WhatsApp Business with a landline (or fixed) phone number and your customers can message you on that same number. During verification, select the “Call me” option to receive the code over a phone call.

Run both WhatsApp messenger and WhatsApp business: users are allowed to use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone; however, you need two distinct numbers for each application.

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WhatsApp web: You can conveniently connect to your customers directly from your computer’s browser.

Similarities: WhatsApp VS. WhatsApp Business

Metrics: There are some identical metrics with the non-business version metrics such as the number of messages sent, delivered, read and WhatsApp Web support to enable businesses to send and receive messages directly through a computer.

Privacy: The WhatsApp and WhatsApp business both share similarities; the nonbusiness WhatsApp messenger and that of the business version enables the user to set privacy for their profile photo, about information, and status as well as lets them block any of their contacts and allow read receipts.

Furthermore, companies are able to share their live location with their customers and prospective clients. The app also has a live location feature that helps companies share their live location with their clients and customers.

That’s not all there is to the WhatsApp business app; it also allows businesses to make video and voice calls. With the help of the end-to-end encryption business owners can interact with their clients without fear of third-party having access to their conversation.

The customers won’t need to install the new business app because messages sent from WhatsApp Business will be received on WhatsApp Messenger.

So far, there has been no complaint from people using the business app; several users have While several early users of WhatsApp business app in Nigeria said they were impressed, they observed that several essential features that small businesses need are still missing such as receiving payments and the possibility of finding potential customers. Well, let’s hope they implement these features soon.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business to the Small business owner

Some of the benefits all Nigeria’s business owners stand to gain include;

  • WhatsApp Business allows you to have a business presence on WhatsApp,
  • You can communicate more efficiently with your customers, and
  • It helps you to grow our business faster than the traditional advertising (Radio and TV adverts).

How WhatsApp business works?

If you have separate business and personal phone numbers, you can have both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger installed on the same mobile device, and register them with different numbers.

WhatsApp Business is built on top of WhatsApp Messenger and includes all the features that you rely on, such as the ability to send multimedia, free calls*, free international messaging*, group chat, offline messages, and lots more. Please note that data charges may apply; contact your provider for more details.

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Note: once you restore your chat backup from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp Business, you will no longer be able to restore it back to WhatsApp Messenger.

If you decide to discontinue the WhatsApp business app, it is highly recommended that you copy the WhatsApp Messenger backup on your phone to your computer before you use WhatsApp Business.

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