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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Where to Buy a Drone? – There’s So Many Options!

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The drone is a popular remote controlled aircraft that has gained popularity since the days paparazzi used them to invade the privacy of movie stars and entertainers.

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Now they are used to play with as toys, part of rescue equipment, mapping equipment, and a great way to help document vacations and scenery. There are several kinds of drones on the market today with different levels of technicality to them.

You also might want to consider why you want to purchase a drone prior to purchasing one so that you are searching for the right kind of drone. Some of the reasons people purchase drones are:

  • Photography
  • Real-time video (breaking news)
  • Drone racing
  • Business ventures like aerial video weddings,
  • Selling your pictures online through stock photo services
  • Mapping and landscaping

These are just a few reasons. Of course, some drones come with cameras and some do not. There is also the drones ability to stay airborne to consider when you are looking to purchase a drone. Some will only stay up for seven minutes while others can stay up


A drone is an easy remote control craft to purchase off the internet as well as in local stores. As a toy, you can get them from Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Kohl’s in your area.

When you purchase from some of these stores, there may be a disclaimer that lets you know that the drone may require being registered by the FAA prior to operation. Hobby King, if you have one locally, is a gold mine for drones (and parts).


You can also purchase drones from the companies who developed drones for the avid hobbyist to the business minded that needs a smart way to scan or map an area.

Companies that have developed drones have stores where you can purchase their product direct. 3DRobotics, DJIParrot, and Syma all have stores online where you can purchase their products. This is the best option for the professional who needs technical support.

Hobby Shops

Many times drones can be found at hobby and specialty stores for those who follow a certain hobby. Hobby King, as previously mentioned, is the go-to place for drones.

As an enthusiast or hobbyist, the drone usually comes from the company that developed the particular model in which you are interested. They have the best knowledge and support on the drone and can help you with any problems you have with it.



There are plenty of eBay stores that carry these little remote controlled aircraft, as well as online stores through Google. We recommend buying from Amazon.

Craig’s List also has drones from individuals who want to resell as well as small stores who do not usually advertise. Hobby King also has online warehouses on the West and East coast. Here are a few other places you can purchase online.

A reasonable base price that you should be looking to spend for the beginner is the toy version at around $80.00. Additions will add to this, depending on the bells and whistles’ you want to be added to the drone, but there is no harm in shopping around.

The hobbyist can look to spend around $700.00 to $1000.00 for a good drone. The reason that this amount seems so reasonable is that the drones have added sensors in them that make them more stable.

Anything higher and there are more technical issues to the drone that need to be looked at for the professional that needs the drone for business purposes. One such technical drone can be used for a news channel and crew.

As an example, news channels use drones for stories where the police are investigating a crime scene where the area is blocked off, yet the aerial video is allowed, if not too close to the actual crime scene to “identify” anything prior to the conclusion of the investigation.

PLEASE NOTE: A drone is considered an aircraft and the FAA, National Park Service and state legislatures are trying to regulate the use of these devices. It is a responsible practice to know the legal environment in your area prior to flight.

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