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Who Accepts Bitcoin? 20+ Stores That Accept Cryptocurrency

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There are so many narratives to be heard when the issue of bitcoin usage comes up. And all of these different answers can lead to confusion, but it is vital that when it comes to bitcoin usage, that there is room for value transfer between individuals or businesses.

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This value transfer should also be completely transparent and also in a censorship-resistant manner. All of this was birthed a little more than 10 years ago by Satoshi Nakamoto. An at present, bitcoin has grown pretty big enough to serve a variety of purposes, and that means bitcoin is a success story.

That’s why business around the world have started accepting Bitcoins for their trades.

Businesses around the globe have begun to accept bitcoin as a medium of exchange and trade, which is another reason why more people need to buy into the idea of investing in bitcoin.

However, if I will be honest, then I must point out that a lot of people are starting to ditching BTC as a result of the recent sky-high transactions fees.

Can that be the downfall of bitcoin? not at all.

That is not even a problem people will be bothered about for too long, as it will soon be solved, both cryptographers and developers are currently working on potentially long-lasting solutions such as Atomic Swaps and Lightning Networks to make BTC a lot more relevant for payments.

Travel and hotel websites that accept Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies


Travala is quite a good hotel and accommodation booking portal with more than 500,000 hotels for customers to choose from. You can easily make a hotel booking using your TUSD, XRP, BNB, Bitcoin, and many other cryptos.


Travelbybit is an online travel booking platform where you can book your hotels and flights.

The last time a few individuals checked this platform for flight booking, it was noticed that the flight booking rates were about 10% higher than the normal rates and the booking experience was not so good due to the absence of time selection.


However, these are issues that most likely will be fixed with time. However, you probably can add this to your list of travel site that accepts Altcoins and Bitcoin.


This is a very popular flight, hotels, and car rentals search engine. The good part is that you can book for all these services using Bitcoin and above 20 altcoins.


This one is also a very popular travel company that doesn’t charge you for aggregating hotel and flight prices wherever you want.


You can book your hotels, travel flight tickets, cars, rentals, tours and activities, as well as plan all of your travels in BTC.


If you are in America and would like to travel with your BTC, try CheapAir.com. This is an American online travel agency that accepts BTC.

Stores That Accept Bitcoin

Now that you know you can plan your next holiday trip on your bitcoin, how about we plan your shopping too? Some of the companies and stores that accept bitcoin from shoppers are as follows:

Amazon via Purse

This may come as a shocker to you because you have bought a lot of things from Amazon, but you never knew you can purchase products from all Amazon store with the use of Bitcoin.

The most interesting part of shopping from Amazon with your BTC is that you will be saving between 1-30% every time you use Bitcoin. One of the most popular services that let you do this with ease is Purse.


Are you looking to get some really cool electronics or computer hardware? You can try Newegg, which is an online retailer of all of such items.


If you want a cryptocurrency portfolio app that accepts Bitcoin as a medium of payment, you can try this out.



ExPressVPN is one of the very popular VPN services, but they stand out as they accept Bitcoin as an option of payment.


PureVPN is yet another good VPN service that takes Bitcoin for payment.


Sometimes, you wish you could buy anything at all using your bitcoin, and overstock is one of the popular online shopping stores where you can buy virtually anything that you need.


Thankfully, if you’re an Xbox or Windows lover, then Microsoft is now accepting Bitcoin for the sales of Windows and Xbox. This is an opportunity you’d absolutely love.


Take advantage of this online gift cards & group gifting company that allowed you to use your BTC and LTC for transactions.

KFC Canada

For the love of chicken, and in the spirit of sharing, KFC has now introduced the use of BTC in Canada. This is a bold step towards mass adoption, so expect it in your local KFC soon.


Look no further for web-hosting and domains as the ICANN accredited domain registrar, NameCheap, now accepts BTC for domains and web hosting.


Let your BTC do the work for you on Shopify. This platform is one that helps other people launch their own customized e-commerce stores


This is an online gifting website where you have the opportunity of buying a gift for Bitcoin.


You may not know about them, but they are a fast food restaurant franchise that majorly sells salads and submarine sandwiches.



This one needs no introduction as this American global media and lifestyle company is one of the most popular. And yes, they accept BTC


A widely used Satellite television provider that is also into the business of providing affordable internet service, now accepts BTC.

Intuit Labs

Intuit Labs is a reliable company that stands firm behind Tax preparatory software and accounting software, Quick books. And now, it accepts BTC.


Get the best of Hosting and VPS service with your BTC.


Nafa is not all over the world, but as an online store from India that is into the online sales of gift cards for popular merchants such as Bookmyshow, per cinemas, Flipkart, to name a few. You can now buy any of these store gift cards with your Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion: Websites That Accept Bitcoins

There are so many websites that do not accept BTC, but if you desperately want to use your BTC on those sites, one of the tricks that you can take advantage of is to spend Bitcoin to use a Bitcoin debit card.

If you want to get a debit card, you can do so from a website like Wirex, Xapo, CoinBase card to name just a few.

If you operate an online or an offline business, then you may need to start accepting Bitcoin. We cannot deny that all cryptocurrencies need a helping hand to thrive amongst the populace.

But it can be a little tricky to accept cryptocurrencies like BTC because of their
extreme volatility.

So, in order to make things simpler and a lot more flexible and secure, Bitcoin and other cryptos payment gateways and processors are available in the market to keep you protected from volatility.


Let’s know what you think about all of this, leave a comment below.

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