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Why Autumn is the Perfect Time to Start Walking More

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We all know that there are lots of great reasons to start walking more. If you walk as a means of getting to places you need to go to rather than always using your car for short trips, you can help reduce traffic and help the environment.


If you walk rather than using public transport like buses, you can save money. It is also, of course, a great way to get more exercise, and can be made to be as relaxed or as brisk as your fitness level allows for.

Why Start Now?

Some people put off taking up any new kind of fitness related activity – even just walking – if it has to be done outdoors, because the season isn’t right.

Walking a lot in the hot sun during the dog days of summer is not all that enjoyable, and can also be dangerous as you risk heatstroke, dehydration and sunburn if you don’t take precautions or push yourself too much.

In winter, the weather can just make going outside a chore. If it is raining or windy, and when there is snow or ice, walking a lot can also bring dangers like slipping.

You should therefore try and start your walking habit at a time of year when it is nice to be outside, but not too hot or cold to be comfortable for exercise.

Autumn or spring are best, and a lot of people find autumn to be ideal because it can be so cosy and enjoyable to walk around when the leaves are changing colour.

Once you’ve built up a walking habit, you won’t think it’s so bad to go out at other times of year, but getting started and building up a routine is the hardest part, so do it now!

How to Walk More

There are plenty of ways you can get more walking into your day if you try to, from incorporating a walk into your commute by parking further away, or getting off of the bus or train earlier than the closest stop to your workplace, through to offering to go for walks with a friend who has a dog just for fun.

More Motivation

Another way to feel more inspired to go out walking is to invest in some shoes you really love to wear that are comfortable for generally walking around, whether it is on the street or out in nature.


Some beautiful designer sneakers may even be the perfect choice if you want to look the part. For instance, Gucci sneakers are a fashion favorite amongst many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez.

If you do want to being doing rigorous exercise, some designer sneakers may be the one to purchase.

A lot of people find they get really into including a daily walk in their life if they start monitoring how many steps they take with a pedometer or a fitness tracker like a Fitbit.

The gamification aspect of counting steps towards a daily goal and being able to compare this with friends can be a fun way to make walking a new habit.

Autumn is nearly here, so why not set yourself the goal for the coming season of developing a walking habit?


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